RPG-X is a modification for the game Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Holomatch. The idea behind the mod is to allow Star Trek fans to step into the Star Trek universe and interact with other people in that setting. Using RPG-X, people can step onto a starship and act out stories in a similar style to the Star Trek TV series. In the RPG-X universe, you are a member of a crew on a starship, and only your imagination is the limit.

The RPG-X modification was made to enhance the experience in the Q3-based Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
engine despite the fact it was originally a death match style game. RPG-X brought forth a multitude of new
features, all in the goal of making the experience more believable as well as entertaining. As of RPG-X 2,
the second revision, several prominent features include a revamped character animation system, full body emotes,
as well as much more interactive levels.

Features include:

  • An Emote System with a huge ammount of emotes the player can use.
  • All new Weapons: For example the TR-116 Rifle which allows the player to see and shoot trough walls
TR116 Scope
  • A Revamped Character Model System: The player model system was radically modified from the deathmatch norm of the Q3 engine.
    New additions included full body movement animations such as walking and running, a refined
    model parsing system to allow models to be loaded more efficiently, adjustable parameters such
    as width and height, not to mention a full emote system allowing a multitude of gestures and
    other motions.
New Model System
  • Interactive Levels: The visual quality and ability to interest players are the key aspects to what makes an interesting
    level. RPG-X introduces more interactive features to map-makers including dynamic gravity, a multitude
    of visual effects (including explosions, leaks and screen rumbling) as well as an elevator system
    designed to simulate players moving between floors.
  • Refined Administrative Controls: Admins now seriously have the power of the Q in their hands! To ensure the new features this mod
    allows aren't abused on servers, admin users are granted with many administrative features allowing
    them to control all facets on the server including forcing parameter changes on players, adding
    various music to the game atmosphere as well as being able to instantly teleport to any point in the level.
  • Open Source: The complete source code of the mod as well as the modified ioQuake3 Engine are available for the public on GitHub.
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RPG-X has a new home!


The latest release and production news for RPG-X can now be found under its new full title, Star Trek: RPG-X! Come and check it out - we hope to see you in-game soon!


RPG-X Version 2.3 Beta 1 released

RPG-X Version 2.3 Beta 1 released

News 4 comments

After about 20 Months of waiting there is finally a new version of RPG-X ready for you to get your hands on.

Looking for Closed-Beta Participants for new RPG-X Version

Looking for Closed-Beta Participants for new RPG-X Version


Ubergames is looking for Beta Testers for a brand new release of RPG-X and the rpgxef-engine with quite some new features and lots of stability and security-Improvements...

New team member and future development of RPG-X

New team member and future development of RPG-X

News 1 comment

We are very happy to announce that a new member joined our development staff and also want to give you a short update on our further development plans...

RPG-X Complete Edition Released

RPG-X Complete Edition Released

News 7 comments

We are very happy to announce the release of the RPG-X Complete Edition.

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RPG-X Ultimate Edition

RPG-X Ultimate Edition

Full Version 1 comment

First created by Ubergames as a modification for Raven Software’s game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, RPG-X has evolved to become one of the best Star...

RPG-X 2 (zip)

RPG-X 2 (zip)

Full Version

This is the ZIP archive version of UberGames' latest RPG-X release, version 2.0 Well... here it finally is on MODDB: RPG-X Version 2.0!

RPG-X 2.1 Patch

RPG-X 2.1 Patch

Patch 1 comment

It took us a little while, but we've finally finished it! Here is the latest addition to RPG-X v2, the RPG-X v2.1 patch!

RPG-X 2 (Windows installer)

RPG-X 2 (Windows installer)

Full Version

This is the EXE installer version of UberGames' latest RPG-X release, version 2.0 Well... here it finally is on MODDB: RPG-X Version 2.0!

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INtense! Staff

Hey all, can we please refrain from participating, encouraging or persisting with any kind of bullying. This is a site to discuss, celebrate and play mods. Continually looking for disputes is not acceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated. Appreciate your respect and understanding.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Anyone remember the flak I got back in September 2012 when I "announced" that RPG-X was no longer in production ?? Well after five years, it seems that I was right or otherwise not very far from the truth, as the webpage(1) no longer exists and GitHub(2) displays files that somewhere between 4 and 6 years ago and not to mention that the official forums(3) are a ghost town these days.

Also, apart from the Asteria pack released in April 2014, what was the last five public releases of RPG-X content that have been released in the same fasion as the Asteria pack and my Animal map (public, no attachement to any RPG-X groups). Can anyone answer that question ??

