RPG-X is a modification for the game Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Holomatch. The idea behind the mod is to allow Star Trek fans to step into the Star Trek universe and interact with other people in that setting. Using RPG-X, people can step onto a starship and act out stories in a similar style to the Star Trek TV series. In the RPG-X universe, you are a member of a crew on a starship, and only your imagination is the limit.

The RPG-X modification was made to enhance the experience in the Q3-based Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
engine despite the fact it was originally a death match style game. RPG-X brought forth a multitude of new
features, all in the goal of making the experience more believable as well as entertaining. As of RPG-X 2,
the second revision, several prominent features include a revamped character animation system, full body emotes,
as well as much more interactive levels.

Features include:

  • An Emote System with a huge ammount of emotes the player can use.

  • All new Weapons: For example the TR-116 Rifle which allows the player to see and shoot trough walls

TR116 Scope

  • A Revamped Character Model System: The player model system was radically modified from the deathmatch norm of the Q3 engine.
    New additions included full body movement animations such as walking and running, a refined
    model parsing system to allow models to be loaded more efficiently, adjustable parameters such
    as width and height, not to mention a full emote system allowing a multitude of gestures and
    other motions.

New Model System

  • Interactive Levels: The visual quality and ability to interest players are the key aspects to what makes an interesting
    level. RPG-X introduces more interactive features to map-makers including dynamic gravity, a multitude
    of visual effects (including explosions, leaks and screen rumbling) as well as an elevator system
    designed to simulate players moving between floors.
  • Refined Administrative Controls: Admins now seriously have the power of the Q in their hands! To ensure the new features this mod
    allows aren't abused on servers, admin users are granted with many administrative features allowing
    them to control all facets on the server including forcing parameter changes on players, adding
    various music to the game atmosphere as well as being able to instantly teleport to any point in the level.
  • Open Source: The complete source code of the mod as well as the modified ioQuake3 Engine are available for the public on GitHub.
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After about 20 Months of waiting there is finally a new version of RPG-X ready for you to get your hands on.

So we Proudly present RPG-X Version 2.3 Beta 1 with a lot of nice new features. These include but are not limited to a new system that manages the health of a ship, a new system that manages selfdestruct, safezones that can be used for the above systems and a way to relaod Torpedo-FX plus a ton of bug fixes and optimisations.

There are also a few features in there that are still beeing worked on so this is once again declared as a beta version which means use at own risk.

You are required to have RPG-X2 v 2.1 preinstalled. To install this version just download the version fitting your OS from the below list and unzip it in your games' root folder (which contains the baseEF and RPG-X2 folders). These Packs include the binaries for both the client (only works on windows) and dedicated servers and the shared libraries in the RPG-X2 folder. Included is also a new pak5_beta9_0.pk3 that has some new material for the game. The old pak5 will be overwritten by this and should be removed by you. Also Included is a pak6.pk3 with the lua Updates for the Single Player maps and a new definitions file for mappers.

All the licenses required are included as well of course.

Please note that the execuatbles / binaries have slightly different names so you need to rename your shortcut.

For those that have ATI Grapics Cards and relay on Legacy drivers rename your executable to WolfSP if you are having trouble with low framerates.

We hope you Enjoy this new version and see you on the Servers

The RPG-X Dev-Team

Download Windows 32
Download linux 32
Download linux 64

Looking for Closed-Beta Participants for new RPG-X Version

Looking for Closed-Beta Participants for new RPG-X Version


Ubergames is looking for Beta Testers for a brand new release of RPG-X and the rpgxef-engine with quite some new features and lots of stability and security-Improvements...

New team member and future development of RPG-X

New team member and future development of RPG-X

News 1 comment

We are very happy to announce that a new member joined our development staff and also want to give you a short update on our further development plans...

RPG-X Complete Edition Released

RPG-X Complete Edition Released

News 7 comments

We are very happy to announce the release of the RPG-X Complete Edition.

Big Progress Update

Big Progress Update

News 1 comment

It has been silent for a long time now so I decided to write this news and picked some of the most important changes to present them to you.

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RPG-X 2 (zip)

RPG-X 2 (zip)

Full Version

This is the ZIP archive version of UberGames' latest RPG-X release, version 2.0 Well... here it finally is on MODDB: RPG-X Version 2.0!

RPG-X 2.1 Patch

RPG-X 2.1 Patch

Patch 1 comment

It took us a little while, but we've finally finished it! Here is the latest addition to RPG-X v2, the RPG-X v2.1 patch!

RPG-X 2 (Windows installer)

RPG-X 2 (Windows installer)

Full Version

This is the EXE installer version of UberGames' latest RPG-X release, version 2.0 Well... here it finally is on MODDB: RPG-X Version 2.0!

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(Split into two because of the characterlimit - 2/2)

What you all have failed to realize here, is the sheer commitment and dedication Apprentice has put in to get this resolved but instead, personal egos had to be pursued. No-one here seemed to be satisfied until each and everyone of you got his pound of flesh and if none of you got what you wanted, then Apprentice was tarnished instead with pitiful accusations and even more childish actions. That is what I see and I have a very hard time finding any maturity in that!

This whole thing has shown me that the RPG-X communities are a very bad horse to wage any bet on and I have no desire to spend my time with some bullying children who clearly haven't exceeded preschool! It's a shame really since it could've been so much more and if that means that I have to pick up a lightsaber rather then a phaser in order to play the next instalment of "Asteroid Base", so be it ... child!

