Thief: The Dark Project is a single player stealth-based game made by Looking Glass Studios for Microsoft Windows PCs and published in 1998 by Eidos Interactive.

The player takes the role of Garrett, a master thief plying his trade in an unnamed city. Garrett posesses great thieving and stealth skills, including an almost preternatural ability to hide in shadows. These skills come partly from his growing up as a street urchin and from his later education with the secret society known as The Keepers. The game follows Garrett as he clashes with the powerful and embarks on a journey into the City's strange history, stirring up more than he bargained for.

The gameplay centres on the need to remain undetected by enemies as much as possible and the avoidance of open combat. The game achieved this through the use of highly detailed lighting, sound and AI systems that were exceptional in their day. Enemies and NPCs are able to see and hear the player and exhibit a wide variety of reactions and behaviours when they detect anything unusual; from seeking out the sound to attacking or running for help. To avoid detection the player must stay out of sight by sticking to the shadows or creating darkness by putting out lights. Players must also avoid making too much noise by moving carefully and keeping in mind what sort of surface they are walking on. Other notable features include large, complex levels with many interactive objects and a detailed physics simulation.

Here are some good sources for Thief 'mods', (or rather, Fan Missions) and instructions on how to get them running:
Fan Mission forum on TTLG
FAQ on the forum

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It is finally here! After 7-ish years of development, The Black Parade is finally released.

TBP cover

So, what awaits you in this campaign?

- 10 huge, open-ended and meticulously crafted missions with varied themes packed with content.
- A brand new protagonist thrown into a dark, intricately woven story of crime and conspiracies.
- 4 new tools happily supplied by the undermarket, at a price.
- Many tweaks to the AI to make the game a bit more challenging but still fair.
- A brand new "banter" system where AIs greet each other during their rounds and nightly life.
- 28 voiced characters totaling roughly 1,800 new lines of dialogue.
- 30 minutes of gorgeous hand-drawn briefings and cutscenes.
- Brand new AI motions making the denizens of The City look more alive.
- Full English subtitles.

In The Black Parade you play the character of Hume, a hardened criminal who was sent into exile as a punishment for his crimes. The year is 833, you are now back in The City, a sprawling metropolis of soot-caked brick, greasy fumes and noisy machinery, with many a sinister conspiracy whispered behind closed doors. Lost and without a penny to your name, you are back to your life of thievery and must find your old associate Dahlquist. Shadows and silence are your allies. Light is your enemy. Stealth and cunning are your tools. And the riches of others are yours for the taking.

The Black Parade aims at being a love letter to Thief: The Dark Project, and we hope we succeeded! It is recommended to have played through Thief: The Dark Project and/or Thief 2: The Metal Age at least once beforehand, since these missions are overall tougher than the base game.

The Black Parade also comes with a few tweaks to the classic Thief gameplay formula:

- Hume is not a Keeper and thus never received Garrett’s training: AIs will now notice you if they bump into you or vice versa, sometimes even in a perfect shadow. Be careful!
- Hume can move banners aside instead of having to slash them.
- Hume has additional footstep sounds for chains and pipes; these are metal sounds that aren’t as noisy as regular metal (about as noisy as stone/wood).
- Water arrows can now be used to expand moss patches.
- Servants will re-light extinguished torches on higher difficulty levels.
- Servants may clean moss on the floor if they notice it on higher difficulty levels.
- Zombies now smash wooden doors open instead of simply opening them.
- Electric lanterns carried by guards can be turned off.
- A few guards in the campaign are outfitted with heavy armor and helms so they cannot be knocked out using the Blackjack.
- Hume can pick up small creature corpses such as spiders or sweels.


The file provided is an archive that cannot be read by the game as is. Here is a very handy guide penned by nicked, another Thief Fan Mission author, that explains everything you need to know:


It is HIGHLY recommended you read this guide if you have no experience playing Thief missions.


The Black Parade requires NewDark 1.26 or above! Make sure you use the latest version of TFix/TFix Lite before playing!
The Black Parade should be launched with FMSel, NewDarkLoader or AngelLoader. It is not recommended to launch this campaign with DarkLoader or GarrettLoader. Note that mods such as Thief Gold HD Mod, NecroAge or Enhancement Pack are not compatible with this campaign. Remember that this is a campaign for THIEF GOLD, not Thief 2!


- Due to the complexity of the missions, there can be cases where some NPCs might get stuck walking against walls. There is unfortunately not much that can be done about this.

