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  1. When will RVE 2.0 be finished
  2. We have no set date as we work on the mod when we can.
  1. How do i open the spawn menu
  2. Alt-F4 will open the spawn menu
  1. Does RVE has drain based ECO like SC/FA
  2. There is a mod i created called ECO MOD which does add this back in, but as the engine never was made to support it there are bug when using it, so its no recommend.

  1. Why do things take so long to build and cost so much
  2. This was done to extended each match, this mod was based off what type of game play style we like as a group which has all ways been a good 2-3-hour match.

  1. What time should I be unlocking Experimentals
  2. This will depend on your game play style and skill level playing RVE, a good player will have Experimentals around 45min in if they understand how RVE flows.

  1. How do I reduce build times for Experimental units
  2. You can use adjacently to reduce build times surround your gantry's with T3 Energy gens or Mass Fabs.

  1. Why bring back energy costs on some weapons
  2. Why not you should be able to support your base defence fine with the amount of income from your energy gens.

  1. Who is working on RVE 2.0: Mainly only 3 people
  2. OverRated lua programming, effects, rigging and Avitus modding, texturing, animations and rigging.

  1. How is the mod meant to be played
  2. The mod was made so you would only need a single AI for a good match, less AI results in better SIM Speed, the mod is also made for Group Team Work so 2+ players taking on a single AI.

  1. Can you make new maps or port maps from SCFA
  2. No the maps in SC2 are models unlike the maps in SCFA which were data maps, GPGs made the maps like this so it would save on memory usage for the XBOX 360, Also the maps files in SC2 are encrypted so it is impossible to add new maps, we can only mod maps which are already apart of the game.

  1. Factory's and Engineers that were upgraded don't get selected with other Tier Factory's and Engineers
  2. This is just a game mechanic if you remember back to SC/FA each Tier had its own Factory and Engineer and these couldn't be upgraded, RVE offers upgrades but there no way to make the game see two different units as the same even if there they are the same.

  1. Why do Factory's and Engineers have to be different units clones for each Tier
  2. I had to make copies as there is no way I can tell the unit which tier its built from.
  3. Note: This will be fixed by a work around in a later update of the mod!

  1. Will there be new sounds
  2. We do plan to add new sounds if the game support it.

  1. Will you add the Seraphim faction
  2. No we don't plan to and we would have to replace another faction to do so.

  1. Can you port over more SC/FA units
  2. No we won't be porting any more units.

  1. Can you add new factory's or builders A.
  2. Yes but the AI will be unable to use these units because we don't have access to their builder table which is in C++ outside of the lua code for the AI.

  1. Will there be new projectile effects added
  2. Yes we do plan to add more but its low priority at the moment.

  1. Why don't tank tracks move on the ported units
  2. SC2 Uses a different system for their tracks then SC/FA did, so these units need to be updated in 3ds max.

  1. Can your mod existing SC2 units
  2. Yes we can but the amount of work that needs to be done to do so isn't worth it, mainly because the tools we have don't support SC2 Model Importing.

  1. Why not add new tabs to the UI
  2. SC2 has moved to C++ for their UI which isn't modable like SC/FA was, the custom UI that RVE offers is all LUA based similar to UI mods in SC/FA.

  1. Can I use the new units in the Campaign
  2. No we don't support the campaign of the game and probably never will.

  1. Why mod a game with so little mod support why not SC/FA
  2. Even know the game lacks the support we still enjoy modding what we can, we have never modded FA the game is to old and we have no interest in it.

  1. Why Does RVE only support the DLC for the game.
  2. We found supporting both to time consuming so we chose to only support the DLC.

  1. When Will the God Experimentals and New ACUs be added
  2. We can't give a date on these as we want to focus on the content we already have.

  1. Can I add a side mod with new units
  2. Yes RVE 2.0 support mass scaling meaning the units will be scaled to the correct size depending on its category in its blueprints.

  1. Why can't I queue up build orders when changing tier levels
  2. The Tier buttons disable/enable buildable units to make room on the UI, this is the only possible way to make more room.

  1. Changing Tier cancel build orders
  2. Yes as stated above the units added to build queue are no longer made available to the unit to build so the orders are dropped.
  3. A safeguard will be added to stop people killing there build orders if the builder/factory is busy.

  1. How do I change the unit cap
  2. You can change the unit cap inside the mod manager’s settings

  1. How do I change build times and costs
  2. This is done in the mod manager settings under lua editor.

More FAQ will be added


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