Lost Alpha is a new episode of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series made by dezowave group for free!

"the original you always wanted brought to life"
Mod of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice
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klumpaen Jan 23 2014 says:

DAMMIT, I want to watch it now ! D:

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♠Atroxyph Jan 23 2014 says:


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NoSf3rAtU Jan 23 2014 says:

Hell yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!

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[TZP]LoNer1 Jan 23 2014 says:

Ah man, I see some amazing stuff about the mod (Graphics render, reaction / mouse responsiveness speed (seems like you've really done a GREAT job on improving the engine) and the AI) but damn, I also see some stuff I heavily dislike.

It's true you can't please every individual, and as a fellow modder I know it's hard, but I will probably first get rid of the ammunition system. I think it's a bit tedious and doesn't really add anything to the game if there's no animation for it, you know.

- Inb4 trolling or other stupid remarks, I'm just sharing what I think of this video here -

Still, amazing content. I'm loving what I'm seeing here. The positives outweigh the negatives by a very, very long shot!

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grazegrabber Jan 23 2014 replied:

Totally agree with you about the ammo system. It's not my sort of thing either.

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CrimsonBloodGaming Jan 23 2014 replied:

I kinda have to agree with you here, and by the looks of it the arsenal of weaposn has not been improved, which in my opinion was lacking in "Vanilla" S.T.A.L.K.E.R

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Guest Jan 23 2014 replied:

i don't really care about the weapons but also it was already announced arround the times i started following lost alpha - about 4-5 years ago, right after playin' Oblivion Lost (by Kanyhalos) ;) - that they wouldn't focus on bringing new weapons, nore 'superspecial textures for the existing ones in the og-game-files. so this isn't unexspected!

other then this, this stupid moddb-video-servers ain't workin for me at all. i waited for about an hour to stream in HD and still couldn't watch the whole video...waiting patiently for the yt-link.
but then also Cheers Stalkers, this seems to be BIG, i almost can feel LA comin this year...my heart started pumpin the first 2-3 minutes in, still waitin to see the rest ;)

Big thank you to the whole team for keep going on with this!

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MemoHK Jan 23 2014 replied:

Youtube link: Youtube.com

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CrimsonBloodGaming Jan 24 2014 replied:

Well, i kinda like having lots of cannons and oars to choose from, hopefully LA will be moddable to replace the frankly boring "Vanilla" textures, and add more variety of weapons.

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Bolognius_Maximus Jan 24 2014 replied:

You guys have to play the game before you judge the ammo system. It really is worth it.

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Cossack-HD Jan 24 2014 replied:

Yeah, balancing detectors ammo and artifacts on the belt sure is something cool. More stamina or more ammo? Superpowers or firepower? ^^

Add "medkits only usable by quick key while on belt" option for more hardcore please :D

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nashathedog Jan 24 2014 replied:

A lot of us will of used it in other mods like Troops of Doom, Personally I disliked it.

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durundallives Jan 25 2014 replied:

My kingdom for a Bizon or Skorpion

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CrimsonBloodGaming Jan 25 2014 replied:

Nah man, i want the HK series of weapons and the Aeks, plus some actualy AKMs

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durundallives Jan 25 2014 replied:

Basically ordinance mod ported from CoP would be sweet

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CrimsonBloodGaming Jan 25 2014 replied:

definitely + throw in some of the S.M.R.T.E.R weapons and this would be golden!

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marsalandrei Jan 26 2014 replied:

I liked the ammo on belt although I would prefer the magazine system mod. But it still makes sense because on the battlefield you keep the ammo at the ready(magazines at the ready) you don't look in your backpack every time to reload

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durundallives Jan 27 2014 replied:

I know that there was a stripped down version in SoC, and a more complete standalone that used to exist in CoP for the mag-mod. The cool thing is that the same guy in SoC also designed an air tank mod to add breathable air into the mod to plan for features. Its almost guaranteed that these wont be incorporated in the current base: however if someone was knowledgeable it, like a slew of weapon/sound mods, will probably find their way into the game if the user base is strong enough.

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SurpriseMadafaka Jan 23 2014 says:

You definetly are continuing the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s legacy. Awesome work so far!

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Heraklyon Jan 23 2014 says:

Looks really good guys, keep up the good work!

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Hammer7 Jan 23 2014 says:

Pripyat looks truly gorgeous.

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tutituti87 Jan 23 2014 says:

Isten vagy Dezo!

goosebumps everywhere!

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LeNimble Jan 23 2014 says:

So good.

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Rus[T] Jan 23 2014 says:

Almost to epic.. Almost :D.

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caleb59 Jan 23 2014 says:

Please someone reupload video - can't download from 4shared.com because it requires premium account... Bitch please...

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Guest Jan 23 2014 says:

What were those circling hit marker looking things? Were they actual hit markers or those things that so many game use now that just show where a hostile thing is? I hope it's not the latter, or at least that you can turn those off.

I also noticed quite a few really hard looking shadows. Most of the shadows looked great but are those going to be softened some by the final release?

Looks really good overall though. Can't wait for this to finally be released so I can get more of my Stalker fill.

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Cossack-HD Jan 24 2014 replied:

Those hitmarkers appears when you "exit" your body by using demo_record command while your body is under fire...

Dezodor makes shadows "less dark" by adding extra light sources to prevent that strong shadow contrast. I guess he's not done with that on all levels yet.

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dezodor Author
dezodor Jan 24 2014 replied:

really unfortunate that we shared the only level which wasnt fixed yet... regarding to lights, but at least i know i forgot about it :D

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Agrael666 Jan 23 2014 says:

Looks great, success in further work.

