Installation :

unload all older versions and then delete them, afterwards just run the installer the instructions for install.


important changes :

- new Nations : France, Romania, Italy, Poland and Hungary
- Yearsettings (39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 39-45)
- Different Limitation Options in every Yearsetting
- heavy Guns/Howitzers are directly towed
- 50m-80m Ingame Range for Sub-Machine Guns & Assault Guns (depending on Caliber & Muzzlespeed)
- 100m Ingame Range for all Rifles & Machine-Guns
- 120m Ingame Range for all heavy Machine-Guns (0.5cal and upwards)
- 120m Ingame Range for all Sniper-Rifles
- 150m Ingame Range for all automatic Guns up to 40mm
- 200m Ingame Range for all Guns / AT-Guns
- 180m Ingame Range for Rocket-Artillery with Ranges below 4Km
- 200m Ingame Range for Rocket- Artillery with Ranges between 4 to 6Km
- 220m Ingame Range for Rocket- Artillery with Ranges above 6Km
- 250m Ingame Range for Artillery with Ranges below 9Km
- 270m Ingame Range for Artillery with Ranges between 11 to 15Km
- 300m Ingame Range for Artillery with Ranges above 18Km
- fixed Firerates and Burstrates for all Infantry Weapons to realistic Values
- Increased Artillery & Rocket Artillery spreading
- changed all Gun Penetration Data for the most common Projectile in every Yearstage
(f.e: 2pdr. has different Penetration Values from 40-41 to 42-43)
- changed Limitations of Vehicles / infantry Weapons for every Yearsetting
- changed Limitations of specialized Ammunition for every Yearstage (APCR/APDS/HEAT)
- new Weapon sounds
- added new Voices for Infantry
- new Accuracy-System for Infantry Weapons depending on Stance and Weaponknowlege
- Rare Vehicles are restricted in Amount
- new Vision Management (Elite Troops have a wider Field of View)
- HeroTree removed (most Hero units are normal units now)
- removed any Restriction in Buymenu for the Testmode
- added Smoke Dischargers for Tanks that have them on the ingame model
- Dying Vehicles have new FX for Ammo Explosions
- Penetration Power Diplay Field can be turned off if the host wants that (default is off)
- added several new Units
- reworked damage System for Damages on all amored vehicles


Timesetting overview :

1939 : Germany , Soviet Union, Poland, Japan
1940 : Germany , United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, France
1941 : Germany , United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Italy, Japan, Romania, Hungary
1942 : Germany , United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Italy, Japan, Romania, USA, Hungary
1943 : Germany , United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Italy, Japan, Romania, USA, Hungary
1944 : Germany , United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Japan, Romania, USA, Hungary
1945 : Germany , United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Japan, Romania, USA
1939-45 : all Nations
infantry only : all Nations


though the mod does not provide any support for Singleplayermissions anymore (due various reasons)
you should use the missions made by SirHinkel, DjSatane or Interpulse. They all made an awesome job with new missions.

for Assault Squad 1 :

SirHinkels Skirmish Missions

DjSatanes Skirmish Missions

Interpulse Skirmish Missions

for Assault Squad 2 :

SirHinkel Skirmish Missions on Steam Workshop

DJSatanes Skirmish Missions on Steam Workshop


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GSM XII released

News 3 comments

Changelog :

- added Jagdpanzer IV L/48
- added towing trucks to poland and france
- added 37mm APCR to SA38 Gun (H39 tank) and 47mm APCR to SA1937 Gun (Lorraine 37 AT & SA37 AT Gun)
- added 88mm FLak18 to Italy as Canone da 88/55
- added Canone da 65/17 to Italy
- added new 88mm Flak36, M2A4, M4, M4A1, M4A1 76w and M4A3E8 model
- added 13mm 42m to Hungary
- added 3 new maps (3x3, 4x4 and 5x5)
- added new FX effects for tank damage and shell hits
- added 57mm HEAT to Japan
- added Foreign Legion to France
- added polish commando troops
- added 13mm Hotchkiss AA Gun, 20mm Gutstloff AA Gun and 75mm pak97/38 to Romania
- added trun and seaside map
- added poland and france to frontline
- added Maresal, Tiger(P), Pz.VI Ausf.B with Porsche Turret and Pz.3 Ausf.H
- added veterancy system and ammo distribution for infantry
- fixed SdKfz.4 (Panzerwerfer)
- fixed Hetzer machine gun
- fixed seaside map
- fixed french medic helmet & name
- fixed french foreign legion cap
- fixed game duration bug
- fixed problems with SdKfz. 251/1
- fixed several problems with different amored cars

