Bringing The Fallout Universe into an Empire Building Genre.

Take control of one of the Wasteland Factions vying for the Power and Control of the Wastes.

Guns, Melee, Power Armour, Gunships, Espionage, Diplomacy.

What tools will you use to Tame the Wastes?

Blood will be spilt and Empires will be forged

because we all know....

War Never Changes....

Come and Join the Development Discussions in our Brand New Forum!

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Alpha 5

Alpha 5 Full Release

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Fallout: Tame The Wastes

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Patches Are Broken

1 week ago News 6 comments

Main Menu BG

The Better Tomorrow Is not Quite Working Today!

Tandi, First Lady Of The Wasteland!Mr. HouseHarold The Ghoul

The Master's RepresentativeHigh Elder John Maxson

World Leaders Join Together

to protest the Shocking lack of Quality found in the

Enclave's Vision for the Wasteland

Hail Caesar!

Caesar is in such a bad mood he has decided to just crash the whole game!

In Short:

The last two patches have been a disaster and I don't entirely know why.

The issue is being made far more complex and difficult due to the fact that the crashes do not occur on my computer, and although there are function bugs (things not doing what they should) there are no stability bugs when I play on my computer.

This is making it very difficult for me to know that there even is a problem with the game, before we even start on the process of trying to fix it! As well as then knowing whether or not it has been fixed!?!

I was hoping to setup a second machine to test the mod on and thus hopefully replicate the bugs and work out the issues to either fix or avoid them.

Unfortunately it seems that my disk version of Civ is broken or won't install on windows 10 or some other issue. So in short I cannot get Civ on my second machine.

Steam has it but it is currently £15 and frankly I cannot be bothered to spend that on a game I already own! Especially a decade old one! (You had my money already!!!) If I see it on sale I will grab it.

I have someone working on what may well be the underlying issue, but their time is limited so I cannot guarantee when, (or worst case scenario) if they will solve that. They have done wonders in the past so I am hopeful, I just haven't heard anything from them in a week or so. (Again not entirely unusual for their limited time)

So for now I will work on an Alpha5.5 Build which is focussing on updating in game information and providing knowledge on the new rules and questions about the game. (along with any bugs I find and fix)

If anyone wants to volunteer to be a guinea pig for the 5.5 Build to see if I accidentally fix or avoid the major crash issues, PM me.

Your allegiance would be much appreciated.

Maybe I can sell you to Caesar to make him stop throwing a hissy fit!

A5 Stable Build

Alpha 5 Full Release

Main Forum

Stay Safe Out There Wastelanders!

1000 Download Celebration!?!

1000 Download Celebration!?!

3 weeks ago News 0 comments

To Celebrate the 1000th download of the Mod, We have a special PatchBoy1000 Patch!

Latest Mod News

Latest Mod News

3 months ago News 5 comments

Here is an update on what is happening with the mod.

Alpha 5 (Full Release)

Alpha 5 (Full Release)

6 months ago News 16 comments

Alpha 5 (Full Release) Out Now! Full of all manner of new Wasteland goodies!

Embarassment Update

Embarassment Update

7 months ago News 2 comments

So I had one of the team investigate and he discovered what was wrong with my Story Event.

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3 weeks ago Patch 19 comments

To celebrate the 1000th download of the mod. A Brand New Patch! It is not quite as comprehensive as I hoped it would be by this stage. What's New: For...

Pre-Alpha6 Patch

Pre-Alpha6 Patch

4 months ago Patch 1 comment

This is a small/large update that makes changes to the following: Reduced Civic Effects. Added Changing Civic Traits (Though no real content adds +2 gold...

Alpha 5 Full Release

Alpha 5 Full Release

6 months ago Full Version 9 comments

This Release should see the end to the A5 Development and allow us to move forward to concentrate on A6. There maybe be a patch release for this as many...

Alpha5 Patch1

Alpha5 Patch1

9 months ago Patch 2 comments

New patch for Alpha5 Contains: Stuff! See Below for Details and install instructions

Alpha5 (Archid Build)

Alpha5 (Archid Build)

9 months ago Full Version 14 comments

After more than a year of faff and failure the Brand New Version of FTTW is here! Alpha5!

Alpha 4 PatchB

Alpha 4 PatchB

1 year ago Patch 2 comments

A Balance, Tweak and Bug Fix Patch for the Current Version of Fallout Tame The Waste Alpha 4 Main Changes: Barbarian Settings Tweaked Improvement Costs...

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lycan2dude Nov 16 2015 says:

when ever i try to load the game i get Mods\Fallout-TTW\ is an invalid mod directory, ignoring. i can't work out why! i'm using steam

+1 vote     reply to comment
FamousSpear Creator
FamousSpear Nov 17 2015 replied:

can you PM me and tell me your file path for the mod, the whole thing and we will see if we can figure it out together!

+1 vote   reply to comment
DiamondBorne Nov 15 2015 says:

Since the Patchboy1000 is still not stable yet so i'm gonna stick with Alpha V.5 for the time being.

Some of my questions:

1. What are the overall 'Rules' for this mod? Am i not suppose to quickly expand my town from the first 50 turns? Like playing a single city for the first era? judging from this mod preventing my first unit from exploring and such.

