Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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USS profiles
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anakin2505 Oct 5 2012, 1:03pm says:

this is ******* great

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KneeKapper Oct 5 2012, 1:41pm replied:

This is not only great, everything about this mod is just so epic, it's almost poetry. Can't wait for it!

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trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Oct 5 2012, 5:35pm replied:

Thank's all of you guys for such a warm welcome of renewed classes system. It will trully be our pleasure to deliver this stuff at your feet (along with other goodies which our bag is still quite full of) ;)

Still - any feedback regarding what you'd like changed about this aspect and why is very much welcome.

Regarding above, I have a question - would you like to have an 'Open dev forum' opened for more 'technical' talks on various stuff (like above roster)?

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Oct 17 2012, 6:23pm replied:

Exploring the Zone as a Sniper class soldier seems like the safer approach in Zaton and Jupiter which are very open environments. The undergrounds and center of Pripyat is a different matter though. Keeping your distance might save you alot of rubles from medic and general wound treatment. But arms dealers are aware of these preferences and preferred Zone advancement. This is the reason why they can get away with increased prices for long distance weaponry in Zaton/Jupiter and close range weapons around any type of underground.
So the Sniper class might save funds on medic equipment but only to spend this on more coveted and expensive long distance weaponry, scopes, customization and ammunition. Every shot and every miss costs him more. Every class has his pros and cons.

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Lowpro18 Oct 5 2012, 1:05pm says:

nice love the layout

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gansch Oct 5 2012, 1:23pm says:

This is ******* awesome, can't wait.

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FrikysKiller Oct 5 2012, 1:24pm says:

I love the recon class. Bandits will never know what hit them.

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Angerfist219 Oct 5 2012, 2:29pm replied:

i agree, ill probably "roll" recon my first 2.0 playthrough

+2 votes     reply to comment
freejrs Oct 5 2012, 1:25pm says:

Sweet. Should be awesome.

Missing out on both Misery and Lost Alpha made September suck..................I don't mind waiting though.

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DarkMajor21 Oct 5 2012, 1:27pm says:

Superb. Very excited for the update.

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Spe¢ter Oct 5 2012, 1:28pm says:

Sniper, **** yeah!

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Oct 5 2012, 1:31pm says:

The team has been looking forward to seeing your reactions on this USS class feature of version 2.0.
So, what will be your choice of USS class for version 2.0 and why?

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Tarmskrap Oct 5 2012, 1:41pm replied:

Recon or Sniper. I have been playing these "tanks" for a looooong time now. I need to practice stealth as well.

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coap Oct 5 2012, 2:15pm replied:

Surely Sniper, mainly because Misery is so hard for me and I like to avoid combat... Plus I love the Mosin Nagant... And the deployable backpack with PDA signal is great!

+2 votes     reply to comment
alexeistukov87 Oct 5 2012, 2:27pm replied:

It's a great classification! It's almost perfect! But I want to point on some objective points:

1) 5000 RU and 100 phys. RU - that's laughable ammount of money. 100 RU - is almost a price of 2 beers :) Misery is going to push abilities of each hero to the edge in process of the game. First missions have the smallest payment and traders don't know you so prices are extreme. I would say 10000 RU and 5000 phys. RU would make a boost. It would be more wise to give a freedom of choice - I mean to create additional ways to spend your money early in the game (not necessarily on equpment - maybe info, maybe contacts, maybe missions).
2) I don't like the description of Stealth perk. Recon type is the master of disguise. Recon must be lesser affeced by light/shadow coef., sound coef. and movement detection coef.
3) Knife skills of Recon and Assault must be virtually equal. Recon specialization is close range so his knife must have the same power as Snipers but fastest swings. Assaulter must have slowest but deadliest. Knife usage in STALKER fisghts is rare so let Assault. and Recon be "A", Sniper - "B".
4) Starting drugs will be diversed right? Assaulter will have basic weight drugs, Recon - stamina, Sniper - enviromental protection drugs?
5) Switching of Nutrion cons. between Recon and Sniper makes logical sense since Snipers move less.
6) Give Assaulter a some RGD-5 grenades too. Just to counterbalance detectors (which are useful LONG term equipment) in other classes.
7) Sniper must be less visible when there is no movement.

I want your valuable opinion on these.

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N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Oct 5 2012, 3:01pm replied:

Thanks for your feedback!

1) You don't know the price of a beer in the Zone in version 2.0 (yet).
They are not there to buy themselves the solution. They need to use their skills to conjure the funds that they find needed.

2) Recon has lighter steps that are slightly less noticeable.