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MemoHK Jan 23 2014 says:

Congrats! You've done an amazing job. Kudos to all of people involved in this project. This game will be on par with Return to Castle Wolfenstein when was first released.

I sure hope that the game is still very very scary because from all the videos I've seen LA looks like a walk in the park. I sure hope there are some new and spooky monsters in the game and if there are don't spoil them. :D

Anyway, where is the Pre-order button? :D

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grazegrabber Jan 23 2014 says:

Fantastic video. looks so crisp. Not much else to say everyone above me has said it all.
Great work guys :)

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id.Dav Jan 23 2014 says:

Just stunning! Though I didn't ever doubt about the quality of upcoming DREAM-GAME! :)

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Стрелок Jan 23 2014 says:

Great job!Good detail of old and new locations - awesome!You've done a lot of work.Encouraged by the fact that the graphics on DX10 and I hope the physics of Call of Pripyat.Perhaps Lost Alpha will be even better Shadow of Chernobyl.I would be very interested in playing this mod.Indeed stalkers will play the harmonica Soviet anthem?Cool music from the movie!I just can not remember where have heard this music.I think your mod will be the best this year and notonly.I wish you good luck and success in your work over the great mod.I look forward to!!!(Sorry for bad english).

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utak3r Creator
utak3r Jan 23 2014 replied:

Yes, Soviet anthem is one of the melodies they do play at firecamps :)

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xKoweKx Jan 23 2014 says:

This is what i've been waiting for. Give it to me...

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Swirekster Jan 23 2014 replied:

Kowek, the king of 'nie będzie' C:

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CelicetheGreat Jan 23 2014 says:

This is ******* amazing. I've been following this mod for years, and I still can't believe how amazing all the work has been so far.

On AP-PRO, I saw that there was a listed release date of March 2014 for Lost Alpha... I know release dates are tentative and even unconfirmed when it comes to this mod, but man--I'm just gonna be so ******* stoked when this thing finally releases :) This is a goddamn piece of history, not only in its restoration of early Stalker content, but that the community, both Stalker fans and gamers at large, have been anticipating this great mod for a while now. It's gonna be big :)

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MemoHK Jan 23 2014 replied:


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Chezzlor Jan 23 2014 says:

Great video! I seriously cannot wait to play this game :)

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Bek Jan 23 2014 says:


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PressurE Jan 23 2014 says:

"As we will announce the release date"
So happy to read that. Also im very happy for the dez0wave team for making their dream come true.

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RRCM_Rico Jan 24 2014 says:

Looks great! Looking forward to playing this and hopefully doing a Let's Play for it.

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Beez-one Jan 24 2014 says:

Can we please have a better weapon models + better weapon sounds at least as optional choice during installation?
Pretty please?

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MemoHK Jan 24 2014 replied:

You can install additional weapon or any other mod you desire after it is released. ;)

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CrommCruac Creator
CrommCruac Jan 24 2014 replied:

We can't use the third party weapon models because of copyright reasons. And we don't have time or HR to make them ourselves. As MemoHK said you could install mods later.

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Das_P0m Jan 24 2014 says:

bgcf <- Jawprint... smashed to keyboard it keep laying around until the video was finished. Awesome... or honestly... I don't find a matching word right now for the video.

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Sniegininkas Jan 24 2014 says:

Now....THIS....This is what STALKER is all about!!!!

By releasing this mod not only you will give players a HOLE new experience of the zone, but also more inspiration to stalker mod developers all over the world.

This is going to be like a revolution to the hole stalker community

We Thank You

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R0ADKILL Jan 24 2014 says:

Amazing, i like how it feels like a true STALKER game, like Shadow of Chernobyl. I also like that you kept all models instead dumbing down to 2-3 per faction.
I seemed to notice (not a big deal tho) that grass ,in scene where you show entrance to Sids bunker, is clipping trough those doors :P

Atmosphere feels just right in shown locations, just don't overpopulate it too much, leave some places empty that can interest players imagination.

I like how you have to put ammo to belt, very immersing. ( maybe set something like if your ammo is in backpack, character will reload slower rather when ammo is on belt, just a suggestion)

Graphics look very good, and some very interesting scenes are shown, like 2 stalkers in lab operating some board switch. I like the idea of seeing other stalkers in labs(not every lab though, to keep a scary atmosphere)feels more live.

Great trailer, really shows great STALKER atmosphere :D

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InsultUnlagged Jan 24 2014 says:

WOW ! Cant keep my mind straight.. i want to play it now! You guys are off it! Respect

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Lagahan Jan 24 2014 says:

That new renderer is beautiful!

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Here is a demo video from the latest build of Lost Alpha. It's not a trailer, it doesn't have planned and pre-rendered parts, since everything was recorded live, and next time it wouldn't have been the same. This is the only way to make you feel you are there.

However it's nearly impossible to capture all the good things to create a short video, since everything is random, even a several hours long video couldn't represent the actual content we have in game already. We leave it to you to explore, and experience every little piece of Lost Alpha upon release :)

In this 9 minute demo movie, you will see our still w.i.p. dx10 render in action, the ragdoll changes we made, and smarter npc ai, which you will see during the fights. They will try to hide, and use cover more times, and so on. Everything is still work-in-progress, this video does not represent the quality of the final product. One thing we can say for sure, it can be only better.

As we will announce the release date, we will create trailer videos as well. But let all be surprise.

Thanks to utak3r for the video!

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Jan 23rd, 2014
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