Vote this down without for all you want without properly responding to the argument I am making. I will proudly carry the torch of all the fault, all the blame and all the guilt you all want to put on my person. The most easiest way to "deal" with me and quickest way to pull yourself out of the argument and wash your hands clean of all this mess.

I agree with Tim's notion that I didn't get what I wanted. What I wanted, was an equal plane field. What I wanted, was sufficient respect for the arguments on both sides. What I wanted, was an administrator who viewed things in a larger perspective and a wider context. What I got was an impossible ego with delusions of grandeur.

I can and will look everyone right in the eyes and state that I am half responsible for this mess (waar twee kijven, hebben twee schuld) but I can also look everyone right in the eyes say that I tried to resolve the matter by instigating an argumented dialogue in order to get this resolved. I can look everyone right in the eyes and say that I defended people on the Ubergames forums (admin abuse and bullied when they asked a question).

I wanted to talk, Tim MUST and Tim SHALL have his apology before he considered me an equal human being again. No-one should under ANY circumstances be put into THAT position. That is not how the world works and if it did, then we would've faced multiple world wars by now but that is how the RPG-X communities have: egos that are larger then life itself, no matter the cost . . .

(1) Rpgxef.hennecke-online.net
(2) Github.com
(3) Forums.ubergames.net

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


Think I'll fire up ab_release02 in RPG-X 2.4 to celebrate this new milestone.

Instead of making this comment in the first place, Evilgrizz could have chosen to remain silent. Instead, he has made another comment dissing and ditching Apprentice, actually I would call it the digital equalivant of kicking someone who is already down and indeed like some bully, Evilgrizz has taken his ‘prize’ and is now parading the entire schoolyard. Very childish and very immature from someone who claims to be “mature”.

Apprentice is not the scum of the earth. Apprentice is a equal human being just like you and as long as you refuse to talk to him (that also includes responding to his arguments), I do believe that you have chosen to regard him as sub-human. That you refuse to say it right to his face, does not make it anything else: your actions do speak in this matter.

If Evilgrizz is “mature”, then I challenge Evilgrizz to come with properly drafted response. One without ranting, backed up with evidence and most importantly: the proper context and perspective of all arguments involved including Apprentice’s! If not, then I say that Evilgrizz’s last comment is very signifying of what happend here within the RPG-X community.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

One rant after another about how bad Apprentice "truly is", not one comment about anything Apprentice brought into the mix. Instead, Apprentice MUST and Apprentice SHALL be perceived as the scum of the earth and all because Apprentice fights a very questionable punishment. A punishment that is very much based on Tim Oliver’s larger then life ego! I would not accept such “punishment” either and neither would Evilgrizz and anyone else for that matter.

In that regard, I agree with Evilgrizz's statement that there is no point in debating this further and that is not for the reasons he is providing. There is simply no point because you can not and will not see Apprentice as anything else then ”bad”. The same Apprentice that defended people on the Ubergames board, the same Apprentice that repeatedly tried to talk in order to resolve this matter and it was the same Apprentice that advertised Evilgrizz’s RPG event on his homepage and picked up on one of his videos when Asteroid Base II was in development.

I also like to mention that there is no evidence of anything Apprentice may have done in the above rant. Say what you want about Apprentice, he did come with evidence. As for Evilgrizz, I apperantly have to assume that he is telling me the truth or is this the way the RPG-X community work? Acuse everyone without anyform of evidence and remove the ability to defend themselves? That is apperantly the case here and I am very glad I have never joined The Last Outpost and if Tim doesn’t need to apologize and Evilgrizz doesn’t need to apologize, why must and why shall Apprentice offer an apology other then to satisfy some twisted and perverted egoes?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Apprentice and Tim have both been right and both terribly wrong. They are right for the wrong reasons and wrong for the right reasons but personal motives prohibited any form of resolution in this matter.

The problem in this matter, is the hatred against Apprentice. I will now quote a personal message from Evilgrizz which was sent to me some time ago:

You know, Apprentice didn't get banned from three RPG-X communities because everyone suddenly decided they didn't like him anymore. He was banned because he compared moderators to Nazi guards. He was banned for making demeaning and condescending remarks to other members without provocation. He was banned for associating a perfectly sociable board with Auschwitz. He was banned for defamatory slurs against administrators. He was banned for blogging completely unnecessary and disproportionate attacks towards members of those communities.