3) Agreed. But with that many more or less armoured Zone Men the Assaulter is more deadly with knife in general as his power lets him crush through armoured suits when the strike is inperfect. The Recon will still be deadly as hell when the knife is used the proper way.

4) Yes, these supplies are all hand picked for each class type

6) His combat related gear is the most expensive and valuable out of all. So he has less expensive electronic gear

7) I don't know of a way to modify this in available data

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alexeistukov87 Oct 5 2012, 3:15pm replied:

Thank you for your detailed answer! Good luck!

+3 votes     reply to comment
BanzaiBearze Oct 5 2012, 3:45pm replied:

this sounds cheap but i will be a sniper that sits and watches factions gunfight and scoop up the aftermath :P heheh. probably end up eaten by zombies during the process XD

+1 vote     reply to comment
trojanuch Creator
trojanuch Oct 5 2012, 6:08pm replied:

I'll throw in my 3 coins:

1. Initial missions require shooting of either mutants or NPCs (more expensive) which is not neccesarly 'the first' good thing to do for all classes (actually only Assaulter is combat-ready enough which is of course on purpose).
5000RU serves exacly what you describe - its just enough (or almost enough) to conduct your first 'specialization' choice: for ex. sawn-off vs gasmask vs hardhat helmet vs saving for higher tiers of equipment.

2. Stealth in the mod is mostly based on mobility. Althou you'll find NPCs very perceptive up front, we've made sure that flanking / moving at the edge of their sight unnotniced is very much possible (at nights especially). Thus faster movement speed of Recon makes this tactic much easier to conduct for him.

'Safe sleep' in the wilderness is also there not by accident - Recon needs to fight while being light-weight - so he is the most proned from the other classes to set up temporary stashes and generally spend more time in the wilderness to minimize the need of travels with heavy load to and from bases (which are costly for him as investment in drugs is required to conduct them effectively). Thus being able to sleep in the wilderness safely becomes more important than it seemingly is (and yes there is a custom danger-luring-while-sleeping script in use here to fuel all that).


5. Recon is now more suited for keeping a healthy diet of high-quality food - on the other hand he doesn't need to eat much of it to get full.
Sniper needs to eat like a normal, healthy man should - however as he is acustomed to wilderness (as trained hunter / survivor man) he can include un-healthy, gathered food into his diet more frequently (althou he still needs to balance it with investments into healing required afterwards)

Rest of the stuff has already been fully covered by Aaroe.

Of course - g8 thanks for feedback.

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alexeistukov87 Oct 6 2012, 6:07am replied:

Thank you for your feedback too. It's really a pleasure to be heard by dev team and get some answers.

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Swirekster Online
Swirekster Oct 9 2012, 3:20am replied:

Recon needs a high-quality food...
It reminds me of somethin-


Oh damn...

+3 votes     reply to comment
Thirsty_Gringo Oct 11 2012, 5:23pm replied:

At first glance, i was going to say i'd be an assaulter for my first 2.0-run, as i have grown very used to relying on my knife thanks to MISERY in general... Though Recon sounds rather tempting, taking into account all the nice new possibilities including setting up your own stash... Oh, choices, choices!

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Guest Feb 2 2013, 8:58pm replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

xxVODKAxx Oct 5 2012, 1:31pm says:

Ohhhh yeah USS assaulter *********** :D mutants will be sorry they even born

+4 votes     reply to comment
Lito.LV Oct 5 2012, 3:01pm replied:

Yup going for Assault too. At old Misery I took sniper, failed hard, went better with assault so taking that again.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Szabtom Oct 8 2012, 3:47am replied:

Assault all the way! Will try the sneaky types later.

+2 votes     reply to comment
AK.Stalker.XX Oct 5 2012, 1:57pm says:

Sniper for me

+2 votes     reply to comment
Roh Oct 5 2012, 2:01pm says:

I usually go sniper. I just love long range face owning. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... But... you... you just made them all so appealing damnit!!!

For the time being I think I am leaning toward the Assault for my first go at 2.0. I like his staying ability and the ability to horde. And I rarely used automatic weapons in the past. Is better control and repair abilities make it seem appealing to give them a go now.

The mutants and bandits will know what hit them and die terrified!!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
predcon Oct 5 2012, 2:08pm says:

What happened to the Recon specialist's armour-mending expertise?

+1 vote     reply to comment
N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Oct 5 2012, 2:18pm replied:

It's still there but now Assaulter and Sniper is equally specialized in suit and armour maintaining.
So In this regard they are equal now (and thus unlisted). But Recon class is now specializing in light weapons and SMGs which he wasn't before.

