Navy SEAL/s: Covert Operations is a realism total conversion mod for ID Software's Quake3 engine. NS:CO pits players in realistic combat missions such as:

-Retrieve Information in a suitcase and return it to a capture point
-Defend Fortified Area's from Capture
-Assassinate VIP Player (distinct model for VIP)
-Capture Specific Points on the map for your team to win.

Navy Seals has one of the most realistic damage effects you will ever see in a Mod. You won't see anyone taking one-hundred bullets and surviving here. It's all based on reality and how bullets really effect someone when hit by them.

NS:CO Feature Highlights

Weapons, Weapon Handling & Equipment

* 22 scale real worked weapons
* sophisticated weapon attachment system
* scopes, flashlights, bayonettes, laser sights, silencer etc.
* 5L-SD, sophisticated location specific damage system
* projectile code system - realistic per projectile ballistic physics
* original bomb defusing tool system

Original Top-Code Features & Technology

* TASS, a configurable player skill and attribute system
* original player physics top-code
* easy to use radio command system
* modular HUD with two configurable displays to choose from
* feature complete menu system
* PE Engine proprietary state-of-the-art particle effects
* enhanced lighting with full support for q3map2
* IGLE advanced lighting lens flare, and dazzle effects

Player Models

* 3 original player models featuring rich original animations
* 16 very high detail headskins per team
* Head Stuff System? offing customizable player "looks"
* bindable hand signal animations
* seasonal & terrain specific auto-camouflage skin system

Game Play Features

* NSSL? sophisticated multi-threading scripting language
* plug-n-play-drag-n-drop scripting automation system
* enhanced camera view
* dynamic help system
* GPS & team telemetry system

Levels & Missions

* stunning level design technology
* assault objective missions
* VIP-R and VIP-S objective missions
* CTB objective
* bomb & defuse mission objective

For Level Designers

* CSGR (client side geometry render)
* rich objective system /w prefab mission tools
* PE Engine?, NS-CO's proprietary particle system
* custom, entities and shader attributes
* rich suite of original high-quality textures
* environment effect system for rain and snow
* full support for all q3map2 compiler features
* IGLE advanced lighting effects engine
* NS-CO DL-TK our in house (only) level designers tool kit

Support for all major Operating Systems such as:


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RSS Articles

Hello everyone once again. Sorry for the long delay between updates but working on two projects in your spare time can be a lot of work. However that work pays off and we have a couple of things to show to you today.

Silent Risk - The Future of Covert Warfare
The website to our new project called Silent Risk (previously announced as ProjectSR) is finally launched. The game is a multiplayer action game set in a near future world of constant conflict. Highly trained and well equipped soldiers engage in Covert Warfare all over the world.

Visit for some more glimpses into the game.

The project is still young and in an early stage of development. We at Team Mirage are looking for talented individuals of all areas to help out with the creation of this game. If you are interested, please visit the team page of Silent Risk website to find out more.

NAVY SEALS: covert operations (Gold Edition)
Aside from working Silent Risk, some members of TM are also working hard on NS:CO gold. We are not only improving the gameplay and the general visual quality of NS:CO we have also decided to totally redo the User Interface. This will make it easier for new players and veterans alike to navigate and modify the game. Great attention is also given to making the User Interface explain the different game mechanics of NS:CO to new users so that the reading of a manual is not longer a requirement to be successful ingame.

NS:CO gold Main Menu GUI NS:CO gold Ingame GUI

The visual concept and design was created by Beren Baumgartner and all further work and implementation is done by my brother Manfred 'Defcon-x' Nerurkar and me, Martin 'Democritus' Nerurkar.

If you have helpful comments on the old NS:CO user interface, then don't hesitate to let us know what we can improve in our forum. Also note that there's another Clash of the Titans on 26. February. Check out our forum for details on this.

Thanks again everyone.

NS:CO Gold and COTT


Hello everyone. It had been quite a long time without any real news but now we have something interesting for you. With the release of Quake 3 Open Source...

NS:CO is dead, long live ProjectSR


Hello everyone, as you might know by now NS:CO is discontinued. Team Mirage has stopped working on it and due to the lack of interest we have also decided...

1.91a Release Date


Hi folks, good news for everyone. Navy Seals 1.91a is done. The Release Date for Navy SEALs: Covert Operations 1.91a has been set to Sunday, the 4. April...

Navy Seals 1.91 Release Date 02/21/2004


Greetings all you Navy Seals Fans, This update is to inform you all that NS 1.91 will be released on 02/21/2004 with more information to come as we get...

RSS Files
NS:CO v1.93 full (already patched, RAR)

NS:CO v1.93 full (already patched, RAR)

Full Version

NS:CO v1.93 full version for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

NS:CO v1.93 update (zip)

NS:CO v1.93 update (zip)


NS:CO v1.93 update for NS:CO v1.91a full, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

NS:CO v1.91a full for Mac/Linux (zip)

NS:CO v1.91a full for Mac/Linux (zip)

Full Version

NS:CO v1.91a full version for Mac and Linux.

NS:CO v1.91a full for Windows (installer)

NS:CO v1.91a full for Windows (installer)

Full Version

NS:CO v1.91a full version for Mac and Linux.

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Vote to revive this game?

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When are we reviving this game and playing as a small community of OGs? Count me in for the return!

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Bot support pls ,little late than never.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i wish i played this in 2004 i'm a new comer to this game an no one plays it anymore it seems :(

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i like this old school mod :P keep up the good work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

awesome! and the bots???!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

sadly there is not bot binary files so its not even worth of downloading :( i played this on my friends lan and it was great sad that they never released bots this might still live if they have done that.....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

i tried the beta 1.9 and it sucked you guys are gonaa have to fix a lot of bugs

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is the website down?
Cuz when i clicked on the website there was nothing there

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