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jONES1979 for his help
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Darkness Within mod team that should allow me to use a nice user interface for the campaign in order to try and get both linear and non-linear campaigns available
Octopus Rex for his many helpful tutorials
Titanium Wars Mod creator GrOrc
RT2 for always being helpful
Ultimate Apocalypse team
Compiler and the rest of the people who contributed to create Inquisition Daemonhunt
Thudmeizer for his work in both the Skirmish AI and the excellent voice recordings he organizes
Dark Angels Mod Team especially jONES1979 and Thudmeizer
TTRU Mod by Zany Reaper
Ombrephenix for is work on taskbar editing which is very helpful
PogS and any other person that contributed to DOW Improvement Project
MaestroRobertus for some of his models
Boychaos for some of his models
DOW Kingdom mod for DC by Etherdragn
DowPro mod for some of its modified models
Steel Legion Mod and its creators
Anyone that helped me so far with suggestions, comments and so on
Donators of course

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Inquisition Warrior Acolytes Ranged WIP Inquisition Warrior Acolytes Ranged WIP Inquisition Warrior Acolytes Ranged WIP
Blog RSS Feed Report abuse Latest News: Chaos Renegades and Inquisition

7 comments by GreenScorpion on Jun 25th, 2015

Chaos Renegades

We will start with a small demonstration of chaos renegades fighting against orks. Notice that the renegades work well when mixed together but individually they are not strong enough to face the multiple types of targets an ork army can throw against them.

Overall the greatest weakness of renegades is a lack of dedicated melee units since the only unit that has a considerable amount of good melee weapons is the command squad which in most cases you should keep close to the fight but not involved in it as the members of the squad are more useful to the surrounding troops when alive then dead. This is particularly true because the command squad is only strong with full members and any missing member will reduce the overall effectiveness of the squad.

While renegades have some similarities to imperial guard troops (especially in what relates to weapons and other wargear), their units and their commanders work in a different way from the loyalist guards of the Imperium.

The units seen in the video consist of common chaos renegades, renegade disciples (armour looks similar to IG karskins and they have a camouflage pattern), renegade heavy weapon teams and the command squad. The command squad is composed by an exalted champion which improves all squads near him, a renegade preacher which provides increased damage and speed to the squad, a banner bearer which improves morale, a renegade medic to heal nearby soldiers and finally a vox caster which will provide air support and other abilities. Common renegades can be led by a renegade champion which improves their health and provides other passive bonus and the common renegades will provide you with the massed soldier tactics you would commonly use with IG although renegades have less soldiers per squad than guardsmen have. Renegades are more durable due to the gifts of the dark gods and are particularly effective against infantry especially when led by a commander. Disciples can be led by a champion and are essentially better armoured and more experient versions of renegades, thus dealing more base damage and possessing more health. Attaching them a preacher will make them run fast around the battlefield in case you are searching for fast commandos to do fast strikes in and out of an area. Heavy weapon teams will provide you with defensive or offensive fire support which can be focused as anti-infantry, anti-vehicle or be general use. Heavy weapon teams can provide indirect fire support if equipped with mortars, to serve as a close to the frontline artillery-like unit.

Besides preachers renegades can attach enforcers (role similar to a commissar) or psykers (detector and caster but lacking in passive bonus to soldiers).

Also seen in this video are some cultist like soldiers called chaos fanatics which are pretty much meat shield ranged units which can be easily massed and used as distractions. If equipped with stealth they can be used to sabotage enemies and disrupt their strategies by attacking from hiding.


The Inquisition is not a standard force and so a Wing system is under development to allow players to play with different types of Inquisition armies. The Wing system is not as restrictive as a mark system since it allows units from differents Wings to be recruited simultaneously, although some units, especially commanders, will have caps that prevent players to have the major commander of all Wings simultaneously.

This means you can combine the fanaticism of the Priesthood Wing with the reliability of the Warrior Wing to get the better results in a battle.

