A Halo mod for the critically acclaimed Sins of a Solar Empire, that aims to capture the fast paced intensity of the Halo series.

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Where we are currently, where we are going, and what we need from you to get this mod finished and into your grubby little hands.

Posted by Unikraken on Apr 4th, 2012

Greetings, for those unaware, my name is Unikraken and I'll be updating you on the current state of Halo: Sins of the Prophets along a few other things. First of all, I'd like to once again answer some all-too-common questions.

14YearOldVirgin117 wrote:What version of SOASE is this coming out for?
Entrenchment. If you have Trinity, you have Entrenchment.
Will you be releasing for Diplomacy?
Most likely not.

Will you be releasing for Rebellion?
You should anticipate a release of this mod for Rebellion after we release one for Entrenchment.

Are you going to put include the 28 kilometer long
Plot Device Assault Carrier from Halo Reach?Don't hold your breath.
Can I have access to the private beta?
Probably not, unless you qualify for something I'll mention further below.

Where the mod is at:

The mod is near completion. I won't give it a percentage number, but more is done than needs to be done. We're just about ready to finish off the UNSC. This is why you've seen a barrage of posts about the UNSC and very little about the Covenant. We're working very hard to get one race of the way so we devote more time to the Covenant soon. The majority of models are in the game for a UNSC vs. Covenant release. We still need to finalize the textures for both races, to ensure all the ships look like the belong together, but I'll have more on that below.

The research trees are almost completely untouched. They need a lot of work before we're ready to release.

Where the mod is going:
We're pushing for a public beta in the very near future, so that you, the public, can help us finish out the balancing and find any bugs we might have missed. What we need from you to get us there:

In order for us to get to a point where we can release this public beta you all long for, we need more team members. There are only a handful of us and this is an extracuricular activity for all of us. The number of people working on this mod at any given time fluctuates wildly depending on things like school semesters and summer work schedules. We all have normal lives can't devote as much time to this mod as it may actually deserve, so we need more people to finish this out. Here's what we're looking for:

Quote:Experienced Texture Artists: Like I said, we really need to finalize the textures for these ships and we need all the talented bodies we can get. PM us or comment here and allow for private messages to be sent to you.
Experienced Modelers: We have a few more ships that need to be pulled from the ether and several older ships that could use a once over a little more polish before they're ready for public consumption. Apply now. Please.
Experienced Pixel Artists: Are you a wizard at creating art in a 30x30 box of pixels? We need you now. There are a number of UI elements we need to finish, including several ship icons.
Experienced SOASE Modders: Do you understand the SOASE modding platform well? Are you a master at writing entity files and building research trees? Can you create amazing particle effects in ParticleForge like you were born to do it? You know what to do.
Photoshop Artists: We still have several UI elements that need work that require someone with an artistic touch who understands the style of Halo. Give us your free time for mod access.

If you think you can help us in some way that wasn't mentioned above, shoot us a message or comment here and we'll see what we can do. If you can't help us complete the mod in any way, please stop bitching about it not being done.

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weasle Apr 5 2012 says:


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~DarthRevan~ Apr 5 2012 says:

Sounds good.

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nach8888 Apr 5 2012 says:

great !!

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Yayap4 Apr 5 2012 says:

I think this is the first time I have seen a "State of the Mod" post that wasn't about it dieing...

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Unikraken Author
Unikraken Apr 5 2012 replied:

Do you know bitterbill?

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Yayap4 Apr 5 2012 replied:

Nope never heard of it/him/her.

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880Zero Apr 5 2012 says:

*continues to bitch

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CanadaMan7 Creator
CanadaMan7 Apr 5 2012 says:

"14YearOldVirgin117 wrote: What version of SOASE is this coming out for?"
I just ******* died.

Also, Unikraken made his first news article. My baby bird is all grown up.

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Isimiel Apr 5 2012 replied:

im glad it had a happy ending *sniff*

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Onearmy Apr 5 2012 replied:

This isn't a "happy ending". This is an "Ominous beginning". This is only the start of Unikraken's power climb. When he feels he has gained sufficient momentum he will lead a coup against Canadaman and wrestle control of the mod.

Once control of Sins of the Prophets is in the hands of Unikraken, all ships will be replaced with Unicorns and Hello Kitty. BE WARNED. :P

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Unikraken Author
Unikraken Apr 5 2012 replied:

Unicorns and OCTOPODI, ************.

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Reaper_Armada Apr 5 2012 says:

I have experience in coding but not for Sins. Bumma. Hit me up if you want. I'm always working the corner.

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Unikraken Author
Unikraken Apr 5 2012 says:

ModDB's news posting is ****. I had this formatted perfectly and it's ****** it all up. Grrrrr.

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aloha2436 Apr 5 2012 says:

*Continues to judge

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Capt.Keyes Apr 5 2012 says:

Someone has to make that account for moddb.

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KingMakerRook Apr 5 2012 says:

Rad. Although, you guys are one of the most frequently updating SINS mods out there.

Who's seriously impatient enough to bitch when you guys give us something screenshot or news related every bloody week?

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Unikraken Author
Unikraken Apr 5 2012 replied:

14 year old virgins, that's who.

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KingMakerRook Apr 5 2012 replied:

Wanna make a witty comment and squee about how the OP replied to me. But that would be out of form.

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Unikraken Author
Unikraken Apr 5 2012 replied:


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elite879 Apr 5 2012 says:

That joke about the Assault carrier made me cry with laughter.

