Mod of the Year

2002 Mod of the Year Results ARE IN!

2002 is over, many games sites are throwing out the same old "games of the year feature"... NOT US! Being a mod site that just would not be our style, however seeing as we don't want to miss out on the action, we are doing a MASSIVE feature on the best mods of 2002!

After two months of accepting nonimations, bribes and attempting to ignore the crazy DBZ fans whose vote generally reads "our mod is teh b0mb - 1337 yeah!" we have choosen the best mods across the following categories *drum roll*:

  • Best Realism Mod
  • Best Sci Fi Mod
  • Best Comical Mod
  • Best Action Mod
  • Most Improved Mods
  • Best Mods Overall
  • 5 Mods You Should Not Leave Home Without
  • Best New Comer For 2002
Top 100 of 2002

The following list contains the best released mods of 2002. Unlike the years that followed, in 2002 the best mods were picked by Mod DB editors. Therefore only around 30 made the cut. You can also read our writeup about the top few mods of the year.

Indie Games+Indie Games


Max Payne+Max Payne

Quake III Arena+Quake III Arena

Tribes 2+Tribes 2

Unreal Tournament+Unreal Tournament