Underhell is a Source Engine game developed by the Underhell Team in collaboration with We Create Stuff. Underhell Chapter 1 requires ONLY Source SDK Base 2007 installed. No Source game is required.

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A teaser trailer for chapter will be coming soon, to give you a glimpse of what to expect : less action, more horror, more contrasted rythm ! Some early screenshots in the meantime !

Posted by Mxthe on Apr 11th, 2011

Hello everyone !

First I would like to thank everyone for their comments, feedback, bug reports and playthrough videos.
Thanks to all of this I was able to pin point many bugs, many unbalanced scenes and many things that could use some more tweaking for the Prologue as well as in general.
So thank you everyone !

Now, I would like to announce that a teaser trailer for Chapter 1 is coming soon, and will finally reveal what will be one of the main focus and main "events" of Underhell.
Underhell has various "stories" in itself, and although the only playable character remains Jake, many secondary characters or events have a role to play in his adventures, as well as he has a role to play in theirs.

On the development side, Tom Stoffel is BACK ! That means more awesome music for everyone, and a very coherent overall music ambient, we are working very hard to intertwine the musical themes so they all have a purpose, as well as making them all connected by a main string.
We would like to keep as much as the music "secret" for as long as we can, so in the meantime Tom made a little something pretty different, but that remains within Underhell's feel.

On the JOBS side, Underhell needs a skilled programmer to re-program the most important features of the game to the Orange Box engine.
Head over to the forums to apply !

So stay tuned for the teaser !

L Wing checkpoint

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bXmMusic Apr 11 2011 says:

Keep it up buddy. I'll be waiting.

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Mkilbride Apr 11 2011 says:

Can't wait for the teaser.

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Paulisdead18 Apr 11 2011 says:

Sweet. Can't wait until the release of Chapter 1

+4 votes     reply to comment
DarkRaidor Apr 12 2011 says:

i know if i watch the teaser i will be dying for chapter one. XD
the prologue was so awesome :D keep up the great work!

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Tanshaydar Apr 12 2011 says:

"less action, more horror"
num num num!

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Dønny Apr 12 2011 says:

yeah less "action"..i think the horror parts in the house were much better than the "action"..didnt really fit in the game, and im not so the tactical-shooter-type..^^

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nosfer4tu Apr 12 2011 says:

I really liked house more than jobs and i totally shat bricks. Blood decals everywhere doesnt make it scary. This mod made me **** bricks and especially i was in the middle of my room alone, in my underwear with no lights on and some windows open. I really loved the unique horror style of this mod and i hope you wont inspire FEAR 2 or anything like that because it wont be scary if you do, i think.

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Light_Kill Apr 12 2011 says:

heh,this screenshot remind me a "Jimmy's Vendetta" Dlc from mafia 2 :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
FreeKill762 Apr 12 2011 says:

Hate to break it to you Mxthe, But porting the SMOD engine onto the orange box engine is very hard. Also, Ever though of 3D scopes?

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Mxthe Author
Mxthe Apr 12 2011 replied:

3D scopes are broken in SMOD, they screw up the shadows and make the game unstable, I know because I tried many times.

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Velancious Apr 12 2011 replied:

The SMOD Author is working on an SMOD 2 for the Orange Box Engine. However, it's deep in Beta and contains very little features that SMOD 1 had.

Maybe you might find your answer there Mxthe. The only problem is that he's taking long breaks on it (new versions are being halted at points).

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Mxthe Author
Mxthe Apr 12 2011 replied:

I know, that is one of the main reasons why Underhell Prologue was delayed so much, at the middle of the development I moved to Orange Box, and then he stopped development, and I had one foot in the engine, and the other still in the Old Smod...So I just waited...And Waited...

Made Smod Troopers meanwhile, and then met Hen and convinced me to release, even with old engine...

So my intentions now, is to get a programmer to program our own features.

Inspired by SMOD true, but SMOD is hard to program because they offer customizable features and scripts.

It's basically a "sandbox" mod to make mods, we won't be making that.

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Dr.Goupyl Apr 12 2011 says:

This mod deserve a good coder, if your are one, jump on it ! you won't regret what you will have done ! :p

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Bobomberman Apr 12 2011 says:

I can't wait! This is by far one of the best mod's I've played.

+2 votes     reply to comment
ThatOGDon Apr 14 2011 says:

This guy, Mxthe, quite literally is THE DEFINITION of a workhorse...
Here's his steam Profile: Steamcommunity.com
280 hrs in the past two weeks? Crazy.
3600 hrs all time? Even crazier.
I tip my hat to you sir. You have transcended god-like status. You are now a real life BIG BOSS.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Mxthe Author
Mxthe Apr 14 2011 says:

I'm chewing toilet paper...
I'm all outta cookies...

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Xekispir Apr 17 2011 says:

aw less action

+1 vote     reply to comment
Xekispir Apr 18 2011 says:

it looks like Jimmy from bully but when his a adult

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Mr.Tomatoe Apr 25 2011 says:

idk what mxthe is doing on chapter one but i think hes gunna add more horror and less action unless the main guys trys to escape

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mkilbride Apr 28 2011 replied:

He always said that it was the action packed prologue to a survival horror game.

Was never meant to be a really action packed game.

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Mr.Brown May 16 2011 says:

Awesome, let's wait until it release.
Let's hope the story line of the house will be more unstanding in Chapter one.

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Mr.Brown May 23 2011 says:

god damn release it i am enough of the announcement and video

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