Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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One shot one kill
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N.Aaroe Creator
N.Aaroe Oct 16 2012 says:

Some time ago several people stated that they would love to see more sniper rifles in the mod. Especially bolt action rifles since there are only a few of these (compared to the large selection in other categories).

My answer back then was:
" It may appear as if there are few types of sniper rifles in the game. But this is only caused by the fact that there is such a huge arsenal of other weapon categories. MISERY 1.1 already doubles the amount of weapons in the game (this applies for sniper rifles also). We do not plan to add more weapons than what is already presented. Though IF I were to add any it would definately not be another assault rifle."

It is time to come clean and admit that it was our plan all along to introduce this rifle to the concept as a nice surprise for you guys close to release.

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timmybus Oct 16 2012 replied:

Close to release? I'm getting a stonk on...

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Zombiestubble Oct 16 2012 replied:

As much as I am interested, here is the real question:

Will traders actually sell the ammo? I'm tired of only finding 5.45 on various STALKERS, and I really don't want to have my ONLY source of ammo be monolith members.

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N.Aaroe Creator
N.Aaroe Oct 17 2012 replied:

You will find that also ammunition supplies are well balanced and logic throughout the whole game.
I will not answer your question directly but I can ensure you that this aspect is well managed by trojanuch who is in charge of game balance in MISERY 2.0

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rickpnick Oct 16 2012 replied:

NICE!! I might have to rethink which class I want to play first.

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ghussack Oct 17 2012 replied:

I cant wait to experiment the new features!

[in short below: the more hungry, the lower you maximum health becomes (you cant heal after that point)]

btw, I tested that if you stay hungry you dont loose any health, I tought a new sistem could be (easly?) implemented like this: if you are hungry you MAX health, begin to lower, so the maximum health you can heal will be based on your hungriness til it reaches 0 and you die; the point is, you dont have to implement something special to make you die of starvation; it is just the system that if you reach that point you die; and you can see the effects of starvation more clearly, not only the very slow stamina regen!

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CadianConscript Oct 22 2012 replied:

Is it too much to hope for a SV-98?

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NPAsurvivor Jun 4 2013 replied:

i would love to see more sniper rifles as well,such as SV98, no more AR's. I would love to see the spawns changed tho as in what i spawn in with for items because well you do play as a U.S.S. so I think that I should be spawned in with more ammo and food, better armor, and for the sniper should spawn with a more modern sniper rifle. Although I think this stuff should be posted else where but just letting you know and I have other ideas for this mod but I don't know where to post them... pm the link if there is a page to post ideas for the mod

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EddyGamer Oct 16 2012 says:

That Is awesome Keep The Good Work

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Roh Oct 16 2012 says:

That looks like a practical, reliable, and deadly weapon. Can I have one?

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N.Aaroe Creator
N.Aaroe Oct 16 2012 replied:

Nothing is for free in a world of pain.
But now we are at it I am open to inputs on the value of this rifle.
Of course we cant discuss specific prizes as you don't know the balance in version 2.0.
So, what should the value be like in comparison to the other bolt action rifles in MISERY?

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IrishRampage Oct 16 2012 replied:

Can you tell us when this rifle will be "available" on the market, or will we have to find it on various downed Stalkers?

Well while we're talking about long ranged rifles, I was always trying to find a VSS Vintorez in Misery 1.2, but I was never able to get my hands on one.

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Oct 17 2012 replied:

My problem was not really finding the weapons, the problem went more along the lines of I CAN'T FIND AMMO FOR MY DAM SHOOTER!!! :| True Story...

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Anarcieath Oct 16 2012 replied:

I think it would be cool to come across one of these rifles somewhere in the Zone. If you think about it it's kinda like a special order rifle, maybe a stalker ordered one from Nimble and met his end in a blood sucker lair or something and you just happened to stumble across the wrong place and found it on his corpse along with his pda and ammo. Having it guarded and hard to obtain would be something to work at and have a good feeling of accomplishment once done. Have it like a personal quest of sorts, a rumor or something that some high profile stalker went missing near some cave or factory and the first stalker brave enough to go look gets the loot. Just a suggestion.

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Roh Oct 17 2012 replied:

In all honestly I don't know firearms well enough to make too much of a statement about how it should be balanced.

