Serenity Sabersystem for realistic combat with manual saberblock in sp and mp giving total control over your actions allows for a sabering experiance unparallel to any other.New animations and combat moves,new sound and saber effects brings jedi academy into the new millenium.

Report Evolution of Combat III Pro Incrimental Patch
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Fixes bug where npc,s spam jump to evade lightning in singleplayer. Fixes walking animation bug in singleplayer and multiplayer. Adds meditate,gloat,flourish,taunt buttons to controls menu in singleplayer and multiplayer. Fixes some small jedi NPC,s A.I combat bugs. Adds the ability for NPC,s to Intelligently use Manual Block when in saber combat. Fixes small Droideka class error

Evolution of Combat III Pro Incrimental Patch
serenity937 Author

You need Evolution of Combat Pro Edition for this patch to work.

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Glad to see that my proposals helped you to develop your project, man, soon I'll look through the new patch!

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BUG with classes: Eopie's, gonk's, rankor's vehicles and statues (Item npc's) explodes on death...

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serenity937 Author

LOL This was a funny bug. Laughed my *** of when i just tried this.
Good find Darthstiv,It will be fixed in the next patch.

Sorry i missed this one .LOL

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There are some other proposals which would improve your mod greatly too:
1)SBD class' bash radius is more then 40 I see. That means it is nearly impossible to kill him with a standart saber without saberthrow.
2)Mando class needs to act more aggressive (even with the aggression 5 it shoots you rarely in a small radius. It should shoot you even while using jetpack).
3)Maybe reduse the usage of the saberthrow for the NPC's?
4)Adding Kyle's grab\pull as a level- 4 force powers for an NPC's and player. Jedi\Sith should be able to use mindtrick and force speed. Adding grapple hook for some trooper classes, maybe melee combat for a force- users.
5)Jedi\Sith classes with guns should use a different animation for evading bullet's event. Remember the MP animation of evading saber attacks, especially catas, when a player makes a long step backward\write\left? It would fit NPC's better rather than an odd acrobatics, am I write?
6)While idle and in combat NPCs should move more often.
7) Hmm, hard that would be to manage to do, but very cool! What about learning some classes to use different weapons and to change them like a Jango_Fett class?
I know that is nearly impossible to improve everything and this is hardly ever be done, but I just wrote this to pay your attention on some issues you may wish to work at...
From Russia with best reguards,

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hello master serenity. may the force be with you.

is there a way that AI would spam forces at you? normally, after the bots would have high rank (200+) they will just use saber throw. i tried allotting points only on saber def, saber throw, sense and jump. but they still wont spam push, pull, choke, lighting and etc. saber duels would also be epic if bots would punish you not just with the sabers but with the force as well.


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here is some more things you need to try and fix or atleast address to your fan base

you NEED to not have all the SBD and jedi/sith npc's spoam the **** out of the side punch ability, you cannot enter a saber duel without going in melee range then within 2 seconds you get knocked around, and if there are say 5 dark jedi one basicly knocks you into the other and btw the damage on the punch knockbacks are way to much, infact it shouldnt even hurt at all. i think you mistake skilled combat with annoying mechanics that do not take skill to get around. example just side punch them and then jump stab them... no skill to do that, you got to make it so they do not spam that as often, maybe once in a blue moon they will use a kick or two but not 30 within a span of 10 seconds.

also korriban2 is unable to be used if you go dark side.. light side vs of this map works perfectly.. you got to fix that other wise it ruins the game for dark siders like me >:) even at the end of my dark side choice on taspir2 and i quickly press ~ and type devmapall kor2 it will load but the load bar will flicker back and forth a tiny bit, but i can hear the npcs talking and fighting and the map music playing in the background. this is a big issue and if you know of a fix on my end let me know so i may inform your fan base since you do not do it.

also you need to fix the random spawns you get in some maps like ill be on the tram car map and out of know where there is darth vader, palpatine, and a rancor on the tram car.... this needs to be fixed or atleast have fixed locations where a random boss will show but a random pick that would make since, like a rebornmaster or something.

also vjun3 does not work, it does the same thing as kor2 does and nar shadaa streets does not move past the bartender convo it freezes mid sentence. not a game freeze just the convo just stop's

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...a Continued post.....

i had to actually dig through the options to figure out how to turn on manual blocking but still auto blocks everything so making the challenge of multi blaster wielding foes pretty much useless, all you need to stand is spawn 20 stormtroopers and then you just stand there and the troopers will kill them selfs due to your instant blocking and returning of the blaster bolt's with pitch perfect aim.

btw to turn on manual blocking you need to go into the option and i believe it is somewhere in movent section. and you can set it up in there.

i mean this mod is cool now but you need to fix it so we can 1 pick any and all maps in both outcast and academy. AND! also have it so they are playible and fix the kyle bug that has him 1) copy your skin and what wep's you have equipt also he attacks you every time he is spawned, not sure why it happens but i assume it has to do with you having kyle's skin be replaced with our own for outcast map play or having the kyle skin be used as a normal random jedi spawn.

so much in this mod is wrong but so much of this mod is right. it is just a mess at times. and while i had to bitch about things like mods and such but it is a strong belief of mine that if you make a mod or a game you better damn well polish that turd before you release it and you have done some good polishing... of large but mostly small things that do not really effect the game play.

if you fix those problems i listed and clean up some of the map issues then you got yourself a damn near perfect mod and while i know not every thing can be fixed, and yes things take time and effort but you know what else takes effort? innovation.

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default.cfg what is it

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How do you install it?

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its not finding snowflake1.bmp for me any suggestions?

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