In Front Line Force the players are divided into two teams: Attackers and Defenders. The object for the Attackers is to capture various Capture Points spread throughout the map. The object for the Defenders is to defend those points. Once a point is captured by the Attackers it cannot be taken back. The round is over when either the Attackers capture all the Capture Points or when the round time runs out, in which case the Defenders win. After the a team wins, the roles of are switched. If you were previously attacking, you are now defending, and vice versa.

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For nostalgia purposes I hope you all enjoy this 'official' promotional video I made almost 11 years ago now for Frontline Force 1.5, while I was a Beta Tester for that version (and many subsequent). The movie is recorded in v1.3a on public servers because the testing team was way too small to be able to put together the action sequences necessary.

Before you bash the quality, keep in mind this was actually quite a marvel for a player to be able to record games back in early '02, never mind one as graphically demanding as FLF! 320 resolution, all settings on low, my then state of the art Pentium4 1.7GHz was able to (barely) crank out 15-20 frames per second to my solo 60 or 80GB hard disk while recording using Half-Life's old movie making command (no FRAPS or really anything similar for free/cheap as a college student, a lot of the codecs of today were not practical to use 'live' due to the processing necessary); no HLTV to time dilate, just raw BMPs that HL would dump into a single file for you at whatever framerate your PC could handle...skip some frames? Too bad!).

As for the 'splash screen', I had someone lined up to do it but he renegged as I was finishing the video early in April with something like 48 hours to release of the Mod itself (though if memory serves correctly release got delayed at the very last second for a couple of days anyways), so I had to do what I could in Paint :(.

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