- fixed automatic firering problems with several aa vehicles / guns
- fixed boyes rilfe penetration data
- fixed waterline on prokhorovka map
- fixed texture glitch on tracks for SdKfz. 251/17
- fixed automatic gun HE Shell damage on unarmored vehicles
- fixed armor data for Pz.3 Ausf.F
- fixed amor bug on KV1 '40 , KV1e , KV1s , KV8 and Su152
- fixed speeds for universal carrier, t-20 and kettenkrad
- fixed spawnpoints on Poland map
- fixed sounds for sexton and M7 Priest(uk)
- reworked ammo cock off script
- reworked us Airborne MGunner had lewis machine gun instead of BAR

- reworked german & russian non-elite automatic rifleman breeds
- reworked vehicle skins so they fit the map now
- reworked mortar impact effect
- reworked prices for french medium and heavy tanks
- reworked no artillery Setting not longer contains heavy support vehicles with 95mm Guns or bigger
- reworked tank damage system
- reworked reload times for stripe fed AntiAircraft Guns
- reworked reload times for heavy aa guns
- reworked gun accuracy classes slightly (automatic guns and support guns & vehicles especially)
- rewored infantry files for new veterancy system
- reworked artillery / mortars / rocket artillery now can split a barrage into 2 parts
- reworked sherman tank sounds for different engines
- replaced model for hungarian helmet
- replaced M36B1 Slugger Model with newer one
- replaced 47mm Pak37-t in Romanian rooster with 47mm Breda AT Gun
- removed willy jeep with .50cal due beeing bugged
- removed 20mm solothurn and 20mm lahti
- removed SdKfz.7/2a and Isu-122s
- removed Kugelblitz due various problems with new Patch

News regarding GSM for Assault Squad 2

News regarding GSM for Assault Squad 2

News 9 comments

Hey Guys, as the most of you can't await the release of GSM for Assault Squad 2 , here are some news for for you :

GSM Fields of Honor X  for MoW:AS released

GSM Fields of Honor X for MoW:AS released

News 6 comments

as soon as the download is authed by moddb , you should be able to download the newer version of GSM, have fun with it ;)

Development news 24.04.2013

Development news 24.04.2013

News 5 comments

We will have several more / less important changes for the MP Part (though the SP Part will be completely abadoned, as you can see in the previous news...



News 2 comments

Due to Problems with Singleplayer Missions (nearly all have some Problems) and though they aren't made by me , they will vanish in the next version, only...

RSS Files
GSM Fields of Honor XII (MoW:AS2)

GSM Fields of Honor XII (MoW:AS2)

Full Version 238 comments

newest Version of the GSM Mod for MoW:AS2 called Fields of Honor XI needs minimum MoW:AS2 version 3.260.1 ! this Download was updated on 09.10.16 due...

GSM Fields of Honor X (MoW:AS) - end of Support !

GSM Fields of Honor X (MoW:AS) - end of Support !

Full Version 171 comments

newest Version of the GSM Mod for MoW:AS called Fields of Honor X needs MoW:AS version 2.05.15 !

GSM Fields of Honor 6.2 (MoW) - end of Support !

GSM Fields of Honor 6.2 (MoW) - end of Support !

Full Version 35 comments

newest Version of the GSM Mod for MoW called Fields of Honor 6.2 !! be aware , this version is pretty outdated and work on this version for vanilla MoW...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,551)

Any chance you can make the steam version visible again just for the convenience of the people on steam, you would be surprised by the number of people that don't know about moddb.

Also, the version that is available on moddb I am assuming it is the same version that was on the steam workshop?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


thanks for all the fun and content you provided to the men of war community for all this time !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

how to downolad

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

you can also update the mod for the Men of war AS 1?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Blub0r2k Creator

work on GSM in general was stopped. no further development is planned.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Blub0r2k Creator

i moved all files into the archive as i have lost interest in modding, due lack of sparetime ( i have 2 kids now) and thus, support can't be guaranteed.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I understand that, but did you also remove the files from the Steam workshop? I'm sure plenty of people are still interested in playing the mod, and possibly there might be people interested in picking up your work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hm yes, I had just reinstalled AS2 today and I saw the mod wasn't downloaded, so I just got it from ModDB. Still, could you still make it visible on Steam for the people who have the mod in there? Thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Blub0r2k Creator

its not deleted, its only invisible there.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It's actually best to use the installer rather than the Steam version. As it is a bit buggy from my experience

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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Great mod, I only wish there was a Brand new singleplayer campaign to go with it :)

Jan 22 2012 by ShamrockSoldier

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