The Empire has fallen and a New Republic is born out of the conflict. But in the ashes of civil war, yet another life stirs...

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Awesome Mod!!! I love the Mandalorian faction. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Great Job!

Ah yes, I loved Rise of the Mandalorians since it ever came out and still do! Farseer, as anyone can plainly see, put many months of work into this, unique animations and units were put into RotM and they are incredible. Nice work, The_Farseer.

A great mod! Started my modding career because of this mod!


High quality mod; has some new nice GUI/icons as well.

this mod is amaizing - the level of detail of the new textures is great- the new units so cool n new music the best :P great mod farseer

Love the overall gameplay and new models!

A very nice mod.

This is a great mod for a great game, and as a personal Mandalorian fan I find that someone made such a mod, and a very well developed and prideful one, to be gratifying. Its nice to see someone remembers the third superpower of the Star Wars galaxy fighters, and that they (he [or she, sorry]) spent so much time and effort into making such a high-quailty mod. I have played it and have found no flaws. The improvements on capital ships hardpoints especially, such as adding hangers to Rebel(or technically New Republic) to be a long-awaited desire, and overall additions of number of hardpoints added in general. Also, the Mandalorian faction was and is extremely well put together overall, with great graphics in the smallest detail. Overall, I find nothing wrong and greatly enjoy this mod. So thanks, ner vod.

well.... ít´s fine, the graphics are good.

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