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I don't see how RPG-X can survive now. Goodbye.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

(Split into two because of the characterlimit - 1/2)

Thank you for your comments Evilgrizz, I know now to stay the hell away from the RPG-X communities and especially The Last Outpost! Any "community" that puts people away as second class or lower and then forms a 'cordon sanitaire' against them, is a "community" that has absolutely no legitimate claim on being a "mature community" and I have no desire and/or interest in joining such and I urge everyone else not affiliated here to do the same!

Apprentice did not punish you. Apprentice decided to take his business away (and only AFTER 18 months) from the RPG-X modification after being faced with someone who did and does not hesitate to supersede his own pride and his own ego above anything else time after time after time. In fact, I would've done the same but the only difference would've been that I had done it from day one and that would've meant that you wouldn't even have a revival of your "extremely successful and long-running roleplay". An event that Apprentice even advertised on his own website, the same website you criticized anonymously (no less!) because Apprentice decided to post some screenshots of his unfinished work for the RPG-X modification. Such action is even more ridiculous and extremely unfair, just as your action on the UberGames forums was! Shall we talk about that or is this the moment you are going to file a complaint against me?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

In lieu of the man himself, I would like to mention that RPG-X will be getting yet another boost next week with the release of the long anticipated Asteria Pack by Griffin Endurance:


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

My god! Is this the maturity the RPG-X communities possess? Petty bickering and name calling?

As far as I'm concerned, the "reality of this conflict" is that you all have been wrong, terribly wrong! Despite what you think of him, I say that Apprentice has more then enough validity in his arguments but every time he has tried to initiate an (open) dialogue, he's being hammered down with what he calls scapegoats and past transgressions (plus that Tim's skin isn't thick enough to handle the responsibilities of the position he is in).

I don't call that "mature" either and maturity also includes the ability to resolve differences despite past transgressions or are you going to tell me that maturity can be found all over the world, especially now in Montreux but not in the RPG-X communities? That would be the joke!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I am sorry if the dispute between Ubergames and Apprentice in the ModDB comments section has tarnished RPG-X and it's player-base. But there is nothing to resolve in this matter. Apprentice has made his bed - the majority of the community has moved on.

It's a major overreaction which is unfortunate to see. Especially almost four years on from when this all began.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great comment, only it will be to deaf ears.

The RPG-X communities are incapable of perceiving me other then 'foul' because I have dared to insult Tim Oliver and no-one can see beyond that insult given the responses to my arguments here and on the Ubergames forums and if you persist, then your *** will be rattled because "you are trying to impose your opinion to others". Indeed 'mature' behaviour...

Yes, I have been wrong! Totally and terribly but does that justify the qualification and classification as sub-human? No, I think not. They love to talk about respect but in return, where is the respect for my arguments in the form of argumented responses?? I cannot find them !!

Grand Nagus is right, maturity also includes the ability to resolve differences despite past transgressions and I have proven over and over in the past that I am able and willing to do that. Too bad every attempt had to be hammered down with one scapegoat after another if Tim couldn't find a fitting past transgression.

It would most certainly be the joke if THAT kind maturity can be found all over the world, except the for RPG-X community. I like to believe that THAT isn't the case, hopefully but I have been wrong before . . .

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Instead of dealing with your issues on an individual basis, you chose to punish entire groups of people who were not involved. If they reacted badly to that - then it is hardly surprising. Now, instead of dealing with these issues behind closed doors, you insist on preaching to the world how badly you have been treated.

The RPG-X community is a friendly and welcoming one. The actions of a single map creator who has been in a long running dispute with the developers and other members of that community should not be reflecting on the community as a whole or the quality of the Elite Force modification. Such a notion is absolutely ridiculous and entirely unfair.

Please, speak for yourself. Direct your comments at individuals. But do not attempt to tarnish the entire community for your arguments with individuals. You keep admitting that you have been wrong, but that does not grant you automatic forgiveness. I have been very wrong to this community in the past. I insulted fellow members. I betrayed their trust. But I worked my way back in. I pitched in and helped out. I didn't just wallow in self pity and try to gather support.

You're now just trying to give RPG-X and it's community a bad name. It is a waste of your time, Apprentice - why do you still care about what Tim thinks?

If you are done with RPG-X, then good luck to you. If not, then try to make amends through the proper channels, towards the right people. If your problem is with Tim, talk to Tim. If your problem is with TLO - you have already decided to make legal threats as opposed to make a compromise, so that bridge has been burnt. As it was with me, one of your biggest supporters for five years, when your actions shut down my extremely successful and long-running roleplay - despite my not having any involvement in your original dispute, along with all of my members.

There is no longer any open discussion to be had. There has been fault on both sides - but I don't see what you expect.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

"You're now just trying to give RPG-X and it's community a bad name. It is a waste of your time, Apprentice - why do you still care about what Tim thinks?"

I cared because I wanted to RESOLVE our differences by having an ARGUMENTED DIALOGUE with sufficient RESPECT for the arguments of both sides but the height of Tim Oliver's maturity is the much easier way of hammering me down with scapegoats and past transgressions. That is what I wanted and what I still want because I am a mature person who is capable of having one where other are not.

Think of me what you will, issue negative karma all you like without having the balls of contently replying to my arguments, I don't care anymore but I can say that I did not abuse my administrative privileges in order to "mock" a user nor that I patronized that member and every other non-English forum member nor that I the arguments of a certain person as "squandering over individuals".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

is this an MMORPG mod or is it for Single-players?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GSIO01 Creator

It is an MRPG (Multiplayer RPG).

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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