The Zone's Call returns the player to the southern reaches of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, to once again, answer the Zone's Call. With all of the southern areas from Clear Sky, ranging from the expansive Marshes to the eerie Red Forest, along with some of the more well known areas from Shadow of Chernobyl, are used to help complete the world of the southern Exclusion Zone.

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New Level screenshots - lot #2
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Nice to see bar back!

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I was surprised we lost this level from SHOC, It's great that it's back. Why are there medkits on the floor in both shots?

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That's a lot of stashes on the minimap.

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SetaKat Author

The medkits are from a debug tool. Every time it loads a level, it spawns a medkit, and places a marker (which happens to be a stash marker) on the map. These medkits are spawned directly on the location of graph points, which are part of the AI navigation system.
Its a debug only thing, like the position display at the top of the hud. I'll try and remember to turn debug off next time I take some screenshots.
The reason I have it showing is complex and varied, so I'll go with: it makes setting up stuff easier.

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Dem stashes o.0

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Spent today fixing the lighting issues on the Diggers Stash level, and started adding some more stuff to the Bar. This is a level that will take some time to port across, set up and get compatible.
Anyway, testing out spawning some npc's in the 100 rads. Might do a few smart terrains next...

Will keep posting screens until I have a representative sample of all levels. Due to the amount of work involved in porting levels across, it'll take some time to get all of them set up. I'll try and get a batch or 2 of screens out each weekend.


Anyway, next round of voting is now open. What do you want to see (or know about) next month?

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