The Seven Kingdoms: An Age of Petty Kings is a Crusader Kings II mod based on the Game of Thrones universe. Built from the ground up with a hand painted map of Westeros and west coast Essos, over a thousand provinces, a huge amount of detail and most importantly for us, a focus on multiplayer stability and performance.

Unlike the AGOT mod, our mod will be lacking in the depth department as we will be avoiding intensive scripts, event chains and other flavour events due to their impact on performance in a multiplayer environment, especially with more players. So if you are a singleplayer focused player, we suggest you check out their excellent mod instead. Plus, as an added extra, they have all of Essos too!

We will have one or two start dates down the line, but our first is set during the Andal invasion, dated to 6566. Although not entirely accurate, with a somewhat more fractured world than is portrayed in the lore, it is far from the reign of the hundred kings discussed prior to the chosen start date.

From the Mudds of Muddland to the Viceroy of the Valyrian Freehold, ruling over Western Essos, there is a huge array of characters of many different cultures and religions. From the followers of the Weeping Lady to the heresies of the Seven faith, there is no shortage of religion and religious conflict.

The mod also features a relatively unique building system, heavily inspired by Lux Invicta, another great mod for Crusader Kings II.

You can also find us on the Paradox Forums (login required):



Q. Do you plan to expand the mod to later dates or bookmarks?
A. Eventually, yes. However, our focus will be on the earlier years and will not go beyond the doom of Valyria (in an official capacity, nothing will be stopping others from creating bookmarks set in later years).

Q. Why is the map so... Different? What happened to the iron isles?!
A. We chose to create an entirely new map from scratch, using the original map by GRRM as a source of inspiration rather than building on top of it. Furthermore, his map was created as a guide for readers, and not for zoomed in gameplay such as what CK2 features.
This was the result, albeit flawed, but we like to argue that 1,800 years can have an impact on the geography.


Known Bugs/Issues:

- Title finder causes a crash. Will eventually be fixed.
- Night's Watch Event causes desyncs, and so has been disabled. The Event chain will be fixed in future versions.
- Lack of tribal and temple holding buildings, oversight. Will be tended to in for future versions.
- Balance for many rulers is off. Some have inflated stats, which will be tended to in future versions, whilst others are too weak/strong compared to their vassals and/or liege.


The Team & Contributors:
(big shout out to Vierwood and tsf4, the mod would have not got so far if it not for their tireless effort!)

A lot of people have put a lot of time and effort into the mod and many people have added their touch, big or small, along the way. It's a bit difficult to list everything everyone has done, because our main lads (excluding ZeroFighterR, he's our mascot) have done so much. Especially Vierwood and tsf4.

The Main Lads:

Rowan - Project Founder, he who raised mountains and forged the ring.
Vierwood - Master of the archives, recorder of all history and founder of the isle.
tsf4 - Master of names, he who has named thousands of nameless places.
Adramelech - He who put Bran the Builder to shame with his masterpiece - a fully 3D wall.
ZeroFighterR - Still searching for his pigeons.
Amr - He who regards Dragons as animals and swords as toys.


Almaron - Lore and map advice, notably Dorne and the (still to come) Vale.
- Invaluable support and advice.
Digger The Dwarf - Characters, History Edits
Existential Crisis
- Characters, Darklyn History
- Characters, Ocean Province Locals
- Unique Religion Descriptions
- Characters, Dueling traits, Tweaks
Moen - Dynasty and Title Flags
SweetThose - Title Locals, Defines Tweaks

Other Content:

The AGOT team - For allowing us to edit and use their wonderful portraits.
- For allowing us to use some of his portraits from the excellent CPR+ mod.
Velho e Bom Joe
- for the Culturally Different Cities mod, which has been partially integrated.
Marc Simonetti - For his excellent Game of Thrones artwork, which is being used in our mod:

Tools Used

JonStryker - For the mapfiller tool, which played a fundamental role in getting this mod working in a reasonable amount of time!
AgentPaper - For the Character Generator, used by Vierwood to rapidly fill out regions with placeholder dynasties.
GIMP - A great, completely free, image editing program which has been responsible for everything from the heightmap and terrain to images used for some of the traits.
Paradox Wiki - Provided an invaluable resource for the development of a mod, especially one of this size.

And of course...

