Full concept MODIFICATION of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat that touches every game aspect including textures, sfx, music, weapons, A.I., items, weather, mutants, difficulty and much much more!

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Poll: What would you like us to reveal next? (636 votes)
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N.Aaroe MDT Lead
Oct 31 2013 Anchor

That's right - MDT decided to not only polish and enhance a couple of core aspects for the upcoming MISERY 2.1.
But also to add in a few new features!

And as always we would like YOU to decide which aspect that should be published next:
- Something about armors?
- Something about micro management?
- Something about mutant hunting?

The poll will close at the end of the week and dictate us what to reveal next.

- "Patch 2.0.3" working title has been changed to "MISERY version 2.1"
- MISERY 2.1 will be going to require a new game start
- ETA of MISERY 2.1 is nov/dec 2013
- MISERY 2.1 will iron out the most crucial aspects of gameplay and savegame instability

Looking forward to seeing your pick.
Peace / MDT (MISERY Development Team)

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Oct 31 2013 Anchor

Armors for the win! :)

ShotgunSurgeon Firearms Fiend
Oct 31 2013 Anchor

Please tell me something derived from my armor weight formula is in here.

Nov 1 2013 Anchor

Armors!! You made Metro 2033 armors wearable??

mp5lng The Gunsmith
Nov 1 2013 Anchor

Just tell me how to hunt a chimera with a makarov :p


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- [TZP] LoNer1
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ShotgunSurgeon Firearms Fiend
Nov 1 2013 Anchor

Very carefully.

Nov 2 2013 Anchor

all three sound awesome. I voted for mutant hunting though

Nov 2 2013 Anchor

Went for armor, the armor is just too much fun and needed for misery. BTW, Why does Misery has convenience weight? It does not make any sense!

mp5lng wrote: Just tell me how to hunt a chimera with a makarov :p

A RGD-6 to the face. an insta kill.

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Yastiandrie The new Badmin
Nov 2 2013 Anchor

When you pull something out of your pack and attach it somewhere else it's like redistributing your weight instead of it all being on your back. That's what the weight convenience is, you're losing a bit of the weight you're carrying because or redistribution

Nov 2 2013 Anchor

New armors would be nice.

A lot, like in Priboi story, with a few having special abilities (cf. coat in SoC that spent time in an anomaly - it was crap but was part of the atmosphere). Would be quiet nice to implement a random special feature for those rare armors (rare doesn't mean good, just special) like Diablo where you never got the same magic armor, some even have negative aspects only. So new games would mean new armors to discover : exciting ! What makes this game is atmosphere and details (for example, i miss stashes descriptions on PDA from SoC, it was feeling more "human" and the zone having a story to tell).

I would have liked to vote for Mutant hunting too, as it's a bit repetitive (don't get me wrong, this feature is the best add on to M2.0 ;)) and might need some tweaking. I imagine that places where you didn't go for a long time, and where mutants normally are, could be a little more inhabited considering the time going on. So where you find normally 6 fleshs (swamps between blackroad and normal starting points), you'd find two more per day. I liked so much to see rare hordes of 20 dogs...

Thx for your work

PS : oh yes, please, tweak Nimble. Because he's selling the best armors from the beginning. Armors should appear on a progressive scale, depending on how many missions have been performed so far, and this for all traders. It would be easy to explain such a lack of equipment at the beginning of the game : the zone's living. Anomalies move (that's why the Bar isn't accessible yet in CS but is in SoC). Zaton has just been cleared of anomalies and only a few stalkers arrived in da place for the moment. Same with equipment. It would be exciting hoping each time you come back to base that new equipment appeared :) Having everything in store from the beginning = no surprises, so it makes new starts less exciting.

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