Priesthood Wing


Inquisition Priesthood Wing display

- Fanatics - the most basic warriors in this army, they are simply equipped with lasguns (no actual armour or something like that so pretty much like chaos cultists). They are really fast and they may get something like the cultists furious charge to get into melee quickly when that needs to happen. Useful for quick exploratory attacks since they can hit and run to safety.

Inquisition Priesthood Wing display

- Redemptors - Slightly better equipped than the fanatics but still without armour, these soldiers are ideal to burn heretics from a safe distance. The heavier weapons and backpacks make them move slower (at the speed of most infantry units in the game). While the fanatics move around fast these soldiers might be used to ambush any enemy that decides to pursue them.

Inquisition Priesthood Wing display

- Zealots - A close combat variant based on the inquisition_acolyte_codex included in FoK/PoK although unused (most likely because it was not completely finished) which was based on the original IG priest model.

Their combat role would likely be similar to that of the repentias killing pretty much everything in close combat.


Inquisition Priesthood Wing display commanders

- Torturer - each inquisitor usually have a specialist on torture so it can obtain the information required from the enemies of the Imperium. Due to the fact that some of these specialists in the time of the Catholic Inquisition were actually priests (not all but some were), I decided to include the torturer in this wing. The claw from the FoK/PoK eversor assassin gives it the menacing look the title demands.

Inquisition Priesthood Wing display commanders

- Banisher - Exorcists and Banishers are the experts on sending daemons back to the warp be it with religious chants, prayers or through the use of powerful weapons, these warriors are essencial to any Inquisitor in the Ordo Malleus. Daemons are powerful enemies and fighting them constantly brings danger to body and mind so Banishers won't likely last long unless their extremely resistent.

Inquisition Priesthood Wing display commanders

- Scout - any military force needs some sort of scouting unit and so this warrior advances ahead of the main army and checks the enemy positions from a safe distance possible marking them so others can eliminate the targets.


Inquisition Priesthood Wing dedicated builder (currently unnamed)

Warrior Wing

Warrior Acolytes are the core of any Inquisitorial force. Although many inquisitors will prefer the well trained and equipped stormtroopers, crusaders and any other elite Imperial warriors, loyalty is usually more important than training and combat experience. Obviously many of these loyal warriors the inquisitor surrounds itself with will die in some forsaken world fighting a war that is all around the Imperium and yet most people are unaware of its battles.

In these screenshots you can see some of those warriors that dedicate themselves to the service of the Inquisition, some obviously in the hope they will one day be inquisitors in their own right.

Inquisition Warrior Wing display

Warrior Acolytes Melee

Inquisition Warrior Wing display

Warrior Acolytes Ranged

Inquisition Warrior Wing display

Warrior Acolytes in Power Armour (Melee Version)

Inquisition Warrior Wing display

Warrior Acolytes in Power Armour (Ranged Version)

The Wing system is currently Work in Progress, as you can see there are only 2 Wings so far and the Warrior Wing has no commanders for the moment. The Warrior Wing will be a part of the frontline deployment troops of the Inquisition race (units recruited from listening posts thus easy to deploy while advancing) and so their objective is mostly to be versatile as they can be quickly deployed to fight infantry, vehicles, daemons...

To check my latest videos visit my youtube channel:

To be aware of the my latest modding developments (not necessarily all related with this mod) check my profile at moddb:

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Renegade Guard Modder's Resource version 0.2

Renegade Guard Modder's Resource version 0.2

May 29, 2015 Models Pack 5 comments

Check the description below for more information and additional links.

Imperial Guard Buildings Modification

Imperial Guard Buildings Modification

Jan 18, 2015 Models Pack 2 comments

This archive contains the Imperial Guard buildings with flamers and the crate drop building concept which was initially thought as a building to provide...

Renegade Guard Modder's Resource version 0.1

Renegade Guard Modder's Resource version 0.1

Dec 20, 2014 Models Pack 0 comments

This archive contains 4 conversion concepts related with the Renegade Guard. This is Work in Progress and thus will be updated in the future with more...