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D4RKST0RM99 Apr 6 2012 replied:

ye because its not an Assault Carrier, its the Super Carrier Long night of Solace in Halo Reach, Hopefully the ships will be correctly named in the finished Mod, lol

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Unikraken Author
Unikraken Apr 6 2012 replied:

No on likes a pedantic little ******.

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RedAlert3Modder Apr 6 2012 says:

I am an experience SOASE modder,i have fiddled around with every aspect of the game besides its UI,Entity files,manifest files,mesh files(not a good modeler but i can hardpoint),particle files(not the best at particle forge,have some experience however).Ssend me a message if you think i might be of help/to ask me what i'm experience with in detail.Looking forward to a reply or message!

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Gundrium Apr 11 2012 says:

Well, I don't know how well I could Do the rest, but I might be able to help with the UI design. (Though GIMP can't do EVERYTHING PS can...)

I was thinking that the UNSC would be 'Edgy' Blues and blue-whites with reds (Bad guys) and yellows thrown in the 'Battle Data'. Very... Spartan. (Heh, SPARTAN...)

The Covenant would be PURPLE. LOTS AND LOTS OF FLOWING PURPLE. But also have like problems with the purposefully put into the UI (I.E. Artifacts, 'Holes' in the image. But subtle. ) To Bring home the fact that while they are imitative, the Covenant is in fact NOT Inventive.

Forerunner: Like the Covenant, but without the UI errors and more White, like 'Almost Hard to see' White. The Forerunners seem to love hard light.

The Flood: Sort of like a combination of the UNSC and the Covenant. Hardish edges with some flowing script, but green with almost overly distracting UI errors. The flood, while powerful, does not know the term 'preventive maintenance'.

But that's just my thoughts.

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Tex8em May 16 2012 says:

I have a suggestion for the UNSC Titan class. The UNSC Infinity from the new HALO 4 game "which is going to be awesome!" :)

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python92 Jun 4 2012 says:

A couple things: First of all, although I think you get this a lot (or at least hope you do), AWESOME JOB. Love the idea and the progress and cannot wait to get my hands on the mod to wreak total space havoc. And let me apologize beforehand for my long-winded-ness, I hope it doesn't discourage you reading or approving this. (Long-winded-ness is especially evident since the website needs me to break the message into more than one post for character limits.)

Couple of questions:
1. Will you make a "boarding party" ability for all the races, just some, just the flood, or none? I figured it would be a good idea for most every race (although possibly forerunners could not have it and be strong in other ways?) since a portion of the fun of Halo is having the master chief fighting off covenant on UNSC ships or boarding (albeit crashed) flood-controlled ships. So UNSC could send a "spartan team" (depending on when you want the UNSC/Covenant timeline to take place for the game i.e. before all Spartan IIs go kapput or after, in which case maybe "ODST team"?) and Covenant could send an "Elite/Grunt boarding party". Of course I think there should be a "Flood Ship Infection" but I think you've got that covered if I am reading into the Flood Infector picture I saw under Images correctly.

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Sloosecannon Creator
Sloosecannon Sep 30 2012 replied:


To answer this...
Yes, the UNSC has an ability to that extent, and the flood (obviously) have the ability to assimilate [strike] floodify ships...

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python92 Jun 4 2012 says:

2. (Request/question) Would you consider releasing a "half-way point" mod? Before you possibly misunderstand me, this is what I mean: I recognize that good mods take a long time to produce and test and correct and test again and get a product out, so perhaps you would consider finishing the UNSC (if you haven't already) and the Covenant, and then release the mod with those two races before going on to complete the other two. This would let all us fans have something more tangible and fun to play with, and give us something more tangible to spread the word with (I have some friends who would definitely be interested, but I would be happier, as would they, if I could go to them and say, "Hey, download this, give it a try, tell me what you think and we can get some multiplayer going!" instead of "Hey, look at this website of this mod that looks cool but we can't touch it yet.") Plus, and I personally think this is the best argument, and I think this goes for everyone, I REALLY WANNA PLAY!!! Anyhow, please consider this to provide us gamers with a holdover until the complete project comes out. (Also, I got this idea from Halo Homefront, the Halo mod for Homeworld 2, where enough fans were insistent enough that the developers released a beta version of the mod with at least most of the UNSC that you can play with the normal game factions. This gave me something to play with, yay!, and got me completely hooked on their mod, so I even more eagerly await the rest of it. I think something similar for SotP would be good for everyone, getting more people hooked for you to release the final product for.)

Anyhow, that is all I can come up with for now. Some of my questions were already answered in the comments, and I'm sure I'll come up with more for you to waste time on later :)

I hope you'll respond positively to my questions and I look forward to hearing from you. Don't let us down!

P.S. Again, thanks and keep up the good work!

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Sloosecannon Creator
Sloosecannon Sep 30 2012 replied:

Would that be a requestion? [trollface]
And we're looking at a UNSC only beta in the future. That is the plan at least...

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Reaper_Armada Jun 9 2012 says:

Some people had the kindness in their hearts to go through and put down everyones comments so I thought, to hell with that, none of these are bad comments and bumped them all back up.

+5 votes     reply to comment
starfox37 Jul 23 2012 says:

Well, I know Halo, I use a lot of complicated animation and CGI programs (After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc) if thats of any use .... let me know. Doubt it would be but anything I can do to help.

+3 votes     reply to comment
spirit-0f-fire Sep 30 2012 says:

I have made a UNSC Infinty model, would be cool if it could be used here

+2 votes     reply to comment
KhevaKins Dec 22 2012 says:

'Sad face' My hands aren't small. Or Grubby.

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