Lycanthropy is a Half-Life 2 modification. This isn't a zombie mod, but a Werewolf mod. Yes, you heard that right: Werewolves. This mod is probobly the only Half-Life 2 werewolf mod today. Why? Because everyone's so hyped on vampires and zombies they forgot about our furry little friends, but not me! I plan to make this mod as unique as possible, starting with the game modes.

There are now 3 gameplay modes in all, although more may be added at a later date:

Normal (Deathmatch): This mode is simply like most other games where your only objective is to kill, kill, kill. Points do not matter here nor does the ammount of firepower you weild. It's supposed to be fun!

Silver Bullet: Here, the person with the biggest guns do not win. Scattered all over the map are certain weapons that contain the Silver Bullet(s), which is the only way to kill a Werewolf in this mode. A Werewolf can be knocked out for a short period of time if you're using a normal weapon, but it will not completely kill the beast.

Transformation(new!): In this game mode, one person will be randomly selected each round to become a Werewolf, and once this person has killed a human, that human will respawn as a Werewolf, thus undergoing "Lycanthropy". Once there are no more humans left, a new round will begin.

One team will consist of Humans which leaves the Werewolf team. Each team has a specific ammount of skills or weapons that they can use to their advantage, to make things a bit more fair.

Werewolf Abilities:
Claws - The basic attack. Once close enough to your opponent, left-click to use this ability.
Leap Strike - By pressing a certain combination of keys, including the spacebar, the Werewolf will lunge itself at an enemy and strike him/her.
Maul - Werewolves have a special "secondary attack" that they can use at certain times. By 'right-clicking' you will become enraged in a fury and your speed and claw attack damage will be increased by a large ammount. Usually this attack can kill your opponent within seconds.
After using this ability, you must wait 5 minutes before you can use it again.

Werewolf Classes:
Light - A 'light' Werewolf is the fastest of all classes, although it's fairly weak and can be killed much easier.
Medium - Medium Werewolves are a bit slower than light ones, but their armor is increased and their attack power is generally stronger.
Heavy - Heavy Werewolves are extremely slow, but they are also extremely tough to kill and have a powerful attack.

Although Humans do not harness special abilities that Werewolves posses, they have a wide variety of ass-kicking weapons. As mentioned above, one gameplay mode requires you to find weapons that contain the Silver Bullet(s). Here are those weapons:

- Revolver
- Winchester
- Desert Eagle
More to come!

Final Notes:
- Feeding - Werewolves can feed off of dead human corpses to regain health.
- Tons of wide and expansive out-door maps to explore.
- New inventory system.
- Plenty of spooky ambient sounds.
and more!

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