The project is a HD texture mod for the first part of the game series Thief: The Dark Project / Thief Gold.

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Thief Gold HD Mod v1.2 Preview! - New Water Arrow FX, New Fire and Explosion FX, New Smoke FX, New Gas Arrow FX, New Moss Arrow Texture, New Electricity Effect, New Lava Effects.

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Thief Gold HD Mod v1.2 Preview!

New Water Arrow FX, New Fire and Explosion FX, New Smoke FX, New Gas Arrow FX, New Moss Arrow Texture, New Electricity Effect, New Lava Effects...

Enjoy the new HD Mod Preview v1.2:

All these new effects will also be included in the next HD Mod version for "Thief 2 - The Metal Age".

Version 1.2 - Screenshots:


It's totally awesome. You are the best!

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I Came, i Saw, I Came again.

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This is fantastic!

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Will you add a lantern or maybe a nightvision mode in Thief II? That would be awesome.

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In Thief 2 there's already the equip-able light stabs I think..? o_O

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You know, you can upload more than one image at a time. 2 updates is better than 21.

Wonderful work, though.

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Really nice work, I like it!

Some constructive critique though:
The water arrow effect needs some splash FX at the beginning. You can see this when you shoot the chandeliers with the three flames. It just drops down the water but all of the flames get extinguished which really isn't indicated by the current sprite.
Speaking of this sprite imho it is animated too slowly. I think it would look more natural if the water drops down a little faster. You can see how well it works when you extinguish the camp fire - it looks really nice. But on the torches when you see how the water is falling it is a bit too slow I think. Also you should try (if it's technically possible) to make it a bit transparent (you can see this when you shoot at a dark wall where the water becomes way too bright).

Also the waterfall FX are a bit too slow in my eyes. They should be a little more transparent / less white too to look more natural.

On the fireshadow you still have the problem that there's four animations happening at the same time with the same sprite. This makes it look a bit symmetrically weird. But I don't know if this is fixable with either using the same animation starting at different frames or using different sprites.

PLEASE NOTE that I am only talking about the things I notice in a negative way as they caught my attention by looking odd instead of beautiful and believable. I know that it's hard to accept critique when you're proud of your work and I hope that you'll understand this, because I am sure you're capable of doing better and better with each update. Still I think everybody agrees with me on saying that you're doing an impressive job on getting our favourite Thief on a higher level and I am proud to see you evolving on this. I hope you will accept my little critique and remember that I was only commenting the not-so-good things, as I really adore the rest of the new features you presented (man I LOVE those fireballs!!). Good look on the coming update - I'll keep watching you... ;)

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Bentraxx Author

Thank you for your criticism. It's important for me and I take this seriously! greetings

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Holding off going through the series again until you release 1.2 for non-Gold version and soon later while I'm doing Dark project hopefully 1.0 for Thief 2. Not to hassle, take all the time needed, but do you have any estimated release date for the HD mods mentioned? Appreciate all the work you're doing, it's fantastic!

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