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This project was born out of mapping for Crysis but the more we did the more we figured out that the Crysis MP part is not the kind we like it.

We are modding/mapping for CQB fights or so called Häuserkampf with given objectives.
Intense fights are our main goal.

The action is supposed to take part in recent time so no nano-suits or futuristic weapons.

[Plans on Content]

- CQB Maps
- Battlefield Maps like "Strike of Karkand"
- Counter Terrorism Teams
- Terrorism Teams
- Insidejob Team (a team of CIA members that fight against there own ppl)
- Lots of urban style
- no singleplayer - multiplayer only
- Many opened buildings for free access
- Different classes (Recon, Assault etc. nothing new but more functions)
- Slower movement in general

- Aura-System, which means every class has a specific aura others can benefit from:
Recon-Aura: All allied players within a radius of 5 meters have a 25% better accuracy and 25% walking speed-bonus
Supplier-Aura: All allied players within a radius of 5 meters got 25% +armor
and get ammo per time... like 1 magazine every 2 minutes in aura
Medic-Aura: Healing Aura that heals 1% health every 2 seconds within a range of 3 meters

This would lead to more teamplay and simulate the real advantage of a team.

[Game modes]

Insidejob Collateral Damage [ICD]:
Team USA against Terrorism against a third Team: "CIA"
The CIA Team only wins if the Match runs draw. One Member will spawn and look like a terrorist, the other one like an USA soldier.

So you never know if the man besides you really fights on your site.
Shooting a CIA member will give special points or bonus but teamkilling will be punished hard so watch twice before shooting on an US-soldier that seems to be suspecious for you.

The CIA team will get specific objectives to fullfil... e.g.: killing the US/Terrorists team captain or destroying a enemy vehicle in a specific area.

There will be three classes to choose from as CIA member:

- one can stealth almost perfectly while moving and is deadly with his knife and pistol.although he can pursue an enemy by capturing him and after respawn the player will turn into a living bomb and explode automatically as soon as two other friendly units are in only once every 5minutes.
- one that cant be seen on radar.raised accuracy with mid-range arms.can jam any vehicle to convert it into driving timed-bomb - works only once every 5 minute.
- one is the perfect sniper with huge silencer - can stealth perfectly while not moving.
has got a special explosive ammo that he can use once every 3minutes.

if the team wins and all three insidejob'ers are still alive there will be a team bonus. although teams will switch but the insidejob'ers stay the same unless one dies in battle.
then all three insidejob positions are opened for voting after round ends.

additionally insidejob'ers got only one life - they dont respawn like any other soldier on the battlefield !



We are looking for people that are willing to spend some time on this mod.
Especially we are looking for:

- 3D-Developers (3DsMax, XSI, Maya, Cinema4d)
- C++ Coders
- Level-Designers
- Sound-Developers
- People that are willing to learn more

You dont need to be a PRO ! The will to learn is worth more then being a PRO Smile

Speaking english or german is minimum requirement !
Deutsch -oder Englischkenntnisse sind minimum Aufnahmebedingung !

Best regards, GIJoke

If you want to apply follow this link plz:

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The story of a team-fusion


***Cracking gunfire marks the scenery. In between every now and then
artillery impacts make buildings shake. Yellow and white smoke clouds
wave through ruined buildings, gardens and over the streets. No birds
which you can usually hear in this village. No dogs barking. It is like
it always is if you enter the theater of war:

Tanks are the leading actors - rifles the supporting actors and all controlled by human.***

A five man team hides behind a wall doing their situation report. One of them is called "Staatsfeind".

He doesnt remember how he got the name. His eyes look tired. Blitheness ? - Just a memory.

To his right: Jimmy, but all call him "The old dog". He doesnt want to talk about why he is still

in a fighting squad. Rumors say he had been degraded from Captain to SGT.Major for refusing to obey orders.

Others say he rejected promotion just to be able to do exactly this job: fighting.

