Serenity Sabersystem for realistic combat with manual saberblock in sp and mp giving total control over your actions allows for a sabering experiance unparallel to any other.New animations and combat moves,new sound and saber effects brings jedi academy into the new millenium.

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Aug 15th, 2013
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Single Player and Multi Player Total Conversion Full Manual Blocking Total Control Genuine SerenitySaberSystems Pro Edition.

Evolution of combat IIIIs a total conversion for singleplayer and multyplayer and requires a fresh copy of Jedi academy installed without any extra models or maps in the base folder.Jedi academy must be fully patched with the latest update ,Evolution of Combat III requires Jedi Outcast Fully patched and installed into the jedi academy base folder.Install instructions can be found here. Moddb.comEvolution of Combat has changed radically, the mod focus is now (As the name suggests) on Evolution of Combat.A lot of the unnecessary stuff that was nothing more than a distraction and swayed the focus from combat in EoC I and 2 has been removed.The saber system has been overhauled ,If you watch the film "crouching tiger,hidden dragon" you will see what we have been aiming for.We have focused our efforts on Defense ,calculated attacks, timing and speed.The saber system is a serious "Saberists" element of the mod with aspects of the Wudang chuan swordsmanship fighting styles and 7 saber forms to choose from.As a result of this ,the people who just like the hack and slash base jedi academy system will not like this.And if you expect your enemy to just stand and be killed, well i got some more bad newsThe bot A.I has been totally rebuilt ,these bots (enemy's) will defend themselves and attack you with a degree of intelligence timing and cunning ,never seen before in JKA .We have aimed at a sense of realism ,to make you feel you are fighting real people.So the message is "If your not an expert at EoC saber system don't play on skill level Jedi master" you will just be killed.The melee combat system has also been rebuilt ,added moves for defense and attack make melee combat a new skill based element to the mod that ,"when mastered" give you a big advantage over a less experienced fighter.New weapons and vehicles make the life of a gunner far more interesting.So if you don't want to play as a Jedi, fear not.Many new aspects have been added to make the life of a gunner far more fun.The athlete skill is something gunners will learn to love ,allowing you to jump higher,further, perform acrobatics, and move faster .This skill will make life hard for other gunners and saber wielders to hit you accurately, as you leap and dive around from fire position to cover position.Location based damage means you can blow your opponents head,arms or legs off with a single shot,Making a gun user an enemy respected by all.(Including Jedi).

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Star Wars: Evolution of Combat III Pro Edition
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serenity937 Author
serenity937 Aug 15 2013 says:

Reasons why you should NOT download this mod.
1.If you already got Evolution of Combat complete conversion and you find it too hard.
2.You cant figure out how to install Evolution of Combat complete conversion.
3.Evolution of Combat Pro is too big at 385mb so just play Evolution of Combat complete conversion, its only 182mb.
Evolution of Combat Pro Edition is the NEXT step in an ever evolving mod.It is intended for a small group of people who consider themselves "Experts" at the EoC SERENITYSABERSYSTEM Combat system.
This mod radically changes game play mechanics and adds over 30 new animations,new npc classes, new sounds ,new effects, new weapon mechanics and a newer improved sabersystem with secret moves and enhanced melee combat and Karate.
New and massively improved NPC combat A.I will blow you away and give you a feeling of playing "real people".
New ingame spawnable character system allows you to build your own levels and introduces Enemys such as Galak_mech (as seen in Jedi outcast),Droideka and the dreaded Superbattle droid ,And also fixes many stagnant npc characters such as Glider(a flying menace able to peck you to death).Bobafett ,previously Unkillable in jedi academy now returns with his companions Dios fett and roxis fett, Each with there own new class system.New controls in the menu allow full control for manual blocking, manual dodging,Melee and secret Karate moves.
Evolution of combat Pro is the first TRUE complete conversion,combining Jedi Outcast and Jedi academy into One game.Then it also completely converts SINGLEPLAYER and MULTIPLAYER to play using identical game,weapon and saber mechanics.
So if all this is too much to handle and your not up to the challenge of playing Evolution of Combat Pro Edition then PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS MOD.

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parkour615 May 15 2014 replied:

Do you know which files I put in my base folder because I dont know what to put in can u help?

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Guest May 4 2015 replied:

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NateDrezzaye Aug 15 2013 says:

Awsome Work! Serenity! Downloading New Build now :) XD

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tomas352000 Aug 15 2013 says:

cool, downloading

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DarthStiv Aug 17 2013 says:

So the review is: "Impressive, most impressive!" Challenging and solid the AI now tends to be. But there are still some petty remarks and notes to be taken into consideration:
1) The lightsaber wielders still have got a stupid habit of spamming jumps. According to films and other SW materials, they were fighting mostly on the ground using force jump rarely. In JKA npc's are trying to evade lighting attacks by jumping too often.
2) Speaking about all those _fett new classes- they are really great. It seems you have mixed the gunner's and the sworsman's intellect scemes to make a new one. The way the Fetts moves in combat is very close to the lightsaber wielder's combat behavior (they even performs a regular lightsaber taunt with a gun!). This way of moving is much better than firing the enemy standing still at one place in the face of death or on the contrary performing an odd flips and acrobatics to evade an enemy's fire. Others, like Bespin_Cop, are running hard around you, which is a rather silly way of moving too. So it'll be better to make an ordinary troopers behave themselves this way too ( after they were spawned even cultist_commando is standing stationary for a period of time...) And another note: I have found that Fetts does not shoot at all while using jetpack. But this may be just an npc's aggression issues, they fires rather rare even normally and are passive in combat...
But all in all the work you have done is superb. Best regards, and may the inspiration be with you!