For all additional questions, you can reach us on the TTLG forums. Here is a link to the campaign's release thread:

Thief Vegetation 2018

Thief Vegetation 2018

News 8 comments

This is not the Unreal Engine, no CryEngine or Unity. It's just the Dark Engine from 1998 with the latest NewDark Patch. What you see in this demo is...

Wind simulated Vegetation / Natural Water Mod

Wind simulated Vegetation / Natural Water Mod

Thief & System Shock series - Appreciation Group 12 comments

Here we want to show you our newest features with wind simulated vegetation and a new natural water mod.

Thief 1 HD Mod v1.2 is out!

Thief 1 HD Mod v1.2 is out!

Thief Gold HD Texture Mod 9 comments

This is the full Installer Setup of version 1.2 - Now also for Thief: The Dark Project version! - New water arrow FX, new gas arrow FX, new smoke FX...

Thief Gold HD Mod v1.2 Preview!

Thief Gold HD Mod v1.2 Preview!

Thief Gold HD Texture Mod 9 comments

Thief Gold HD Mod v1.2 Preview! - New Water Arrow FX, New Fire and Explosion FX, New Smoke FX, New Gas Arrow FX, New Moss Arrow Texture, New Electricity...

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Thief: The Black Parade 1.0

Thief: The Black Parade 1.0

Thief: The Black Parade Full Version 21 comments

This is the initial release of Thief: The Black Parade, an unofficial expansion for Thief Gold.

Thief 2 v1.27 unofficial patch (Thief Dark Project and Thief 2 AKA New Dark)

Thief 2 v1.27 unofficial patch (Thief Dark Project and Thief 2 AKA New Dark)


New Dark Patch: Thief 2 V1.27 - System Shock 2 V2.48 **. This is an unofficial patch (AKA NewDark) for Thief II: The Metal Age (T2) which updates the...

Thief Gold Windows 10 patch

Thief Gold Windows 10 patch

Patch 2 comments

Thief Gold Windows 10 patch. This will allow the game to work on modern systems like TFix.

TG Fresh UI

TG Fresh UI

Thief Gold Fresh UI Full Version 1 comment

Updates the interface to look and sound more fresh. Unpack "USERMODS" folder from archive to your main Thief folder.

PC Pro Bonus Games CD-Rom

PC Pro Bonus Games CD-Rom

Demo 4 comments

This is a very very odd CD I have recently located from the one and only, It's a disk by PC Pro containing the Demos to Half-Life (Uplink...

PC Zone Issue #73 CD-Rom

PC Zone Issue #73 CD-Rom

Demo 4 comments

This is the Cover disk of the February 1999 Issue of UK Gaming magazine PC Zone, Contained with this disk is demos of Thief:The Dark Project, Settlers...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 19)
PsyWarVeteran - - 1,985 comments

People use to compare Thief and Half-Life and fight about which one was the best of the year. I'll say what I've always said: "Why can't we get along?".

Both are great classics that are pretty different than each other gameplay-wise. Enjoy them, you'll not see anything like those ever again.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
HellzWind - - 72 comments

This mod is looking incredible! I am so ... happy since someone decided to make this because Thief (Gold) is one of my favorites and now it's looking glass BETTER THEN EVER.

Thank you very much for your efforts, modders. Downloading 'as we speak'.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SweetRamona - - 5,155 comments

For those who loved Thief and/or System Shock should check out Terra Nova, another Looking Glass Studios Classic brought back from the dead thanks to Night Dive Studios:

Just letting people know.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 699,362 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 699,362 comments

Is this Gold patch thing the actual game, or just an addon? If just an addon, where is the full game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
LithTechGuru - - 444 comments

The Gold version of the game is a rerelease of Thief the Dark Project made in the 1990s with additional levels. It's the actual game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Bentraxx - - 238 comments

Hey Taffers!

Take a Look on my current Thief Gold HD Texture Mod!


Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
nbohr1more - - 450 comments

Hey Thief fans...

Don't forget to check-out The Dark Mod:

Now over 50 fan missions strong!

Official Site:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
bloodshot12 - - 264 comments

**** this game and it's sequel were gems in a sea of genericness. RIP looking glass.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Psychomorph - - 28 comments

Didn't know Thief had a page here. Simply the best game I have played and I did it only a couple of years ago for the first time, the experience still beat any other recent or not so recent title. Long live old school gaming!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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