Focusing on the time periods after the invention of gunpowder. It will deliver 12 unique and challenging scenarios created by the development team at Firaxis as well as some esteemed members of the Civ Community. Civ IV: Beyond the Sword will also include ten new civilizations, sixteen new leaders, five new wonders, and a variety of new units that will offer even more fun and exciting ways for players to expand their civilization's power as they strive for world domination.

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RI 3.3 header

Full Installer

Realism Invictus 3.3 Full Installer

Light Installer

Realism Invictus 3.3 Light Installer

Realism Invictus 3.3

Dear friends, I am here yet again with a new version of Realism: Invictus mod. This mod has been in development an astounding decade to date, and is still going strong. So, what to expect from this version?

RI 3.3 category 1

• Buildings almost never provide %production bonuses, workshop tile improvement does not exist anymore
• New specialist: craftsman, generates no GP points, but with appropriate technologies and civics can generate large amounts of production
• New buildings and effects to simulate gradual shift to industrial production (craftsmen) from cottage industries (worked tiles)
• Electricity now very important for industrial production and many modern buildings

RI 3.3 category 2

• Two new playable civilizations: Hungary and Mayans. Both have NBs, NIs, lots of flavor units, leaders etc.
• All playable civilizations now have at least 5 leaders
• New leader trait: conqueror. Improves cavalry, siege units and rural logistics
• Many existing leaders had their traits and favorite civics changed
• Zulu civilization expanded to include all Nguni peoples and renamed to reflect that

RI 3.3 category 3

• Reworked late-game health and epidemic prevention; pandemic colony gone, many new medical projects for increasing global health and lowering epidemic chance
• Castles totally reworked and can be improved with various add-ons under Feudal Aristocracy
• Effects of pagan temples now better balanced and more diverse
• Rebalanced and switched around gold, commerce and trade bonuses
• Religious shrines now provide a fixed gold income instead of scaling to number of cities
• New buildings: Trade Fair, River Port, Tax Office, Workshop, Print Shop, Newspaper
• New wonders: Ford Motor Company, Bayer AG
• Many wonder effects rebalanced
• Many buildings now get flavor versions for various cultural artstyles

RI 3.3 category 4

• South China and Germany have new National Improvements
• Mines for precious metals now a separate improvement that advances differently from regular mines
• Food crop plantations are now more useful
• Flat terrain features (such as fertile soils) no longer block line of sight
• PerfectMongoose map script tweaked to produce more hospitable maps and correctly place flood plains and oases

RI 3.3 category 5

• WW2 armored cars and Humvees removed
• New units: Composite Bowman, Early Crossbowman (both only available to some civs), Galleass, Mountain Infantry (WW1 and WW2 versions)
• Added many new flavor units to various civilizations
• Rebalanced and reworked upgrade lines for most ships
• Reworked upgrade trees for most land units
• All combat unit classes increase in costs per number of units already built

RI 3.3 category 6

• Great Scientists are now able to construct era-appropriate Great Works of Science
• Great Merchants are now able to found three types of enterprises in industrial-modern era: car factories, pharmaceutical companies and movie studios. Most civilizations have flavor versions of those
• Any playable civilization, when running out of historical Great People names, will now spawn people with random, yet plausible civ-specific names

RI 3.3 category 7

• AI should now be less eager to attack cities with cavalry
• AI will refuse peaceful vassalization
• AI leaders will remember good things done to them longer and will quicker forget bad things
• AI will be much more rational when deciding whether to raze a city they have taken
• AI should now be smarter when deciding what tiles to work

RI 3.3 category 8

• Rebalanced and replaced many civics; many civic combinations now have additional effects through special national buildings
• Reduced relations bonuses and maluses from traits
• Rebel slave and serf strength now depends not on era, but on weapon technology available to player (same as player’s irregular unit line)
• Many tech prerequisites and costs reworked
• Open borders no longer provide free culture under any circumstances
• Reworked many in-game buttons, especially for units and resources. Units no more use vanilla-style buttons
• Some tweaks to pedia: filter leaders by playable status, show unit upgrade trees for a selected civ, show building upgrade chart
• Significantly improved performance due to various dll optimizations
• Special characters in unit and building names should no longer display erroneously in some cases
• Upgraded the version of K-Mod used in RI to 1.44b
• Merged in graphics paging for dealing with memory errors (can be toggled in graphics options)

Get the new version here:

Full version (download link)

Light version (download link)

Happy holidays everyone!

