Serenity Sabersystem for realistic combat with manual saberblock in sp and mp giving total control over your actions allows for a sabering experiance unparallel to any other.New animations and combat moves,new sound and saber effects brings jedi academy into the new millenium. Read More...

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Development Diary 1

3 years ago News 0 comments
Development Continues

Evolution of combat III
Is a total conversion for singleplayer and multyplayer and requires a fresh copy of Jedi academy installed without any extra models or maps in the base folder.
Jedi academy must be fully patched with the latest update ,Evolution of Combat III requires Jedi Outcast Fully patched and installed into the jedi academy base folder
The patches can be found here
Instructions on how to install Evolution of Combat III can be found here
Your base folder should look like this
both singleplayer and multyplayer have full manual blocking and both singleplayer have full outcast support (if installed correctly)
If you MUST have extra maps or models installed into your base folder then follow the instructions on how to add them in the tutorial to avoid crashes.
Make a backup of your Jedi academy game and move it to a different location or change the name to jedi academy personal .then re-install a fresh copy, then patch it. then install jedi outcast then patch it then install the outcast files into the academy base as per the tutorial.
Then install Evolution of Combat III and the game will be stable.
This mod is a total conversion built to play using base files only.....

Evolution of Combat has changed radically, the mod focus is now (As the name suggests) on Evolution of Combat.A lot of the unnecessary stuff that was nothing more than a distraction and swayed the focus from combat in EoC I and 2 has been removed.
The saber system has been overhauled ,If you watch the film "crouching tiger,hidden dragon" you will see what we have been aiming for.We have focused our efforts on Defense ,calculated attacks, timing and speed.
The saber system is a serious "Saberists" element of the mod with aspects of the Wudang chuan swordsmanship fighting styles and 7 saber forms to choose from.As a result of this ,the people who just like the hack and slash base jedi academy system will not like this.And if you expect your enemy to just stand and be killed, well i got some more bad news
The bot A.I has been totally rebuilt ,these bots (enemy's) will defend themselves and attack you with a degree of intelligence timing and cunning ,never seen before in JKA .We have aimed at a sense of realism ,to make you feel you are fighting real people.So the message is "If your not an expert at EoC saber system don't play on skill level Jedi master" you will just be killed.
The melee combat system has also been rebuilt ,added moves for defense and attack make melee combat a new skill based element to the mod that ,"when mastered" give you a big advantage over a less experienced fighter.
New weapons and vehicles make the life of a gunner far more interesting.So if you don't want to play as a Jedi, fear not.Many new aspects have been added to make the life of a gunner far more fun.The athlete skill is something gunners will learn to love ,allowing you to jump higher,further, perform acrobatics, and move faster .This skill will make life hard for other gunners and saber wielders to hit you accurately, as you leap and dive around from fire position to cover position.Location based damage means you can blow your opponents head,arms or legs off with a single shot,Making a gun user an enemy respected by all.(Including Jedi).

A full experience and Rank system allows you to save your progress to avoid "starting from the beginning" every time you start a new game. Just log in and as you get better and more skilled at EoCIII you will be rewarded by promotion and skill points allowing you to upgrade your weapons or force powers.
New force powers and updates of the old force powers make the life of a sith or jedi far more interesting .Use the force wisely and be rewarded generously, abuse or over using your force powers can weaken you and make you vulnerable to attack from wise enemy's.

Evolution of Combat III is a new build ,it is not intended to be a mere update of Jedi academy ,but a New beginning.You must relearn what you have learnt, remaster what you have mastered, with patience , experience and intelligence.This mod will take combat of all forms to a new level allowing you to become the greatest warrior in the galaxy.........
May the force be with you.

Evolution of Combat II 2012 Edition

Evolution of Combat II 2012 Edition

5 years ago News 3 comments

Evolution of Combat II 2012 Edition is on its way Support for many models is now added including SuperbattleDroid Manual blocking Manual Dodge 48 new...

Serenity sabersystem demo

Serenity sabersystem demo

6 years ago News 0 comments

just put this file in your base folder and start a new game ,remove other animation mods to avoid conflict

Serenity Saber System

Serenity Saber System

6 years ago News 3 comments

After months of testing ive finaly found a way to make Manual blocking possible; The blocking button is the USE key + Any direction key

The Jedi Code

The Jedi Code

3 years ago Feature 4 comments

There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no chaos; there is harmony...

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1 year ago Prefabs 3 comments

Only get this if you want to join me online.Or open a server yourself. Im going start putting server open to play test.Welcome to join me if you wish.



1 year ago Prefabs 4 comments

Free to use as you wish,Use to learn from ,create your own mods, improve, fix bugs and errors i may have missed. Coded by serenity jan-nov 2013 code used...



1 year ago Prefabs 14 comments

A Open Source Mod building Engine modification of SinglePlayer and Multiplayer ,allowing Jedi outcast and Academy to be player/modded using the new features...

Return of the JediMaster patch

Return of the JediMaster patch

2 years ago Patch 12 comments

Return of the JediMaster patch Fixes the last of the known Singleplayer bugs (The ones i know of anyway). This will be the last update to singleplayer...

Evolution of Combat III Pro Incrimental Patch

Evolution of Combat III Pro Incrimental Patch

2 years ago Patch 9 comments

Fixes bug where npc,s spam jump to evade lightning in singleplayer. Fixes walking animation bug in singleplayer and multiplayer. Adds meditate,gloat,flourish,taunt...

Star Wars: Evolution of Combat III Pro Edition

Star Wars: Evolution of Combat III Pro Edition

2 years ago Full Version 31 comments

Single Player and Multi Player Total Conversion Full Manual Blocking Total Control Genuine SerenitySaberSystems Pro Edition.

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Guest Nov 2 2015 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

serenity937 Creator
serenity937 Oct 31 2015 says:

Evolution of Combat III Development has now ended.However EoC itself is not dead.


Evolution of Combat continues.
With the release of the SDK for JKA,EoC development continues with a new engine a new build and a new beginning.Follow the development progress here

+1 vote   reply to comment
CommanderOmar Nov 7 2015 replied:

Can EoC IV have the ability to use cheats on SP? I want to do some videos using some cheats on EoC and can't do in on III.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vrishnak92 Aug 14 2015 says:

i require jedi outcast just to use this mod? having jedi academy alone isnt enough?

+1 vote     reply to comment
serenity937 Creator
serenity937 Aug 26 2015 replied:

No you dont "need" outcast, but your only going to get half of whats available without it

+1 vote   reply to comment
serenity937 Creator
serenity937 Aug 9 2015 says:

I just want to give my support to this mod

+2 votes   reply to comment
RobertStanton Aug 3 2015 says:

Yo, the EXE won't extract anywhere I put it, help?

+1 vote     reply to comment
RobertStanton Aug 3 2015 replied:

BTW I downloaded the Complete version.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Kesor Jun 2 2015 says:

Is it possible to save skill points when reconnecting\map change\whatever? Registering only saves rank progression, not skill points. Also, what does rank progression do?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Stoiss Jun 3 2015 replied:

the rank system was meant to be a xp system when i was working on it and save on you account when logged in. give you new powers and such, but serenity did somthing else with it so im not sure what it does this days, besides it should save you rank stats but what you get out from it im not sure of, as i don't have does codes anymore, and no you can't save the skill points without serenity adds it to the account code

+1 vote     reply to comment
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One of the greatest JKA's Total conversions! But you know, it is based mostly on the multiplayer while i prefere to play SP like many other people. I wish SP part of the mod will be finally improved. Nethertheless it is a real 10!

Oct 2 2012 by DarthStiv

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