"Akustav" the weapon specialist, "R0machka" the IT and electronics specialist and "Sensman" the scout

are standing to staatsfeinds left.

All five from different intelligences of different nations. Their mission : a special reconnaissance.

That was months ago - things went terribly wrong and now they find themselves in the center of

a war they have never awaited.

Supplies depleted, support-lines still not assembled they were calling for help. No one listened.

No response.

...Until that day...

*** 10 minutes earlier *** scene-change ***

Soulimanos squad has crossed the river bridge. 11 man are awaiting his
orders. All specialists, none rookie, faces looking at him signed by
fighting experience.

He gives the order to re-group. The heavy tank chains creak while its 45° turn to give some cover.

"We have entered waypoint one" Soulimano says to his camerads and
throws gently a package Gauloise to Sup, the second in command.

Sup takes a cigarette and passes the package to Fabiolo who catches it
with one hand. With the other he draws into the sand. "This is our
position" he says, "...and this is waypoint 2. We should not follow the
direct waypath to... "

Soulimanos radio receives some weird sounds. He cant understand it and
turns it louder as well as seperates a bit from the group while Sup is
still explaining the next steps for the team.

Radio: " ... ouiiiihhh sschhschhh rrrkkk This is Staatsfeind ...
sssschhhrrrrrrr Insidejob.... schhhhrrrreeek do you read ? We need
help... ssschrrrr under heavy fire.... ccchhhhhhrrrrrr uuuuiiiii
Position: n12:z45 sschhrrrr nato schrrekk command ..... uuuuiiiiiiiii
come in..."

The FTS squad looks at Soulimano.

"Shall we help them ?", Johan asks.

The team agree and move to the coordinates.


From now on they fight together at the frontline.

... the bodies shake while the tanks blast out their devastating ammunition.

... as an insidejob ends others will come...

... and result in Casus Belli ...

... the war has just begun...

update time

update time

News 4 comments

new buildings new character new members happy happy joy joy :)

Looking for YOU

Looking for YOU

News 1 comment

looking for members like character artist, flash artists and skilled mappers. plz feel free to apply on our webpage.

Happy New Year UPDATE

Happy New Year UPDATE

News 3 comments

happy new year to all of you and thx for watching. actual news on buildings, weapons and the mod team and with it another news

update time

update time


two new members to announce - two new work in progress buildings with pictures to show - some other minor news stuff

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Myself and my parnter are Weapons artists.We can produce high quality weapons for you to use in your mod, the full 'next gen' works.

If you're interested Please send me a Message and I'll get back to you.

heres an example of what we can produce:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What about texture artists? I seen your request on arroway-textures, lead me right to you. Mrawr, so, need a texture artist?

I have a portfolio ready on request.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Staatsfeind-1 Creator

hello !

yes, we could really need a texture artist :)

plz apply @

kind regards

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The explosion of the house in the new video is awesome ;) nice work , ceep working on it guys

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Staatsfeind-1 Creator

thx :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It's great to see that your updating alot, keeps everyone intersted and keeps us knowing that its not dead.

Unfortuanate i couldn't join the team :(

See ya next year :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Staatsfeind-1 Creator

still no better hardware in sight?


left your slot open... are you sure you wont make it in in-time ?

regards and merry x-mas in case we hear next year next time :D


Reply Good karma+1 vote
Staatsfeind-1 Creator

The Mods name is: Insidejob :)

so in this case the secret but real terrorists are the two cia-members.

its all conspiracy ;D

dont take it too serious - as its politic but also always be discerning, thats good :)

anyway, watch your back ;) x)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Cheers! :D

I have got Crysis now :)!!!

However on a bad note, my CPU isn't cooling right so i can't install anything until i get my new hardware (because i'd need to format to set it up properly)

I should have it by the end of this month, if not then i'm going to rage at a few people at the office.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Good News :) My computer is running 100% now :)

Crysis Max Detail - Res 1440 x 900 FPS: 30+

Gimme a message if you want to hire me :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

CIA commandos fighting US army soldiers ? wat ? !

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