He broke the rules and was unable to accept the punishment, so just continued to dig further. If you want to talk about attaching labels to people - then comparing the likes of EFFiles, Ubergames, the RPG-X community and The Last Outpost at large to bullies and children because they chose to remove a toxic personality from their boards, is one hell of a way to go.

We both know there's no point debating this as nothing will come of it and nothing need to. The communities involved are doing just fine, the mod is still in development and new members are still arriving to try it out 7 years later. I'm sure Apprentice is more-than-happily developing for another game. But he was just an individual who was removed from a community because he caused many problems within it. I, as another individual, am happy to go more than 100 rounds with the man. But this deluded defense of some multi-community, unfounded witch hunt, bullying him out and labeling him "sub-human" (a title he only took for himself) has been utterly preposterous from the start.

I make no apology for his removal on behalf of those responsible. I make no apology for my defense of those people. I make no apology for my response to having my support repaid by a legal notice. He deserved to be banned. I'm sure this will make it's way to Apprentice - but that's fine. It's over now. It's just a shame that an old dispute between individuals somehow turned in to mass defamation in a comments section.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

it's been 5 years, make like frozen and let it go

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

(Split into two because of the characterlimit - 2/2)

What you all have failed to realize here, is the sheer commitment and dedication Apprentice has put in to get this resolved but instead, personal egos had to be pursued. No-one here seemed to be satisfied until each and everyone of you got his pound of flesh and if none of you got what you wanted, then Apprentice was tarnished instead with pitiful accusations and even more childish actions. That is what I see and I have a very hard time finding any maturity in that!

This whole thing has shown me that the RPG-X communities are a very bad horse to wage any bet on and I have no desire to spend my time with some bullying children who clearly haven't exceeded preschool! It's a shame really since it could've been so much more and if that means that I have to pick up a lightsaber rather then a phaser in order to play the next instalment of "Asteroid Base", so be it ... child!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

(Split into two because of the characterlimit - 1/2)

Thank you for your comments Evilgrizz, I know now to stay the hell away from the RPG-X communities and especially The Last Outpost! Any "community" that puts people away as second class or lower and then forms a 'cordon sanitaire' against them, is a "community" that has absolutely no legitimate claim on being a "mature community" and I have no desire and/or interest in joining such and I urge everyone else not affiliated here to do the same!

Apprentice did not punish you. Apprentice decided to take his business away (and only AFTER 18 months) from the RPG-X modification after being faced with someone who did and does not hesitate to supersede his own pride and his own ego above anything else time after time after time. In fact, I would've done the same but the only difference would've been that I had done it from day one and that would've meant that you wouldn't even have a revival of your "extremely successful and long-running roleplay". An event that Apprentice even advertised on his own website, the same website you criticized anonymously (no less!) because Apprentice decided to post some screenshots of his unfinished work for the RPG-X modification. Such action is even more ridiculous and extremely unfair, just as your action on the UberGames forums was! Shall we talk about that or is this the moment you are going to file a complaint against me?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

My god! Is this the maturity the RPG-X communities possess? Petty bickering and name calling?

As far as I'm concerned, the "reality of this conflict" is that you all have been wrong, terribly wrong! Despite what you think of him, I say that Apprentice has more then enough validity in his arguments but every time he has tried to initiate an (open) dialogue, he's being hammered down with what he calls scapegoats and past transgressions (plus that Tim's skin isn't thick enough to handle the responsibilities of the position he is in).

I don't call that "mature" either and maturity also includes the ability to resolve differences despite past transgressions or are you going to tell me that maturity can be found all over the world, especially now in Montreux but not in the RPG-X communities? That would be the joke!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Great comment, only it will be to deaf ears.

The RPG-X communities are incapable of perceiving me other then 'foul' because I have dared to insult Tim Oliver and no-one can see beyond that insult given the responses to my arguments here and on the Ubergames forums and if you persist, then your *** will be rattled because "you are trying to impose your opinion to others". Indeed 'mature' behaviour...

Yes, I have been wrong! Totally and terribly but does that justify the qualification and classification as sub-human? No, I think not. They love to talk about respect but in return, where is the respect for my arguments in the form of argumented responses?? I cannot find them !!

Grand Nagus is right, maturity also includes the ability to resolve differences despite past transgressions and I have proven over and over in the past that I am able and willing to do that. Too bad every attempt had to be hammered down with one scapegoat after another if Tim couldn't find a fitting past transgression.

It would most certainly be the joke if THAT kind maturity can be found all over the world, except the for RPG-X community. I like to believe that THAT isn't the case, hopefully but I have been wrong before . . .

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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