Paradox CK2 Dev Team - For providing a great game with even more awesome modding support!

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A collection of photos of the mod and its features.

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The Seven Kingdoms v8 Preview

The Seven Kingdoms v8 Preview

News 17 comments

A quick preview of the next version which includes many new features such as knighthood, green dreams, and much much more.



News 2 comments

A quick update showing off some of the new features that can be found in v7.

TSK AOPK: Build 6 Update

TSK AOPK: Build 6 Update

Feature 1 comment

A list and explanation of the changes to the mod this time around.

The Petty Kings

The Petty Kings

Feature 6 comments

A list of some notable Petty Kings in Westeros, feedback is appreciated.

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The Seven Kingdoms A8b [Latest]

The Seven Kingdoms A8b [Latest]

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The Seven Kingdoms A8 [Outdated]

The Seven Kingdoms A8 [Outdated]

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The Seven Kingdoms A7 [Outdated]

The Seven Kingdoms A7 [Outdated]

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The Seven Kingdoms A6b [Outdated]

The Seven Kingdoms A6b [Outdated]

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A6b Hotfixed A6, Iron Isles history correction. For CK2 2.7.1. Please delete old versions before installing. Install into Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader...

The Seven Kingdoms A6 [Outdated]

The Seven Kingdoms A6 [Outdated]

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The Seven Kingdoms A5b For CK2 2.7.1 [Outdated]

The Seven Kingdoms A5b For CK2 2.7.1 [Outdated]

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For CK2 2.7.1. Please delete old versions before installing. Install into Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod This build should be stable...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 368)

This mod is really fun. It's simple and does not try to be like AGOT. I can see this mod being a better mod than AGOT. Just needs to be polished out and add more mechanics into the game.

Don't make the map as big as AGOT, that would be disaster and only would cause more bugs. Keep it small and simple.

Keep it up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

There are no plans to expand the map... To be right I believe our map is currently at it's limit and/or is the same size as the AGOT one (or even bigger... Rowan could answer it correctly)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm having so much fun with this Mod! Keep up the great work!
I just had a quick question: What CKII DLC do you need to have the full experience on this Mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
-Rowan- Creator

As Vierwood said, no DLC is actually required - but we totally recommend 'The Old Gods' at the very least, due to the number of mechanics used by it (some of the religions will likely be unplayable otherwise).

The Republic is also a good addition, as it would allow you to play in Essos (a region to be fleshed out considerably come next major release).

Unlike most people, I also rather enjoy Conclave and have partially reworked factions with it in mind, but be aware a lot of players did not like Conclave. I'd suggest it just because it makes politics within your Kingdom/Empire more interesting.

If you don't have these DLCs, I suggest waiting for the sale since they tend to go on big sales (up to 75% off depending on the DLC in question!).

Reply Good karma+2 votes

No DLC is required.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have a question concerning installation, I have followed the instructions to the letter, and the files are all in the correct locations, however when I start the game up and go to enable the mod it doesn't appear, any advice?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I'm on windows 10 pc, i7, 16gb ram, gtx960, and yes the "A Game of Thrones" mod appears up and works fine as does the "Century of Blood" submod. However, I did not put the zipped variant of the mod in as well. But I will try that, if that doesn't work any other methods? Thanks for the assistance. Sorry about the quest login, complete forgot I had a moddb account lol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Are you using a MAC or PC?

Make sure the .mod file and The_Seven_Kingdoms folder are in the mods folder.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

reasonably powerful pc. windows 10, i7 loads of ram etc.
Content of the mod folder:
- The_Seven_Kingdoms (folder)
- remedy_portrait_replacer_gotpack.mod
- remedy_portrait_replacer_gotpack (zip)
- The_Seven_Kingdoms (.mod)
- the_seven_kingdoms (zip)

anything im missing?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I'm honestly not sure. Do your other mods show up fine?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Highest Rated (2 agree) 8/10

For now it's a seven, just about everything works as designed, with a few minor bugs, and already has a lot of detail. Considering it's an alpha, maybe I should rate it a ten, but I'll rate as if it's any other mod. I'm sure this score will go up.

EDIT: 8 now, fast updates to fix bugs and add more content have improved the mod a lot. Very fun to play, especially with friends.

May 20 2017 by Assassin739

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