Includes seven new missions featuring the fictional Stetchkov crime family. VoIP capability has been added to multiplayer games, there are seven new missions, two new multiplayer modes, seven new weapons, players may strike suspects or hostages with their weapon to prompt compliance, which has the same effect as a non-lethal weapon, suspects will now pick up their weapons if they are not swiftly arrested, 10 player co-op with up to two teams of five, stat tracking, ladders and rankings for multiplayer, orders can be held in single player until the leader gives the go command and an option to have only one person issue commands and lead the team.

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We've finally finished it!

Version 6 was a long time coming and was delayed numerous times, including from the recent Hurricane Irma. I want to thank the hundreds of people who gave their feedback on the testing versions and the mod in general; there were so many people who were enthusiastic for this version. Likewise, I want to thank the Elite Supporters who have donated to me through Patreon and Paypal. Although I have yet to actually use the money that people have donated to me, it's appreciated. And lastly, I would like to thank the other Elite Force developers who contributed to this version: kevinfoley, Jose21crisis, Rangar, and TheTCREngineer. Although this project is my baby, these people have helped tremendously. (Special shoutout to sandman332 as well.)

So what's new?

A lot of people have been very excited about this version, and with good reason. The equipment, and how it is used, has been changed rather dramatically.

For starters, the Breaching tab has been removed entirely, and a sixth Tactical slot has been added. C2 has been made into a Tactical item, and the Breaching Shotgun has been made into a weapon. (The Breaching Shotgun has a 100% chance to breach doors, whereas for other shotguns this chance is random and based upon ammo type and door material).

The newly reorganized equipment page. Note that you can now assign a loadout or a tab to a specific team member or group, and that the Breaching tab has been removed in favor of a sixth Tactical slot.

In addition to these change, you now have access to the following pieces of new equipment:

  • S10 Helmet. This helmet and gas mask combination restricts your field of view and is bulky, but has good protection and completely eliminates the effect of CS gas. (The original gas mask has been renamed Respirator and no longer restricts your field of view)
  • M1Super90 Defense. This shotgun was cut from the game, and has been readded with new textures. It is unlocked at the start of the game.
  • 3-packs. Wedges, stingers, flashbangs, and CS gas grenades can now be gotten in 3-packs. Do note that 3-packs have the weight and bulk equivalent of FIVE of those items, however.
  • Suppressed M4A1, Suppressed G36K, Suppressed UMP. Just like the originals, but suppressed.
  • Frangible Breaching Ammo. This new type of shotgun slug ammo will never overpenetrate doors.

The new S10 Helmet and M1Super90 shotgun are both visible in this screenshot.

Note the reduced field of view while wearing the S10.


Yes, in addition to all of these changes to equipment, you now have the ability to go into ironsights!

The MP5 in ironsights.

Ironsights are a modification of the Zoom mode. They are fully 3D; most of the weapon models have been altered to facilitate this. Your accuracy recovery is improved while in ironsights and your recoil is reduced significantly. If you aren't happy with this feature though, the original SWAT 4 style of zoom is available as well.

New Extra Mission: Brewer County Courthouse!

Brewer County Courthouse is the second Extra Mission to be added to SWAT: Elite Force. It is a modification to the original multiplayer level with slight tweaks to the layout, fully voiced briefing and dispatch, and a new set of fully voiced suspects.

The loading screen for Brewer County Courthouse.

In this mission, SWAT is needed to deescalate the situation at the Navin M. Johnson Memorial Courthouse of Brewer County, where armed gunmen believed to be part of the Sovereign Citizens movement have shot up the building. The newly established Cyber Crimes Unit has been monitoring traffic on web forums and has noted a strong response to new restrictions on cigarettes as being one possible motive. Stay on your toes.

Other Changes

  • The AI can be ordered to SEARCH AND SECURE. When doing this, they will search the nearby area for suspects to arrest, evidence to collect, and bombs to defuse.
  • Lightsticks can now be thrown, not just dropped.
  • The HUD now displays how many grenades, wedges, lightsticks, etc that you have left, while one of those pieces of equipment is in hand.
  • AI will drop lightsticks as they clear rooms.
  • You can now pick which entry to use while in All Missions.
  • Door locks can now be checked with the Melee key.
  • You can now vote while in Career CO-OP and all of the voting code was rewritten from scratch, with new features like voting to end the current map.
  • New Heavy suspects wear Heavy armor. You'll want to pack APs for these guys.
  • Many bug fixes.

The full list of changes to the mod can be found here.

SWAT 4 Remake 1.4.1 Full now on ModDB

SWAT 4 Remake 1.4.1 Full now on ModDB


SWAT 4 Remake 1.4.1 provides numerous Fixes & Improvements, aswell some new Weapons and Maps. Land of the Dead: Update Pack runs on the same engine and...

Version 1.59

Version 1.59

BFHL MOD 8 comments

The game was released from today has a lot of time in the past, many people began to abandon the game. So I hope I can do I can update the game model...

Elite Force v5 Released!

Elite Force v5 Released!

SWAT: Elite Force 37 comments

The fifth iteration of the Elite Force mod for SWAT 4 is available now!

Now Accepting Donations + v5 News

Now Accepting Donations + v5 News

SWAT: Elite Force 8 comments

An update about what Version 5 will have, as well as information on how to donate to the mod and what your donations will go towards.

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SWAT 4 ENB Full Version

General purpose ENB´╝îCopy to the "System" folder -end

SWAT: Elite Force v5x -> v6 Upgrade.

SWAT: Elite Force v5x -> v6 Upgrade.

SWAT: Elite Force Patch 9 comments

Use this to convert an older version of the mod (v5, v5.1, v5.2, or v5.3) to the latest version, v6.

SWAT: Elite Force v6

SWAT: Elite Force v6

SWAT: Elite Force Full Version 5 comments

The latest version of SWAT: Elite Force. Use this if you are installing the mod for the first time.

BFHL v1 59

BFHL v1 59

BFHL MOD Demo 9 comments

The MOD is to use the Battlefield: Hardline character models, modify some of the appearance of weapons, enjoy it MOD compatible SWAT4 all supported languages...

BFHL v1 4

BFHL v1 4

BFHL MOD Full Version 2 comments

The MOD is to use the Battlefield: Hardline character models, modify some of the appearance of weapons, enjoy it MOD compatible SWAT4 all supported languages...

SWAT: Elite Force v5x -> v5.3 Upgrade

SWAT: Elite Force v5x -> v5.3 Upgrade

SWAT: Elite Force Patch 29 comments

This is an outdated patch. Please update your game to Version 6 or above.


Might be a stupid question if I am doing something wrong,but when I choose a campaign none of the missions show up..Only way I can play them is if I select all missions but they are not in order. Is there something I have to do?

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Hey Lads and Gals!

Ever heard of the game READY or NOT?

Check the trailer out here Lads and Gals:

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The most challenging "mission 4" in history

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Wtf, Steam doesn't sell Swat 4. Is GOG good for mods? Thanks

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I have the GOG version and it works fine with mods..

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There aren't any legal outlets to purchase Swat4 anymore. You'll unfortunately either have to pirate it or pay a ridiculous amount of money for a refurbished version on ebay.

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Since my post here, it's now available on

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