The Empire has fallen and a New Republic is born out of the conflict. But in the ashes of civil war, yet another life stirs...

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i love this mod keep up the good work

Like to mod! But more Custom Galacic Conquests !

Best details in a mod and adds my favorite faction ever!

Honestly the best mod I've ever played. Mandalorians are hands-down the most BA faction you can play as,everything so well polished and thoroughly tested; I really appreciate the effort put in this mod and it most definitely deserves the highest rating possible. It only keeps on getting better too.

I love the models/lasers and the whole mod itself its so great


Everything is just perfect, and the concept is realistic too.

It has great textures and an excellant new faction

epic graphics, awsome gameplay and textures, epic ship designs and might i say awsome hero selection i thank starwars for putting my favorite race into a game u are beyond belief this is the greatest game since the command and conquer series i applaud you

What a awesome game, graphics are much better than the original
I am happy i have this mod

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