Introduction to the current world situation in the mod-

Witcher Kings is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings 2 based upon the world of the popular Witcher series. In this mod you will experience the world of the Witcher in a new light. Play a key part in the politics of the continent, and determine its future as you see fit. Engage in warfare and acts of intrigue to fulfill your ambitions in this lore-rich world. Associate or do battle with some of your favorite characters from the series. If you love the Witcher series and enjoy Crusader Kings 2, then without further ado, we present this mod to you. Download and enjoy.

Features :
Play as the great monarchs and lords of the Northern Kingdoms!
Colossal Nilfgaardian Empire under Emhyr Var Emreis
Fully playable humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and dryads
Create your own empire as the elves or dwarves and push out the other races
Sorceresses, sorcerers, witches, and druids
Scoia'tael rebellions
Ability to support the Scoia'tael in secret
Events from games and books
Many, Many more things as well.

The public SVN repository is :
The Steam Group page :

Found a bug? Report it here:

P.S. We need people to help us, there is currently only two people working on this mod right now. Anyone looking to help with the mod contact me and I will get you set up.

If you want me to elaborate more on the features of the mod just feel free to ask. We are really trying to get this mod moving faster, progress has slowed significantly but with your help we could have ourselves a truly spectacular mod.

JonStryker is the main guy to talk to about getting started. I'm mainly putting this post out there as a recruitment add. We need more people. And there has to be somebody who's interested enough to partake in the development process.

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Witcher Kings 0.8.1

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Hi folks,

Though Witcher Kings 0.8.0 was quite stable (no random CTDs), there were a few nasty game-breaking bugs (witchers and sorcerers getting pruned, random education traits, bedridden immortals with Reaper's Due) and lack of Conclave support. This is the reason for patch 0.8.1, which is a save-compatible bugfix and balancing minor update.

Automatic .exe installer (Windows)

Witcher Kings 0.8.1 - Windows Installer

or manual .zip install (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Witcher Kings 0.8.1 - Manual Install

Compatible with: 2.7.2
Checksum: 2.7.2 (PETO)
It is save-compatible with Witcher Kings 0.8.0.

For more information on the mod, checkout the Witcher Kings wiki page.

In parallel we've started working on our next major update, called the "W3 update", so stay tune for more in the coming weeks ! ;)

Let's Play series

Before describing changes, I'd like to start by thanking AlpaxLP for his great Let's play King Foltest of Temeria series on Witcher Kings 0.8.0 !

His video series helped to find some bugs, balance and usability issues. It's very instructive to see someone else playing ! :)

Conclave education

Conclave DLC is now officially supported !

The mod has 4 generalist education traits that give bonus to all 5 attributes, but with smaller values than the specialized trait at the same tier.
In order to have these education traits as a possible outcome with Conclave education focus, a new "polymath" education focus has been added, and the UI tweaked to display the 6th focus:


The first tier trait, "uneducated buffoon" trait is now a probable outcome of not having an education focus (or utterly failing when having the polymath focus !).


The mod also adds 4 personality traits: tolerant, racist, gambler and reasonable.
These traits are now integrated with Conclave childhood focus:

  • Affectionate can lead to tolerant
  • Haughty can lead to racist
  • Playful can lead to gambler
  • Conscientious can lead to reasonable


In addition the adolescence age has been decreased from 12 to 11 and childhood age from 6 to 5, to preserve Conclave education balance (attribute gain, events MTTH, ...), as adulthood age is 15.

Dynamic flags for Nilfgaardian kingdom vassals

This idea was inspired by the e_iron_throne title's flag in the AGOT mod, which changes based on the ruling dynasty.
Kingdoms have a different flag when vassals of Nilfgaard (the Nilfgaard sun, typically added above or next to the kingdom's original flag), but revert back to their default, "de jure" flag while independent:


Witchers and sorcerers pruning

Due to a vanilla engine behavior, characters present at a court that experiences an inheritance of title have a chance of dying of "natural death", bypassing the normal rules of pruning (aka "disappearing without trace"). With the workaround, immortal (landless) characters are now really immortal !
But what about long-lived races ? Though they have an immortal trait, as they are also randomly generated by the game, they also need to be pruned, otherwise courts would bloat and game performances would slow down !
Now that this issue is fixed, the number of child with hidden magic talent had to be toned down a bit. For witchers there's a spawning event if there's 5 or below, because they may die out fighting monsters occasionally.
I've run several observer games (100 years in-game) to check and tweak the pruning/generation.

Wrong checksum warning

The Windows automatic installer has helped reduced drastically support and false-positive bug reports due to bad mod installations.
However it was still happening from time to time from players with manual install, or when CK2 updates and the mod is not compatible with that version yet.

So there's now a startup event (on new game start and when loading a save), that will warn you if you don't have the expected checksum(s), with some clues on what to do in such case:


In case you're using a compatible mod that modifies the checksum, you can disable this warning via the game rules.

Helping with the mod

The potential of the mod is huge, and the team is very small, while there's still a lot of ideas to be implemented !

