In Front Line Force the players are divided into two teams: Attackers and Defenders. The object for the Attackers is to capture various Capture Points spread throughout the map. The object for the Defenders is to defend those points. Once a point is captured by the Attackers it cannot be taken back. The round is over when either the Attackers capture all the Capture Points or when the round time runs out, in which case the Defenders win. After the a team wins, the roles of are switched. If you were previously attacking, you are now defending, and vice versa.

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After 8 years, I've repackaged the original unreleased Front Line Force v1.9.

This version was tested heavily, and was ready for release in 2004, However due to a very stupid decision, it was held back because we wanted to Release on Steam (Now SteamWorks).

That never happened, and instead I and a few others just kept working on it adding more stupid stuff, or just changing the game drastically. This evolved into 2.0 - which was never finished either due to real-life circumstances (tm). 2.0 was however released as a simple "okay that's it, we're over" release.

This release contains both a windows installer as well as a zip file which can be used for HLDS in either Windows or Linux.

The release notes are as follows:

Front Line Force
Version 1.9
Date: 04/xx/2004
Date: 04/28/2012 -- 8 years later.
Tony "omega" Sergi
- Repackaging the original 1.9 Release - the one that was fully tested and ready to go, but we never put out because we were waiting for Steam Mod Support. (Which was a really stupid call on my part, this should have been released and the crap I was doing with 2.0 never should have happened!)
- the 1.8b Source code was lost, mourning is required.
- I'm leaving the original notes unmodified below, however I'm making some specific changes here for things that were missing (or what I've done for this re-package)
- Restored a number of the weapon sounds to 1.8 versions
- Replaced the terrible UI sounds
- Replaced the menu music with the FLF:Classic music (I don't know who made it, so if you know, speak up please)
- new hud layout; helmets changed to a single helmet with a number, scores and roundinfo are visible which can be toggled in the helpmenu
MAP Changes / Additions:
- added the following maps back into 1.9, from 1.8b (matching the server config on my server that some people on the FLF group in facebook helped me tweak)
- the actual final, stable and working eastend.
- deep6, dlord, biohazard, heatwave, hill, snow, swiss, solomon, risu, rage, mountain, storm, swiss, miasma
- onslaught is included but not in the mapcycle
Additional info regarding maps that wasn't mentioned:
- icehammer, afghan, dcity, village, sogem were modified with some minor fixes/tweaks
- there are and may be a number of duplicate sounds, however I didn't want anything to be missing.

Key Changes:
- All New Player and Weapon Models
| These models are all modified and or old FLF:Defiance models
- MK23 Renamed to USP to match the model
- using menus (command menu specifically) won't mess up your view angles anymore
- grenades work more like they are supposed to
- help menu has the binds removed, and only enabled for cvars
- changed the smoke puff cvars to be toggles (thats all they always did)
- ducking while capturing re-enabled, but the other changes to capturing are sticking
- while capping player yaw angles (aka turning left/right) are locked to a 90 degree range facing the cap point, you can still move around though.
- new assault weapon - AK105 Sits in between AK5 and Famas in potency (not necessarily usage though)
- new support weapon - KSP58 Defensive Heavy Weapon, only has one clip (but 179 rounds!) Fire's slower than the hk21 which makes you extremely vulnerable up close.
- fixed underwater flashbang and grenade explosions, and added underwater explosion sounds
- increased stamina drain on jumps to reduce bunny hopping a little more
- removed the "flesh" hit sound from being created on the client; it is misleading. client side doesn't trace hitboxes, so shooting between someones legs registers as a hit on the client, but a miss on the server, lag also contributes to missing
- changed all the vgui menus (weapons, team, class, etc) to use unused FLT graphics, changed the theme to FLT blue
- made the huds change color based on your team; green for commandos blue for rebels.
- change location color to blue like it was supposed to be all along
- eliminated the use of r_drawviewmodel
- added a set of lower poly/lower res textured view models and a cvar (cl_lowpolyvms) to activate them (to go along with the inability to disable view models)
- fixed the warmup invincibility bug (also caused team switching to not kill you)
- re-enabled mp_autoteambalance
- added cancel button on the pistol menu once you've selected weapons. this way you can cancel if you hit it by mistake.
- added log printing for two of the bonuses and fixed the secondary point logging to use the standard format
- added a method to ensure capture point sounds are shut off when a capture is stopped
- made semi-automatic the default fire mode on the pistols, removed semi from famas as it was left in by mistake (thanks to whoever reported it)
- replaced a number of weapon sounds
- new vgui crosshair system
|-cl_crosscolor designates the color.
| 0 (default) makes them team colored,
| 1 = blue
| 2 = green
| 3 = red
| 4 = yellow
| 5 = grey
| 6 = white
|-cl_crosstrans will set the amount of transparency the crosshair should have
| 0 = no transparency
| 255 = full transparency (rendering invisible)
|-cl_crossnumber allows you to choose one of 4 sets of crosshairs
| 0 = default, 1 = small-sized of default, 2 = aegis, 3 = quake3 inspired
| note that any of these sets can be replaced, instructions will be posted on the site
- re-enabled cl_cpstatus
- added sv_log_hits logging option; logs hitoutput messages for stats and whatnot
- made it so grenades won't sink into the floor
- changed the prone system, uses +prone instead of toggleprone and is inside player physics. your gun holsters while you go down/up and returns when you're able to fire
- to complete the prone system, added old flf2 diving code (pre flfd); it doesn't launch you as far as it did in flf2, but if you are running tap prone and you'll do a short and quick dive down to prone
- you can also go to prone from crouch, and to crouch from prone (to go crouch from prone, hold the crouch key when you tap prone)
- optomized weapon code a little bit; no longer does it send messages every time a gun is fired to update ammo
- made wood texture types do wood footstep sounds
- activated the ladder type ability (mappers can set a ladder to be either metal (default), fence, wood, rope or vine)
- replaced the snow steps
- reduced the head bobbing when taking damage even further from the last reduction
- added round begin radio and text messages
- fixed the secondary capture point && capturing through walls bug. The water-cap fixes caused this, so as a change to make the secondary points (ie: icehammer culture bath) work in water, if a secondary point is in water it can be capped through solid objects
- you can no longer shoot through sky
- cap points are no longer visible in the sky
- award system revamped, awards are now real-time! bind a key to +showawards (f2 by default) to see awards on-the-fly! (they update every second while the award panel is up, just like team status updates)
- modified the team status. instead of just showing your basic attacking/defending/capturing/time to respawn, if a teammate is shooting someone it will say "ATTACKING ENEMY" if they're being shot at (and hit) it will say "UNDER ATTACK". attacking enemy takes precedence over the latter.
- +moveup and +movedown (swim up/down) are deprecated. Jump and Duck now do the same things, so you don't need to bind those anymore (extra keys!!) (note: these keys are still used in spectator mode for flying up / down)
- fixed the weapon spread function, prone now actually gives prone accuracy instead of duck accuracy
- added cl_waterfx to control water special effects
- added cl_debris cvar to enable or disable impact debris
- removed the ability to take two shotguns. you can now only take one of them.
- flashbang deals a very small amount of damage in a very small radius when it goes off (ie: if you're beside it)
- added client-side static model support (as well as serverside for special model support, such as using the attacker or defender team number for side-specific submodels / skins)
- cleaned up the hud and hud sprites, created all new death icons, new hud ammo icons, weapon select, etc.
- prone "step" height reduced (the maximum height you can crawl up, ie: a stair)
- pressing alt fire with the weapon select buckets up will cancel selection. (added because escape brings up the steam menu)
- hacked up the weapon code so that it uses some of my synchronization code and fixed some bugs with the server-side bit, and repaired penetration. hopefully this should alleviate some accuracy and registering bugs, testing will tell!
- gave mappers the ability to make capture points track players while capturing, as well as lock a players view (turning) onto the point. (mapper could design a point that the player could strafe around and have the player always face the point)