2. Why improvements are so costly and what is the actual way to build it? I solved this by spam cities near a bunch of pre-war ruins(with resources) and lower my science rate to a crawl. But i suspect that this is not the real way to do it since it is so unimmersive.

3.What can vaults do? is there any significance in occupying it other than 1/1/1 tile bonus?

That's all for now and sorry for not reading all the civilopedia, the informations and placement are somehow too overwhelming to me. Btw thanks for being so active.

+1 vote     reply to comment
FamousSpear Creator
FamousSpear Nov 15 2015 replied:

Questions are welcome. Don't Apologise

I am currently working towards (But now seeing about this stability issue) an Alpha5.5 build that will focus a lot on explanation and making as much info available to the player as easily as possible, including new game rules, etc. In the pedia.

I don't get a lot of feedback or player data, so I don't know all of the methods and exploits people use to succeed, or how they 'unimmerse' themselves, to find and shut them down and continue to make the Wasteland an evil and devastating place! :D

So Answers:(PM me In future, it is easier to respond and helps me keep a nice record of 'things to explain and work on')

1. Yes. There is still much to be done to make this more interesting(Like a tonne of events to make decisions about).
The premise is this is the Pre-Fallout 1 Era.
You start the game as a small group of Survivors(Quite literally the six or so people you see) and you are about to establish your first ever 'home'. So alone, scared and surrounded by a terrible world you begin the path to Post Apocalypse Civilization, from the 6 of you to 1000s. (I explain it as more is less. so in Civ 2pop would be a few hundred/thousand people. In FTTW it would be less than 20. 1 pop. is a 'Productive Individual + Family -ish'

2. In part due to answer 1. (More is less, 1000 gold is like $1000, so they are actually quite cheap! :D)
The other part is that things are just meant to take longer and go slower. Taming the Wasteland and building a Civilization is an immense struggle in a Wasteland World. (They are also a more devastating loss if someone smashes them).
How effective this is is a question to be answered by feedback in the future (I unfortunately lost my two amazing playtesters right before we got a stable build due to commitments) So I don't know how well anything is working, really.
Improvements and roads are also very powerful and Bonus Resources boost the effectiveness of building outputs, so also roads are very powerful.

3.The first Major use of Vaults is for 'Vault Factions'(V) (They are called Vault Dwellers on the Faction Selection screen, unfortunately there is a display glitch which I can't solve so it is mashed up next to 'Unique Units'.
(V) Civs can only found cities on Vault Squares, but they are generally more powerful. (More Info available on our forum, link at the top).
For Non-V Civs you can eventually build a powerful improvement to get I think 10,20,20 yield from a vault. That is in the late game though. This Improvement also gives access to some buildings that give Bonus Resources from the Vault. (I forget exactly what though...(If I even made that bit yet...I get a bit lost in the tiny incremental changes sometimes :D)

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FamousSpear Creator
FamousSpear Oct 27 2015 says:

For anyone who looks this far, I have discovered a half work around for the Civic Traits error, while a friend looks into it to see if he can fix it properly.

I will work out some proper stats for the level 1 Civic Traits and maybe experiment with level 2 traits, then I will upload a patch fix to replace the current Pre-A6 Patch.

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheIronChancellor1 Oct 18 2015 says:

Wait.... No playable Caesar's Legion!? D:

Are you planning on including them at some point?

+1 vote     reply to comment
FamousSpear Creator
FamousSpear Oct 18 2015 replied:

Yes, at this point adding a new faction would be mostly superficial. You have some names and such but all factions are 'mostly' generic right now.

Without support I haven't really been working on the project much. The current state is that we are still making the 'rules of the wasteland' how the game a s a whole will function. once we have the rules we can start looking at how each faction will 'break' the rules to play as it's own unique experience.

If you would like to join the discussion on the design of caesar's legion, then you can out our civfanatics forum. (link at the top)

Right now no one is really involved or talking about the mod. (I have had a few conversations with a couple of volunteers but nothing of much substance yet.)

So for the last few months I have been putting my effort into other projects.

With some activity and 'buzz' I might find the motivation to come back to it, but right now I just don't have it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheIronChancellor1 Oct 18 2015 replied:

Ah, I see. Well, thank you for letting me know.

+1 vote     reply to comment
FamousSpear Creator
FamousSpear Oct 18 2015 replied:

I do have a caesar and mrhouse leaderhead though

(thanks to nitram15 and clanky)

So adding them is not a particularly difficult task, right now there just isn't much point until we get to faction specific work.

+1 vote   reply to comment
flagrantpilgrim Aug 25 2015 says:

This is super cool. I'm looking forward to more updates!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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What can I say other than that this mod is the reason why I went out and got Civ 4. Decided to play as the NCR and at about turn 200 I had pissed off the local tribes and Super Mutants and as always the Enclave but gained the love of The Brother Hood and the Ghouls. So eventually I went to war with the muties, tribes and the Enclave and wiped them all out along with the slavers. And being in the spirit of the NCR I turned around and wasted the brother hood and culled the Ghouls because hey you've…

Apr 2 2014 by EvilElmo23

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