Greetings fellow visitors, all details on the development of the Veteran Mod for Dark Crusade are being brought to this page in order to get feedback from players worldwide.
When visiting this page i encourage you to visit the forum and leave sugestions, questions, vote on polls or simply talk about things in General Discussion.

The leader of this Mod is me GreenScorpion and any question will be answered by me with pleasure. Hope you enjoy the images and videos provided.

Mod Leader: GreenScorpion
Official Mod Tester: GrayWolf0

NOTE: I never get to know the tabletop game so some units might not be as they are in the Games Workshop original game. Names might seem similar but background stories will be provided to avoid confusion.

The Veteran Mod uses many assets coming from different origins.
If your name should be listed and is missing let me know.

I would like to thank(in no special order):
- jONES1979 for his help
- The Firestorm over Kronus team for their air strike models and many more things
- Octopus Rex for his many helpful tutorials
- Titanium Wars Mod creator GrOrc
- RT2 for always being helpful
- Ultimate Apocalypse team
- Compiler and the rest of the people who contributed to create Inquisition Daemonhunt
- Thudmeizer for his work in both the Skirmish AI and the excellent voice recordings he organizes
- Dark Angels Mod Team especially jONES1979 and Thudmeizer
- TTRU Mod by Zany Reaper
- Ombrephenix for is work on taskbar editing which is very helpful
- PogS and any other person that contributed to DOW Improvement Project
- MaestroRobertus for some of his models
- Boychaos for some of his models
- DOW Kingdom mod for DC by Etherdragn
- DowPro mod for some of its modified models
- Steel Legion Mod and its creators
- Gambit_1 for his help with many things, specially AI coding
- fuggles for many suggestions
- Torzel for his Renegade Guard mod
- Warsmith
- Thudmeizer mod team members for their amazing work with race mods
- Roderic for his many suggestions
- LeonardGOOG for his work with the sisters of battle
- H0LL0W for his valuable input
- Jaguar-Lord for his suggestions and inputs
- Lord_Cylarne for his suggestions
- The DoW Community in general
- Anyone that helped me so far with suggestions, comments and so on
- Donators of course
- Script writers for the many DoW community voice recordings
- Voice actors that recorded voices for DoW mods, in particular:
Engineseer -- Jacob Browning
Ogryns -- Riddare Tengil
Ogryns Sergeant -- Riddare Tengil
Apostate Priest -- Chris Taylor
Rogue Psyker -- Jacob Browning
Sentinel -- Evan Grinbergs
Chimera -- Mark Lucashu
Hellhound -- Mark Lucashu
Basilisk -- Seth Gearhead
Leman Russ -- Monty Greig
Baneblade -- Pedro Franco
Militia -- Seoras Exley // Tanner Wallace
Turret Team -- William Kay // Dustin Darr // David Bodtcher
Missile Launcher Team -- William Kay // Dustin Darr// David Bodtcher
Blood Cult Assassin -- Dan Marfleet
Deacon -- Monty Greig
Overlord -- Craig Hawthorne
Techmarine -- Stephen James
Vindicator -- Caleb Lee
Recruits -- James Stilipec
Marine Squad -- Tom Ford
Marine Squad Sergeant -- Tom Ford
Shield Bearers -- Tanner Wallace
Shield Bearers Sergeant -- Tanner Wallace
Pures -- Craig Hawthorne
Assault Pures -- Craig Hawthorne
Standard Bearer -- Stig Sydtangen
Champion -- Seoras Exley
Renegade Pillagers -- Erin Evans-Walker, Haley C. McCarthy
Renegade Pillager Champion -- Charya Khem, Haley C. McCarthy
Renegade Assault Pillagers -- Jordan Rudolph, Maddy Kwan
Renegade Assault Pillager Champion -- Brittany Hall
Blood Cult Assassin -- Tanja Tjong, Brenda Briges, Erin Evans-Walker
Renegade Heretek Magus -- Erin Evans-Walker, Maddy Kwan
Renegade Khorne Zealots -- Brenda Briges, Tanja Tjong, Amanda Friday, Brittany Hall
Renegade Hedonists of Slaanesh -- Erin Evans-Walker, Enabler
Renegade Assassin -- Tom Doughty, Cornelivs Maximvs
Renegade Banner Bearer -- Cristian Spiteri, Cornelivs Maximvs
Renegade Militia Champion -- AJ Schmitmeyer, Cornelivs Maximvs
Renegade Enforcer -- Peter Hopkins
Renegade Exalted Champion -- Cristian Spiteri
Renegade Rear Guards -- Cristian Spiteri
Renegade Rear Guard Khorne Champion -- Peter Hopkins, Lachlan Underwood, Tom 'Tik' Kennedy
Renegade Rear Guard Nurgle Champion -- Christopher Burns
Renegade Rear Guard Slaanesh Champion -- Lachlan Underwood, Kevin Liberty
Renegade Rear Guard Tzeentch Champion -- Kevin Liberty
Renegade Undivided Icon Bearer -- Tom Doughty, Devon Bettencourt, Echo from Old Times
Renegade Khorne Icon Bearer -- Jared Raman
Renegade Nurgle Icon Bearer -- Jack Reilly, Christopher Burns, Lachlan Underwood
Renegade Slaanesh Icon Bearer -- Isaac Comelli
Renegade Tzeentch Icon Bearer -- Lachlan Underwood
Renegade Medic -- Tom 'Tik' Kennedy
Renegade Favored Champion of Khorne -- Lachlan Underwood
Renegade Favored Champion of Nurgle -- Echo from Old Times
Renegade Favored Champion of Slaanesh -- Isaac Comelli, Lachlan Underwood
Renegade Favored Champion of Tzeentch -- Kevin Liberty, Tom 'Tik' Kennedy
Renegade Nurgle Commandos -- Jack Reilly, Echo from Old Times
Renegade Tzeentch Coven -- Cristian Spiteri, Jack Reilly
Renegade Vox Caster -- Peter Hopkins, Tom Doughty

Obviously last but not least I would like to thank Relic for the amazing game they created, providing people uncountable hours of fun!