minor cosmetic changes:
- renamed "best sniper" to "sharpshooter"
- fixed keycard hud display when cl_captimes is on, it now displays the time to go back home in digits

Map Changes:
- Added flf_siberiankiss - NEW!!!
- Added flf_sorrow - NEW!!!
- Added flf_shroud - NEW!!!
- Updated flf_toledo to latest version
- Updated flf_afghan to latest version
- Updated flf_village to the final-final version
- grenades are forced off on heatwave and an extra 3 seconds has been added to each teams respawn time. round time extended by 1 minute. - only alternative was to nuke heatwave.
- added the missing sky environment maps
- got rid of the dsp effects on flf_rage (dsp effects suck in multiplayer because they don't shut off automatically)
- updated all maps for the ladder type and debris systems

Front Line Force v1.8b RELEASED

Front Line Force v1.8b RELEASED

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Front Line Force v1.9 - Final - HLDS / WIN&LINUX

Front Line Force v1.9 - Final - HLDS / WIN&LINUX

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Re-package of the final FLF v1.9 with some minor changes and additions.

Front Line Force v1.9 - Final

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Frontline Force 1.8b

Frontline Force 1.8b

Full Version

In Front Line Force the players are divided into two teams: Attackers and Defenders. The object for the Attackers is to capture various Capture Points...

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TheDebonairNomad - - 2,713 comments

This was a seriously underrated mod.

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Lady_Dimitrescu - - 13 comments

Would really like to see Bot support for this Mod.

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Daburubareru - - 738 comments

Looks like this has been updated again

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Daburubareru - - 738 comments


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JohnnyQwest - - 12 comments

Smells like home...

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STAHP.exe - - 472 comments

this is the closest thing we're gonna get to TF2 Brotherhood of Arms.

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moizeus - - 21 comments

The game crashes for me when i create a server. How can I fix this?

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Tanker120 - - 3 comments


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RecycledDoom - - 58 comments

Hi Frontline Force people,

I've gotten tired of not being able to reliably find games for old Gold Source (GoldSrc, HL1, Half Life 1) mods or Source (Half Life 2, HL2) mods, so I made a discord about just that. I am also trying to make this place an informational hub. I'm trying to centralize and unite the multiplayer mod communities for all of the various multiplayer mods out there. We play a mod of the week every Friday/Saturday.

Check us out.

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Guest - - 689,180 comments

Nice my brother! I've always thought about that canceled game that could have been successful but thanks to you my dream came true, it does not matter if you have another name what if it maintains its essence of Brotherhood of Arms I hope you keep working on it and keep going thank you. Great mod

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