Lost Alpha is a new episode of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series made by dezowave group for free!

"the original you always wanted brought to life"
Mod of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice
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Highway to H*** ...Heaven?
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Cap2 Nov 2 2015 says:

wow... are you ******** me that's beautiful!

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litosns Nov 2 2015 says:

"We moved the huds and wpns from CoP to LA, so yes, from now your hands will be the same as the armor you wear"

HOLY, *******, ****!
This is Phantom Zone all over again!
I just CAN'T wait for December update.

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R0ADKILL Nov 2 2015 says:

Blowout soon, fellow stalker.

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MonoLityczny Nov 2 2015 says:

Hands change by engine?

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dezodor Author
dezodor Nov 2 2015 replied:


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exostalker Nov 2 2015 says:

So you did move the HUD's from COP? Amazing!! That's what I was waiting for really (and kept asking about every few months for years now)!

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Sniegininkas Nov 3 2015 replied:

I think everyone wanted this feature in the game. Looks WAAAAY better :)

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Charcharo Nov 2 2015 says:

I have a question about the new patch that is in development (DC).

You said DX 11... does that mean all of the CS and CoP features were put in the game? Like Inverse Kinematics (not part of DX 11, I know), Tesselation, Contact Hardening Shadows?

Also what about using some of the textures and models for objects and NPCs and other stuff from CS and CoP? Those can easily improve the games looks.

Am asking because I am kinda hyped abot the mod :P !

*Sorry if it is a repost, maybe you just forgot to see comments on middle picture (happens to me) :(

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geoffegg Nov 13 2015 replied:

Can pretty much argue that the LA devs have made XRay 2.0. The amount of improvements and engine additions they've made is amazing.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lygus Nov 21 2015 replied:

Perhaps there's a list of improvements made specifically for LA's X-ray engine? Graphics, gameplay, sound, etc.

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id.Dav Nov 2 2015 says:

Wait....is this screen from LA?

+4 votes     reply to comment
MemoHK Nov 2 2015 says:

Thank God you didn't put in that low blow-out fire image. the default blowout in STALKER is amazing. :)

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MemoHK Nov 2 2015 says:

Hey Dezodor, do you know if the guys succeeded with S2 engine already? Can't wait for some insights! Can you image that people still get psyched about STALKER universe? We just can't get enough. Truly masterpiece. :)

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litosns Nov 2 2015 says:

Guys. I don't know if you are playing or just kind of dumb but It looks more like a Psy-Storm.
You know, it looks like last stage of Atmosfear Blowout (like here) and it has electric like anomalies forming everywhere, which is clearly visible.
Also, this is the AI test map right?

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JimBeamBlack Nov 2 2015 says:

Wow, Very Nice!!

Hey, my birthday is on the 29th of this month...just throw'n that out there. ;-)

+2 votes     reply to comment
MrWrench Nov 2 2015 says:

COP hands! YAY! Also is there dynamic music like in CS or COP?

+3 votes     reply to comment
te47 Nov 3 2015 says:

Bringing in the new CoP-style hands system is a really cool advancement, but does this mean there will be no more support for weapon models/animations that were made for SoC? My current LA mod has over 130 real-world weapons that I've spent several years working on (first for my SoC mod), all of which are obviously in the SoC format. Does this mean I'll have to start over?

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litosns Nov 4 2015 replied:

Yeah. You might wanna revise that in the update.
Best to do is convert weapons from CoP mods or CS mods as they already have animations.
Old weapons will not have weapon bobbing as it is loaded from model and not injected into the HUD as before. At least thats how I understand that now.

+2 votes     reply to comment
vdel Nov 4 2015 says:

Just a minor thing, but could you use the real names for the weapons this time? :>

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Wutzwolfi Nov 7 2015 says:

stairway to heaven

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A little update for November!

We managed to fix many small glitches in game, such as the not always working garbage bandit scene, or Doc on swamp. We moved the huds and wpns from CoP to LA, so yes, from now your hands will be the same as the armor you wear, and the weapon bobbing is new as well. It was a long requested feature, which we could not resist. It was always easier to say that it's not possible to port, but the time has come. The upgrading system is still not finished, need to add some more text strings, and certain items won't work (yet). We've separated the traders from fixers/upgraders, so you won't be able to trade with the same npc, who makes upgrades (it's more like due to the decision/plan we implemented the upgrading, as it replaces the trading button, so either trading, or upgrading) and so on. Ah one more thing, we are trying to recover the old skills module we had in LA back in 2012-13. It won't be easy, not because of it's bugged or looks bad, but we need to make it useful. Need to find out how the skills could raise your stats etc.

Fresh changeslog (don't forget to bookmark, as we update it daily):

Nov 2nd, 2015
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