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Voting is at an end and players have decided their picks for the most expansive total conversion mods in the site's history!

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Total Conversion Titans


Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Total Conversion Category results! With votes across twenty expansive mods that redefined the title they were based on, the pillars of TCs have been decided!

Total conversions are the truest demonstration of the power of modding, transforming games across genres and sometimes inventing their own in the process. Every feature in the category is noteworthy for introducing us to a new perspective, a new way to play the game, and in some cases, a whole new world. In the end, only five mods from the poll could take pole positions, and you can find them below!

Mount & Blade: Warband kicks things off with today's results, and it's a great example - because total conversions for Warband are everywhere, bringing our favourite fantasy (and sometimes sci-fi) universes to life, or exploring different periods of history. There's a small subset of Warband modders, however, that use Warband as a vehicle for their own fantasy story and universe, building a totally unique and original world to explore and conquer - and Prophesy of Pendor is representing those same mods in this category, proving one of the key factors for success is bringing something new to the table.

Some would say that choice-based gameplay is something Half-Life 2 is not built around - for sans the alternate ending in Half-Life, Valve have generally pushed the player down a linear, predictable, and highly refined path. However, the beauty of Valve's engines is that they can be turned to just about any concept, style, or feature, and so The Stanley Parable captured the hearts of the site's audience as they were greeted by a set of two doors and allowed to go left or right, with dramatic consequences for either. Experiencing a re-release this year, it's also the only mod on this results list to see lasting commercial success as well.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is widely regarded as one of the best player-driven RPGs of all time, empowering users to explore a gigantic world and make their mark in a huge variety of ways. No surprise, then, that it became something for modders to bend to their will as well, creating everything from new quests to, like Nehrim, an entirely new world to explore. A gripping story defines this mod's success, presenting new opportunities to explore an environment some would put on par with Bethesda's own.

C&C has a vibrant modding scene on-site - something you'll see in the other results breakdowns coming up, too - and has generated many passionate modders hoping to make their own mark in this impressive, competitive community. However, sometimes what people want to see is the old made new again - as with Evolution, which transforms Red Alert 3 into a remake of the classic C&C Generals. Explosive new effects, compelling new strategies, and fascinating additions to your arsenal mean this mod's ripe for a fresh new look at nostalgia.

1st Place

Cry of Fear

For: Half-Life


Haunting, calming, beautiful, hideous - all words that can be used to describe Cry of Fear, the monolithic (and perhaps obvious?) first-place taker of the Total Conversion category. This horror mod - and it could be more accurate to simply call it a game at this point - has had a profound impact not only on ModDB's history as a site, but on the entire modding community as a whole. Setting the standard for horror total conversions, it attained widespread fame in a burgeoning Lets Play scene on YouTube and made a name for itself as the horror experience to play each and every Halloween. It's no wonder players decided this nostalgic nightmare was their top pick - the chillingly sweet strings of its gentler soundtracks, the hopelessness baked into the narrative, and small moments of triumph after a hellish nightmare sequence stick in the minds of thousands, years after it initially released.

Congratulations to all the modders and community members who participated in the 20th Anniversary event! Stay tuned for the other category results coming up!

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Well deserved 1st place.

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