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ELDYLO Aug 22 2013 says:

I have a problem with the mod....
singleplayer works fine but i have to reset the option menu each time i try to play multi player or it crashes when loading the maps up

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DarthStiv Aug 23 2013 says:

Hmm, and do you mind adding HazardTrooper's grapple hook for a stormtroopers? According to TFU they used to bash you with a gun then you was too close to them. And if I am not mistaken this is not so hard to do this, simply copy some strings of HazardTrooper's AI code to the stormtrooper's one. And what about making the spawned NPC's move? I thought that the moving scheme can be based on the mindtric's influence on the enemys- they begin to walk around in a patrol- looking way. Other variant is a new fett's- based AI, it is very dood too and will pretty fit even with ordinary trooper ( but the jetpack use must be restricted). And the saber avoid distance should be shorter in order to make the AI more realistic, 'cause when I tried to bite some spawned fat guy with a big gun he have managed to avoid about an 90% of my attacks.
So is those ideas good, Serenity?

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Opinionator Aug 23 2013 says:

This game was hard back in the day does this this game still run on newer OS like W7. This mod sounds like it makes the game even harder? I remember playing a mod on XP where you was Darth Maul instead of the bearded dude. Is it worth getting this game for W7 for this mod? Which version best retail or Steam? Edit oh dear thinking of wrong game OUTCAST was the one I think.

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Guest Nov 12 2013 says:

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Ninvus123 Feb 16 2014 says:

um why can i not manual block? why is it a automatic block? sigh

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Nightwinter Mar 13 2014 says:

darn...i didnt understand. this mod is for SP? i mean, i need to have outcast in my academy folder?...and,this alters the original campaing of SP ? or just add some new things?

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Guest Apr 26 2014 says:

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SackSparrow May 5 2014 replied:

I have the complete version instead of the pro one and I got it to work. I dont have Outcast, and im on windows7. Maybe try installing it into the jedi academy folder instead of the gamedata folder if you havent already. That made a difference for me! Hope it works!!

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PuppetTheMuppet May 6 2014 says:

I installed this, the incremental patch and the return of the jedi master patch to [C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy] but as soon as I run the multiplayer it crashes. What have I done wrong?

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Guest May 12 2014 says:

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parkour615 May 15 2014 says:

Hi can anyone help me out I downloaded EoCIII for jedi academy dont know what files to put in the base folder because im playing jedi academy on my android and jedi academy works fine,but eociii dosent work It lets me on the eoc menu and select a but when it loads,it crashes and I have other mods in my base folder can anyone help

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xX_MLG_Sonicemc_Xx Oct 31 2015 replied:

it usually in your Program Files not the ProgramFilesx86

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Guest Jul 9 2014 says:

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Jamould Jul 9 2014 says:

Hey, I just installed EOC III Pro edition, with the incrimental patch and Return of the Jedi master patch. Single player seems to be working, but for some reason, whenever I load a game in multiplayer, the screen is blank (Like nothing's rendered), but I can still see the HUD, menus and I can still hear sounds and movement.

Also, the force absorb effects don't seem to be working. Just the bog-standard, Vanilla, blue glow effect for Force absorb, and no hand animations absorbing the lightning.

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Delgren Aug 27 2014 says:

Mp won't work at all. Or...yes..but cant do anything...when try to adding a single bot, crash. When trying to set custom resolustion (which is the conf.butwhy?) crash...i start jumping like crazy..after two mins, crash...this mod just to feel the "Crash to Desktop" feeling...i'll try the "Simple" Version, but i wont hope anything...

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Guest Sep 13 2014 says:

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Guest Feb 17 2015 says:

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Guest Mar 21 2015 replied:

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shacalboltx Mar 4 2015 says:

I have a problem with your mod. As amazing as it is, I seem not to be able to start the SP from the beginning. Cairn and Jedi Temple levels just bring me back to the main menu. Also the game seems to miss the force upgrade and loadout screens.

I'm running the batch file to start up, and have no other mods or add ons.

I have the patch, and return of the jedi installed in the correct sequence.

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Guest May 18 2015 says:

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Guest Jul 16 2015 says:

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Guest Sep 5 2015 says:

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xX_MLG_Sonicemc_Xx Oct 31 2015 says:

can someone tell me how to fix the Eoc3 vanilla I've inserted a disk but it won't let me play pls help

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Guest Nov 12 2015 says:

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TheFlamingMarshmallo Nov 21 2015 says:

Hi! I've been using the mod and its been great, my only problem is that I cant actually configure the manual block in the settings and was wondering if I could get some help. Thanks!

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