But from pure observation it looks set up to be light for it's size. And.. It looks like it was meant to be durable and easy to maintain. Not a lot of convoluted extra crap on it. Simple.

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DanceCommander! Oct 21 2012 replied:

The Sako is one of the most accurate military sniper rifles on earth. The .300 magnum round is very powerful, and is designed to remain accurate and powerful when shooting at targets well over 1 km away.

So this rifle should be expensive (including the ammo), heavy (its a big beast of a rifle), and very powerful.

In real life this rifle would trump any other sniper rifle included in the game.

Ive stood next to a rifle like this when it was fired and i could feel a big shock wave from the gas escaping the barrel! ahaha

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DanceCommander! Oct 21 2012 replied:

its also reliable. Bolt action firearms are inherently more reliable and accurate then semi-autos, (less moving parts).

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Expack Oct 28 2012 replied:

Have you considered making "Nothing is for free in a world of pain" the official tagline of MISERY (if there isn't one already)? That phrase alone sums up the mod quite well IMO!

+1 vote     reply to comment
YourAmishDaddy Dec 21 2012 replied:

Well, .300 WM isn't exactly cheap, and rifles that use it are often fall under the great favor of the owner. Many would not part with such a rifle. However, It will fire flatter, and hit with greater energy than the aging 7.62x54 rifles, and being newer production, it's made with better wearing, lighter and more reliable components. I would call this the "Top dog" of it's class. An easy 100% markup on weapons such as the Kar98 or SVD.

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Swirekster Oct 16 2012 says:


hi there little thing, what's your name, dirty-boy?

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Prince_Kassad Oct 16 2012 says:

Really nice

+1 vote     reply to comment
Shirk Oct 16 2012 says:

No luck pure skill

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Cyborg_Putin Oct 16 2012 says:

Would you mind presenting me to this beatiful lady? I will take her out to diner someday

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adfjkndjklnhdfs Oct 16 2012 says:


-4 votes     reply to comment
BanzaiBearze Oct 16 2012 says:

This is making my eagerness for the release of 2.0 even more intense as i plan to be USS Sniper XD wohoo! THANKS! ~fidget~

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AoXo Oct 17 2012 says:

As part of my other suggestions for this mod - this, along with many other higher tier weapons, should only be found either on the most elite of STALKERs, or be a special order. I'd really like to see much lower tier weapons like weak pistols, BB guns, civilian weapons, hunting rifles (BB guns again), dart rifles etc, being used by the rookies.

But that's neither here nor there. Weapon variety is a good thing.

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Oct 17 2012 replied:

BB Guns? Are u mad bro? LOL, BB Guns...

If a makarov is of little worth (effective wise/against mutants other stalkers) then I shudder to think what would happen to the poor stalker outfitted with a lowly BB GUN! Anywhere but in the ZONE brother stalker, but in the Zone things are too dam suborn to die from shots taken by something as insignificant as a BB Gun! :D


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Anarcieath Oct 19 2012 replied:

I'd shoot crows with a bb gun, if they can survive radiation and anomalies they can be eaten, by my own logic anyway lol

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GabeTheKid Oct 17 2012 says:

this could be the weapon that the military gives to you for the operation one shot mission in pripyat :D seems way better than the dragunov :D

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N.Aaroe Creator
N.Aaroe Oct 17 2012 replied:

In some regards it is. In some the Dragunov is way better like in reliability, rate of fire and caliber availability

+4 votes   reply to comment
GabeTheKid Oct 17 2012 replied:

i was thinking that you only have to pierce 1-2 heads anyway so a boltaction might do it if its accurate and powerfull enough xD (and since this one's barrel seems longer and its a simple gun i think it would be ideal)

but never mind than :)

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WolfDM Oct 17 2012 says:

Nice one :) Now choosing sniper rifle will be even more difficult

By the way, will Lynx sniper rifle look rusted again in 2.0? 'Cause when you order it from Nimble, he says it's the only one in the Zone and wasn't used much before, so there's no sense of looking that "old" and "bloodstained" (I know, it's supposed to look rusty)

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Spetsnaz_Reaper Oct 17 2012 says:

I personally would have preferred the KSVK 12.7 mm (From Russia). But beggars can't b choosers. This Finnish made Sniper Rifle is a pretty decent rifle so I will still use it. SAKO is a very good rifle manufacturer so I don't expect that the rifle should give any stalker any problems since Sako rifles are well known for their quality, accuracy, and premium price.