Alpha5.5 Christmas PipBoy Release

Alpha5.5 Christmas PipBoy Release

Fallout: Tame The Wastes 2 comments

Alpha5.5 is here. Not as full bodied as I would have liked, but still a huge increase of content, including everything from the failed patches, 5.5 Should...

Patches Are Broken

Patches Are Broken

Fallout: Tame The Wastes 8 comments

The current Patches are causing Crashes to the Game. They are not occuring on my computer, I do not know why but this is making it difficult to identify...

1000 Download Celebration!?!

1000 Download Celebration!?!

Fallout: Tame The Wastes 0 comments

To Celebrate the 1000th download of the Mod, We have a special PatchBoy1000 Patch!

Latest Mod News

Latest Mod News

Fallout: Tame The Wastes 5 comments

Here is an update on what is happening with the mod.

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Conflict on Chiron Patch 0 comments

ChangeLog - im Techtree wurden die Einträge ("freies Gebäude Wasserwerk/Biolabor für alle Basen bei Erforschung dieser Tech") für "Geheimnisse von...

thecowwarrior's British Empire

thecowwarrior's British Empire

Full Version 0 comments

This mod replaces the English Empire with the British Empire. I was inspired to create this by Mozza's old mod. There are no gameplay changes. Feel free...

thecowwarrior's Pirates Mod

thecowwarrior's Pirates Mod

Full Version 0 comments

This mod adds a pirate themed civilization to Civ4 BTS 3.19, called the Pyrate Brotherhood. This civ is pieced together from many different mods found...

Conflict on Chiron

Conflict on Chiron

Conflict on Chiron Full Version 0 comments

By the year 2060, human civilization on planet Earth has been ravaged by war, famine, pollution and poverty. In a final effort to give humanity a fresh...

History Rewritten 1.24 2nd Beta (K-Mod merge)

History Rewritten 1.24 2nd Beta (K-Mod merge)

History Rewritten Patch 1 comment

2nd early beta of History Rewritten 1.24, featuring the much requested K-Mod merge. For more details or to participate, please visit the official thread...

Realism Invictus 3.3 Light Installer

Realism Invictus 3.3 Light Installer

Realism Invictus Full Version 0 comments

Realism Invictus 3.3 for Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword. Light version installer contains a fully playable version of the mod. Not included are wonder...

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What other games are similar to civ 4?

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I cannot start Civilization IV through desura. I have Civ IV through Steam.

Failed to launch item.

Failed to launch item Civilization IV, File is not valid
exe [c:\steam\steamapps\common\sid meier's
civilization iv beyond the
sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe]. [61.0]

Any idea what's wrong? (It has the correct file path.)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

It's the steam version of the .exe so only steam can launch it.

You might be able to download a Retail .exe (Since you bought the game it doesn't matter where you download it) , but beware of viruses.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Actually, the above is the wrong path, but I entered the correct path manually. I guess it's not accepting the manual path? The correct path is:C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Can you link it to Desura?
I love Desura's download & play features. Any chance you guys can link it up?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i love this game, i still play it.
(and i still play it because my pc don't support Civ V :D )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

You know what is funny about The warlords theme song :P
It is a Lebanese folks song (a love song to be precise) the song talks about a beautiful women that the singer would let mountains bow before her then he says that when she appears she blooms as April ( April is month of the Virgin Mary in Lebanon Because All flowers trees Bushes Bloom in April) so if you take it that way you would see the paradox in the Game Title and the song :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Fun game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hey does Civ 4 not like Vista? I used to play it, and LOVED it, on my old XP computer. THen I got a new computer with Vista, reinstalled, and it crashes whenever I try to start a game! It sucks cause I really want to get back on and play this game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

it works fine even with w7x64

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

worked fine for me - bought a budget version the other week, though had to patch it first.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I have Vista Service Pack 2 and it works perfectly fine.

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