+3 votes   reply to comment
coap Oct 5 2012, 2:18pm says:

I like very much the classes, but the Sniper (at least for me) seems something in the middle... Ah well, f*** the middle, I will grin when I will shoot a bloodsucker in the head...

+1 vote     reply to comment
GabeTheKid Oct 5 2012, 2:37pm replied:

from recon in 1.1 it seems that in 2.0 the sniper is the cheap class and thats good news cuz im realy cheap in stalker games :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Oct 5 2012, 2:43pm replied:

Cheap in what way?

+1 vote   reply to comment
GabeTheKid Oct 5 2012, 2:52pm replied:

he doesnt have to eat as much as the others and he gets less side effects from zone produced food and im guessing that will help me bigtime strugging with the economy system
as playing cheap i mean that i dont like to spend money in stalker if its not gun related :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
[TZP]LoNer1 Creator
[TZP]LoNer1 Oct 5 2012, 3:29pm replied:

Cheap as in easy :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
GabeTheKid Oct 5 2012, 2:27pm says:

what do you mean by "flashlight (charged)"? so now power consumption actually works in 2.0? :D would be awesome

+1 vote     reply to comment
N.Aaroe Author
N.Aaroe Oct 5 2012, 2:36pm replied:

No, it is just a matter of phrasing for immersion. Sorry

+6 votes   reply to comment
CounterRightHand Oct 5 2012, 2:34pm says:

This time I think i'm going with the recon class. I had used assault rifles way too much in CoP. I need some variety.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Cowlick035 Oct 5 2012, 2:46pm says:

Assaulter for me, short action-packed outings and the such!

+1 vote     reply to comment
boredgunner Oct 5 2012, 3:14pm says:

Outstanding! I love how Misery makes the game more of an RPG.

+2 votes     reply to comment
5thHorseman Oct 5 2012, 3:39pm says:

This one approves

+1 vote     reply to comment
ponney68 Oct 5 2012, 3:47pm says:

1st time Assaulter, 2nd time Recon. Because I like that Assaulter's profile image. A recurring profile image is important, too.
Yeah, it's fun and challenging to choice of USS class!

+2 votes     reply to comment
alexeistukov87 Oct 5 2012, 4:23pm says:

Many speak which class they will choose, so will I.
I prefer a Recon. Only because not too many games let you a silent approach. Infiltrate fast, shoot them with silenced 9x39mm rifle, get the job done and get out fast. That's my style.
I hope that Misery will have timed, proximity and remote explosives packages in the future. It will expand assault and defence strategies, especially for Sniper and Recon.

+2 votes     reply to comment
psycho2112 Oct 5 2012, 5:20pm says:

My body is so ******* READY. You and your team are modding GODS.

+4 votes     reply to comment
cooldude1313 Oct 5 2012, 5:56pm says:

Yay a scoped Mosin Nagant this time :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
DeltaForce95 Oct 5 2012, 6:43pm says:

i like teh setups except for giving the recon and sniper old *** guns, seems a bit weird for a government group

+2 votes     reply to comment
AoXo Oct 5 2012, 9:07pm says:

I wish we could get some cool in-game models like the ones in the image :(

Last time I played Sniper, I'm thinking this time maybe Recon though I don't know if I could stand LESS endurance... so, I might go with Assault. Hmm, gosh I don't know!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Cyborg_Putin Oct 5 2012, 9:19pm says:

Can't wait to blow some heads with the Sniper like good old times :3 damn I need to fix my CoP before this comes out >_>

+2 votes     reply to comment
HocterDaggiz Oct 6 2012, 5:03am says:

This is just brilliant.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheLozza Online
TheLozza Oct 6 2012, 7:40am says:

This looks amazing, I am definantly going to be recon, too bad he starts of with a cheap scorpian :(

0 votes     reply to comment
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When you install MISERY you will have 3 different "Ukranian Special Services" specializations to choose from: "Assaulter", "Recon" and "Sniper" class.

They are distinquished in several ways as you see here, so you will have to choose which USS variant you want to play.

With each attribute listed here there is a whole lot of configuration, team debating and balancing behind it. Trojanuch has spend countless hours on balancing not only the core gameplay of MISERY 2.0 but also these three distinquished soldier types to fit into the concept in their own special way.

With this we are very satisfied with the replay value that the mod offers.

- - -

Credit to Bioshocker for research and USS portraits.
These portraits depict actual operatives but the images are manipulated.

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Oct 21st, 2012
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