Well done and keep up the good work team MISERY!!

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J.S.F Oct 17 2012 says:

The value of this weapon can be in my eyes counted in a few ways :

Lets look at the mechanic and maintance of this gun is this at all expensive?

How much range damage accuarcy does it have?

How rare is this type of gun?

What ammo does it use?

If one is orderd how long would it take for the gun to come in? (probly adds to the rarity of this weapon)

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trojanuch Author
trojanuch Oct 18 2012 replied:

Well I think that what we'll gonna do is making this weapon the most powerfull and expensive sniper rifle that player will be able to purchase at traders (not from game start of course).

'Green Dragon' is gonna remain THE most powerfull sniper rifle in-game but its only gonna be available in stash somewhere in the Zone.

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WolfDM Oct 18 2012 replied:

So it'll be more powerful than Lynx? If so... uh-oh, the hardest choice for sniper ever :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
NeBuLa199 Oct 17 2012 says:

:O just awsome man!!!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
DoctorSpanky Oct 17 2012 says:

I was still doubting a tiny bit between playing Misery or a another mod but now I really have no other choice. Misery it is =)

+2 votes     reply to comment
DarkMajor21 Oct 17 2012 says:

Yes! The Sako-TRG. Excellent sniper rifle. I wish that he Misery version was in 338. Lapua.
But still incredible.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wizzrobe Oct 17 2012 says:

Absolutely sexy rifle, but I am too in love with my SVU. Hoping to some day find this beauty in the Zone. I doubt I will unless it is sold by Owl or Hawaiian at random times, because I still have not heard one hint of anyone finding the Crysis SCAR (designated XM8 by the mod) or FN PARA.

+2 votes     reply to comment
DoctorSpanky Oct 17 2012 replied:

Though the Crysis SCAR was actualy an XM8 to begin with? ;)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Wizzrobe Oct 17 2012 replied:

No need to go into extreme detail, but the Crysis SCAR was probably influenced by the XM8 but has some very visual differences. I've just yet to see it in MISERY, and I hope it'll be worth the hours upon hours added to my already 200 or so hours spent within the 'MISERY' infused Zone.

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superprion Oct 17 2012 replied:


The crysis scar (xm8) as far as I know, can only be found in free play mode, carried by freedom exoskelton masters.

+2 votes     reply to comment
RaptorJesus556 Oct 17 2012 says:

So let it be written, so let it be done. The Sako rifles have always been my favorite precision weapons. I will be dialing in the longest shots all across the Zone as the sniper for sure. Thanks guys.

0 votes     reply to comment
ShotgunSurgeon Oct 17 2012 says:


Magazine, unless it uses stripper clips, its a magazine.

But you guys are awesome. I can't tell what's better: Free food, or you guys. Keep it up. I check on this thing twice a day.

+6 votes     reply to comment
N.Aaroe Creator
N.Aaroe Oct 17 2012 replied:

Thanks. I will edit the image for this mistake when I get the chance to do so. +1

+2 votes   reply to comment
☣GenezisO☢ Oct 18 2012 says:

Even the devil can't stop you with this weapon. :D

+3 votes     reply to comment
cdsparey Oct 18 2012 says:

That weapon looks beautiful =) I can only hope it looks similar in the game. I love me bolt action rifles i still use the mosin negant even when i could use a better sniper with a scope. lol

+3 votes     reply to comment
predcon Oct 18 2012 says:

Can we get one chambered in .338 Lapua? Finnish ammo for a Finnish rifle, that's what I say.

+3 votes     reply to comment
driveandkill Oct 18 2012 says:

Bet this will be my weapon of choice as the reacon/sniper class! :D

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TRG-42 featured in MISERY 2.0

The special caliber for this rifle is created and fully implemented to the concept. Matching ammo boxes even have new mesh models sculpted for this.

New sound effects and textures have been designed for the rifle itself (including scope reticule).

Visuals shown here are actual ingame textures. Shoulder strap and bipods are manipulated in the picture and will not be a part of the rifle ingame.


Please do not post other wishes and suggestions for adding weapons.

This rifle has not been added because of public posts and feedback but because it was planned all along

There is no time for adding any more weapons into version 2.0 and it is far too early to look at a future version arsenal.


Oct 21st, 2012
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