Thief: The Dark Project is a single player stealth-based game made by Looking Glass Studios for Microsoft Windows PCs and published in 1998 by Eidos Interactive. The player takes the role of Garrett, a master thief plying his trade in an unnamed city. Garrett posesses great thieving and stealth skills, including an almost preternatural ability to hide in shadows. These skills come partly from his growing up as a street urchin and from his later education with the secret society known as The Keepers. The game follows Garrett as he clashes with the powerful and embarks on a journey into the City's strange history, stirring up more than he bargained for.

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One of my all-time favorites. Really cool ninja-like stealth-sneaking!! It's a great challenge to try to sneak in and out without knocking anyone out or even get noticed.
The only drawback is the low AI when they discovered you. I hoped this to get fixed in the second part, but unfortunately they included more "features" instead. The second part is still good, but not as genius as this one! This is a MUST HAVE! PLUS: There are excellent "Gold Missions" available, mods from the community, some of those missions even excel the best of the missions which came shipped with the game!

And Garret is cool! :)


A masterpiece. A fundamental part of the Golden Age of the Immersive Sim triunvirate (alongside System Shock 2 and Deus Ex).

Redefines what immersion in a game should be.


The first really good stealth game set up in a really dark but amazing world. Every mission brings something new to the gameplay and thanks to how many ways there are to accomplish your goal the replayability is extreme.

While the graphics certainly aged somewhat they still look decent enough and the amazing mappers community have created enough missions for this game to keep all Thiefs occupied for a few months.



Before this mod I couldn`t stand Thief 1 graphics. Now one of the best stealth games of all time comes back with shiny new textures and other effects thanks to Bentrax. It looks better, it retains the atmosphere of the originals making the game a lotm ore enjoyable.

P.S. It`s a much better experience than the nuThief


Thief I is one of the best stealth game ever. A unique setting consisting of elements from a steampunk dystopia universe and more classic dark age/Medieval universe. These two universe are just so greatly combined. With a lot of different factions and cults in the game. The story is really interesting and have your attention to the fullest throughout the game. Gameplay wise you have all the freedom in each level to play the game the way you want. The game is very realistic in terms of health and the weapons you have at your disposal. You are not some overpowered superhero, but a master thief with no super abilities, so going in close combat with 2-3 guards/monsters is almost always fatal. This aspect of the game really gives it a great edge because you afraid as a player to get spotted and you really rely on the shadows and staying hidden. Also another gameplay element which makes this game incredible is the exploration aspect. You really want to find every lot in every level and finding all the secret lot and secret areas is just the best feeling you can have in a game. I also love the main character Garrett one of my favorite game characters of all time. Firstly because as I talked about earlier, he is in many ways an ordinary human being with no superpowers or special abilities, other than being a master thief. Secondly because he is complex and unique main character. He not black and/or white in the traditional sense regarding being good or evil. He is of course the stories (anti)hero but at the same time very selfish and just trying to save his own skin. Which makes him a great protagonist with a lot of depth. I also love the voice actor Stephen Russell who is the voice of Garrett. He really give Garrett something extraordinary in terms of charisma, coolness and likableness. The graphic is still very good considered that the game is from 2000. Also the level design is great with blends of survival horror, stealth and action. A true stealth masterpiece!

I will always remember the feeling of dread and intrusion while lurking in the halls of Lord Baffords' Manor or when skulking around the haunted Cragscleft mines, I have never felt so immersed and thunderfelt in game before (Only S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ever came close to replicating this feeling). I truly believe this game, in all of its faculties, is a high work of art.

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