You can help by:

  • reporting bugs
  • giving suggestions, ideas and feedback (balance, fun, ...)
  • doing some modding (research, graphics, scripting, ...). If you're interested browse the opened issues on the Github repository and contact me.

Known bugs

  • Only human sorcerers are generated
  • AoK narrative events don't fire after resigning (need to restart the game)
  • Filavandrel gets a child portrait

Full changelog

v0.8.1 2017-08-20

Compatibility with vanilla 2.7.2/2.7.1

This release is save-compatible with previous v0.8.0, and some issues will repair themselves upon loading:
- Reaper's Due diseases effects on immortals will be removed
- Dwarven walls and Dwarven keeps will be converted to their vanilla equivalent
- Conclave Noble and Clergy levy and tax laws will be set to default

- Support Conclave education focus:
- Add a polymath education focus and tweak the UI to add a 6th icon.
- Make uneducated buffoon a probable outcome of not having an education focus
- Add missing learning bonuses to polymath education traits.
- Handle extra personality traits: affectionate can lead to tolerant, haughty to racist, playful to gambler and conscientious to reasonable
- Decrease adolescence age to 11 and childhood age to 5, to preserve Conclave education balance when adulthood age is 15.
- Use dynamic flags for Nilgaardian kingdom vassals
- Use better flags for k_pontar and k_emblonia
- Add various canon character traits
- Improve usability of game rules:
- Highlight mod specific rules with color
- Create a group for Witcher Kings specific rules
- Remove achievement warnings, as mods already disable achievements
- Add a warning on game start if the checksum is not the expected one, can be disabled via a game rule.
- Use a more visible icon for wiki links
- Add a sound when rolling dice during dice poker
- Add a picture for Witcher 2 bookmark on era screen
- Add missing character backgrounds on Witcher 2 bookmark
- Improve "Unite the North" description, since tooltip is lacking count = 3
- Enable playing dice poker with prisoners regardless of opinion
- Re-enable the imperial authority evolution event on Nilfgaard Empire succession.
- Add back Maximum crown obligations level (w/o Conclave DLC)
- Add seafarer flag to Verdenian, Skellige, Cidarian and Cintran cultures
- Add some more loading tips

- Remove the mod non-Conclave education system, as it's buggy/unbalanced.
- Fix laws when Conclave DLC is active:
- Disable Crown Levies law
- Fix Iqta levy and tax obligations appearing instead of Noble and Clergy laws
- Fix tanistry succession being impossible to enact
- Workaround immortal courtiers (including witchers and sorcerers) dying from 'natural death' when a title is inherited and the court gets pruned.
- Fix witcher spawning safety event to check more frequently, and work even if witchers no longer exist
- Make long lived races immune to Reaper's Due disease symptoms, to prevent bedridden epidemic.
- Fix court mage magic spell decisions being often greyed out and improve AI target filtering
- Make healing spell remove any Reaper's Due disease symptom flags
- Reduce the probability of witchers getting killed by monsters from 1/20 to 1/1000
- Allow Elven sorcerers to gain the fertile_nonhuman trait
- Prevent from playing Dice Poker against oneself, which is non-functional.
- Remove default character_event sound, which gets annoying with instant event chains (dice poker, ...).
- Fix human sorcerers defaulting to elfgfx ethnicity.
- Optimize some MTTH events that can be done on_startup instead.
- Fix missing portraits for elf son/daughter
- Workaround engine bug on lowborns from character history getting a random dynasty
- Prevent trained mages to get married when using "Marry all courtiers" decision
- Clarify Pogrom CB description.
- Fix Nilfgaard successful invasion event option to actually grant the new kingdom title.
- Allow special force commander to fight Scoiatel even if at war or leading troops.
- Tune done revolt risk from scoiatel presence, and remove scoiatel presence in neighbor provinces when crushing a revolt.
- Change cost of fetching a Witcher to be fixed instead of scaled, but each monster cleaning now costs money upon success.
- Remove Dwarven walls/keep buildings as they break vanilla building chains
- Remove unsuitable RIP physician character events.
- Add missing high gods in religion definitions
- Prevent from using "Expand by conquest" CB indefinitely
- Fix prison visiting event to not impregnate infertile characters
- Fix reclamation wars allowed when not independent
- Workaround bug causing Saskia to become vassal of Kaedwen when winning or if war invalidates.

Witcher Kings 0.8.0

Witcher Kings 0.8.0

News 9 comments

Witcher Kings 0.8.0 is now released, and compatible with vanilla CK2 2.7.1. Witcher Kings mod is a total conversion for Crusader Kings 2 set in the universe...

Witcher Kings 0.7.0

Witcher Kings 0.7.0

News 2 comments

Witcher Kings 0.7.0 is now released, and compatible with vanilla 2.6.3 !



News 3 comments

Ladies and gentlemen the long wait is over. Witcher Kings is now compatible with!



