Intention for this Mod was to make it become the best Mix of Realism / Balance that is possible, its hard for newcommers to get an overview about the new Stuff, but once you get an Idea of the Full Capabilities of the Mod you will be suprised how much Fun it can provide.

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Great mod, I only wish there was a Brand new singleplayer campaign to go with it :)

This mod adds a lot of realism and alot of cool new, greatly textured units.

This mod is highly recommended.


Great Stuff, Buy ya' self a cake will ya? Ya deserve it, However I have taken a close look and it dont seem Fully Done, But when more releases will be added, I will Give this a 10, Strongly Recommended and Grab some friends and you guys will have alot of fun playing this.

Best multiplayer mod for Men of War

great mod for a great game. adds more realisitc unit values, more units, 3 new factions, and a whole bunch of other stuff. XD

if you have men of war you will like it this mod.

Very nice mod and well done

love it, its an amazing mod, i loved men of war to begin with, this just made it all of the better, after playing it like 2-3 times, i needed new pants

this mod is perfect... 'nuff said

Damn epic mod!

Great Mod

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