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nico767c Jul 26 2015, 8:04pm says:

is this mod for ss, dc or wa.

also cant seem to find download link

+2 votes     reply to comment
GreenScorpion Creator
GreenScorpion Jul 27 2015, 6:50am replied:

This mod is for DC, since moddb doens't make any distinction between DoW, WA, DC and SS, I included the necessary information in the mod title [DC] Veteran Mod indicates it is for Dark Crusade.

You also won't find a download link as it is not released yet, quality needs time.

+1 vote   reply to comment
nico767c Jul 27 2015, 7:50pm replied:

ok thx

and godspeed

+2 votes     reply to comment
Oddly? Jun 9 2015, 3:08pm says:

hi I just wanted to say great stuff so far! a lot of pretty interesting ideas, I haven't seen else where.
Also I was just looking at your renegade medic picture(which is awesome by the way) and It reminded me of a old mod for winter assault. the mod author had replaced his medic's sword with this suitcase med-kit thing, which made it standout from the normal squad leader. I'm not sure the name of the mod unfortunately, but I just wanted to throw that out there just in case ^.^

+2 votes     reply to comment
super71 May 7 2015, 11:28pm says:

Do the ig building upgrades do more damage ? And can i actually upgrade the building or is it just i put units in and they shoot ? Looks awesome by the way keep up the good work.

+2 votes     reply to comment
GreenScorpion Creator
GreenScorpion May 8 2015, 7:18am replied:

Regular IG buildings only fire when there are units inside like before but I am considering changing/adding researches to affect garrison weapons just like they affect the weapons of soldiers. They are already more useful that in regular DC as the stats reflect more the stats of the weapons used by the infantry since in Dark Crusade and Soulstorm garrison weapons like plasma guns barely did any damage opposed to the good damage they deal when used by guardsmen or kasrkin.

This concept however works differently and is supposed to help in establishing frontline defenses:
Although visually the same building as the infantry bunker it possesses weapons from the start (lasguns, plasma and missiles) in a given direction (directional defense) but garrisoning enables weapons on each of the other sides (no squads fire in one direction, 3 squads fire in all 4 directions). 4 upgrades to this building concept enable additional weapons and benefits in the surrounding area. Each add-on to the building is represented with a flag (which were not textured correctly when the video was made) and they are cumulative, for example the first add-on enables wall mounted flamers to be used and that add-on is required for the next to be purchased. The second add-on enables heavy bolters, the third turns the bunker into a healing station healing nearby soldiers and the fourth allows vehicles to slowly repair around it. There is also a fifth addon which is not represented with a banner but actually adds an antenna to the bunker providing additional benefits.

+1 vote   reply to comment
GreenScorpion Creator
GreenScorpion May 8 2015, 9:00am replied:

I am considering adding weapon upgrades to regular buildings though but have not had the time for the heavy testing required for such a thing. What I had in mind was something like add-ons that replace garrison flamers with garrison melta weapons and similar weapon changes (from anti-infantry to anti-vehicle which is more adequate late game).

+1 vote   reply to comment
romeking Jan 20 2015, 10:36am buried:


Why is this mod for crusade? Most people don't play it anymore. I suggest you pay attention to your praetorian mod.

-5 votes     reply to comment
marioboy0862 Apr 25 2015, 10:35pm replied:

I have a Bolter your Argument is Invalid.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tragicvision Jan 20 2015, 2:26pm replied:

Trolling on comments all across DOW mods today are we, therager?

+4 votes     reply to comment
GreenScorpion Creator
GreenScorpion Jan 20 2015, 2:19pm replied:

I am not modding for you then, be happy.

+7 votes   reply to comment
super71 Mar 27 2015, 8:50pm replied:

Honestly i love this mod especially the ig part as they are my favorite faction. Wish it was on soulstorm as i don't know anyone that plays dark crusade. Still awesome mod and i will play dc again just to use your mod so thank you. Keep up the good work.

+3 votes     reply to comment
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