News 6 comments

Currently the mod is steadily approaching a newer version. Work HAS been done. There are currently a couple people working on it now, but we still need...

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Witcher Kings 0.8.1 - Manual Install

Witcher Kings 0.8.1 - Manual Install

Full Version 6 comments

Compatible with vanilla 2.7.2 Installation instructions bellow.

Witcher Kings 0.8.1 - Windows Installer

Witcher Kings 0.8.1 - Windows Installer

Full Version 1 comment

Compatible with vanilla 2.7.2 Installation instructions bellow.

Witcher Kings 0.8.0 - Manual Install

Witcher Kings 0.8.0 - Manual Install

Full Version 4 comments

Compatible with vanilla 2.7.1 Installation instructions bellow.

Witcher Kings 0.8.0 - Windows Installer

Witcher Kings 0.8.0 - Windows Installer

Full Version 4 comments

Compatible with vanilla 2.7.1 Installation instructions bellow.

Witcher Kings 0.7.0 - Windows Installer

Witcher Kings 0.7.0 - Windows Installer

Full Version 13 comments

Witcher Kings 0.7.0 is now released, and compatible with vanilla 2.6.3 ! This is the download for Windows automatic installer.

Witcher Kings 0.7.0 - Manual Install

Witcher Kings 0.7.0 - Manual Install

Full Version

Witcher Kings 0.7.0 is now released, and compatible with vanilla 2.6.3 ! This is the download for manual install on Windows/Linux/Mac.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 425)

Okay, I’ve had 200 year Redania playthrough and here is a list of bugs I’ve encountered or other imo burdensome things:
- aforementioned tower inhabitants belonging to wilderness. It prevents de jure drift of kingdoms.
- Thanedd Isle doesn’t de jure belong to any duchy. There is a duchy of Thanedd, but it’s titular and it can’t become proper one since counties can’t drift. This also prevents any de jure drift for kingdoms and empires.
- you can remove Hierarch of Eternal Fire even if you follow Eternal Fire religion. Because of this, religious head ceases to exist and decision to restore a Hierach also doesn’t work and appear.
- the mod becomes absolutely unstable if you use any console command. That said, it is impossible to remove aforementioned bugs by using console in the long run, since commands work, but the game will start crashing.
- bringing back proselytize action for Spiritual Lord would be nice, since lords and provinces change religion and culture in semi random manner. At least for religion where it makes sense (ie. Solar and Eternal Fire).
- what about the Duchy of Loc Muinne belonging to wilderness? It is Ard Glas kingdom capital, making it possible to conquer would be a nice touch.

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Okay, so let me begin by saying how much of a great job you have done here.
I have truly enjoyed your mod thus far and as such I intend to continue doing so

However, I do have some suggestions (As I am sure just about everyone does...), or perhaps requests is a better word.

First, Since it is possible to rewind the years back to the periods prior to the setting second Witcher game, I would ask if it would be possible to have the map not "break itself", for example when Cintra is free I have had occasions where sections are under the control of Kaedwin.

Secondly and rather on parallel to the first, I would like to request if the characters from the books, for example. Maria "Milva" Barring, Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach, Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff, Angoulême Catus Marinus, Vilgefortz z Roggeveen, Leo Bonhart, and Stefan Skellen, etc.

Thirdly and yet still on the same topic as the first two, I would ask, if bookmarks for the certain events, eg. First Northern War, Second Northern War, and the First Witcher game. Could possibly be added.

Finally, I would suggest the possible addition of a Duny character as to act as Ciri's father.

As aforementioned, I love your work I hope this is taken as something constructive as opposed to me whining about things. And so I hope these requests might be met. If not, then know I do apologise for wasting your time with my words.

Many Thanks
A Forgotten Roman

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How can one make mage towers inhabited? Even more, they have an occupant, but still have wilderness as their liege and therefore cannot be attacked. These towers prevent de jure assimilation of kingdoms into empires.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Is there a date after witch the mod become unstable ? My novigrad Patrician run, always crash around match 1332. I tried changing characters , still crashes. Any Idea ?

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Same here. It doesnt't matter whether I play Redania, Aen Seidhe, Skellige or Nilfgaard. After like 1330, game crashes at fixed dates for no reason.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Could you upload and link your save file, to see if that's reproducible ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Whenever I do a console command gameplay the games will always crash after one point 10-20 year
I used add_trait/remove_trait add_[skill] claim titleowner cheats

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Just did a playtrough not using any console commands and mod still crashed, around 1375.

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Hello, there few things that i don't understand..How do the elves reproduce on the mod if their trait is -10000% of fertility? Why are like this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, elves get a fertile trait by event that compensates their infertility (from age ~50 to ~250).

I think it's mainly to match the lore, and there's no other easier way with CK2 engine !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Oh, alright, got it.
Get the Empire in control is a vry hard task, isn't it?
I'm Nilfgaard and control, every kingdom north of jaruga, but the rebellions and revokes from vassals are pretty disturbing.
How makes Ai more balanced so they don't behave in total chaos?

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