Any item that is in this mod belongs to their authors including but not limited to Relic, THQ, Games Workshop and myself.

Thanks for visiting!

[DC] Veteran Mod

List of Donators to this mod:

Deuce_Savage who has donated twice already, many thanks to him for his support.

Donation is not a requirement to play this mod when it comes out but it is a very appreaciated courtesy that is a clear sign of support from those that are following the mods progress. Other forms of showing support are equally welcomed.
The development of the mod is not dependant on donations, there is no one else with more desire to play the final version as the members of the team and so although it may take a while to be finished, the mod will someday be finished (unless something really bad happens, let us certainly hope not!). That said if you wish to donate to the mod team contact me through private message.

Find me on patreon at this location:

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RSS Articles

This month I have some good news and some bad news to report but don't get worried right now.

Upcoming Release

Let us start with the good news first, shall we?
The mod is scheduled to be released on the 25th of December 00:00 GMT. Consider this my gift to you on this holiday season.

This video refers a short description of what will be available on this release and contains a short version of this news.

As a preview of what is available in the mod consider this set of images:


relic00195 1



I really hope you enjoy playing this mod :)

2018 and forward

Now for the bad news.
I am leaving modding temporarily but it can be become a permanent exit.
I am on the early phases of a completely new project: my own RTS game.
That means starting 2018 I will be spending most of my time off work developing things for this new project which leaves no time for modding (especially because my job takes a considerable time as well). It is something I have been planning to do over the past years and I simply cannot delay it any longer.

My plan is to try and get some funds during the development process to pay for voice actors, 2D/3D artists, sound artists... that might assist me during development. But it is not going to be easy.
I have setup a patreon page to try and help me with this part ( ), so we will see how it goes.
Currently I am saving for a powerful desktop to help me with the development of art assets, lets see how that goes as well.

I expect lots of work but it is something I have been considering to do for over a decade. I have not named it yet but my first project is a fantasy medieval RTS, I have some background written already, as well as unit lists and starting 2018 I will focuse on concept art and later actual 2D/3D art. The game itself will follow a pay me what you want monetization scheme, so people can get it for free or pay what they think the game is worth (I expect most people to get it for free), with the money being saved to pay for the artistic assistance of this project or future projects. If I get lots of funds I might use it to acquire additional development hardware/software but I have no intention of having profit with this sort of thing.

Thanks for reading and I will see you around, in a different context, yet still around.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

- This mod is for Dawn of War Dark Crusade but the race mods required as well as the objectives point mod are the versions from Dawn of War Soulstorm.
This is due to some art/sound assets updates done on those versions in relation to the Dark Crusade versions.

1 - Download Veteran_Mod_main_1_001.7z from this location:

2 - Download Veteran_Mod_additional_1_001.7z from this location:

3 - Download Inquisition Daemon Hunters mod for SS from this location:

4 - Download Steel Legion mod for SS from this location:

5 - Download Objective Points mod for SS from this location:

6 - Extract Veteran_Mod_main_1_001.7z and Veteran_Mod_additional_1_001.7z in your Dark Crusade folder.

7 - Install/Extract the remaining mods in your Dark Crusade folder as well.

8 - You should be ready to go, have fun :)

Veteran Mod - September News

Veteran Mod - September News

News 3 comments

Things keep moving forward in the land of modding so here is an update on how things are going lately.

Veteran Mod - July News

Veteran Mod - July News

News 6 comments

Things keep moving forward in the land of modding so here is an update on how things are going lately.

Veteran Mod - June News

Veteran Mod - June News

News 8 comments

"AI's everywhere" is pretty much the best way to describe the current developments in Veteran Mod for Dark Crusade. Well... That and overseeing the work...

Lost and the Damned - first AI iterations

Lost and the Damned - first AI iterations

News 9 comments

Despite an apparent lack of progress display at the mod page there have been significant (if slow) developments. First - the Chaos Renegades developed...

RSS Files


Full Version

This file is the additional art/sound content required for the Veteran Mod for Dark Crusade.



Full Version 1 comment

This file is the core content of the Veteran Mod for Dark Crusade.

Forgeworld/Tech-Guard Forces Modder's Resource

Forgeworld/Tech-Guard Forces Modder's Resource

Models Pack 1 comment

Forgeworld Defense Force concept by GreenScorpion. This archive contains the forgeworld militia concept unit based on a conversion of the renegade militia...

DoW Campaign conversion to DC

DoW Campaign conversion to DC

Singleplayer Map 9 comments

The adaption of the original DoW Campaign to work in DC which is meant to be a generic addon like mod which can be combined and/or modified by other modders...

Inquisition Modder's Resource version 0.1

Inquisition Modder's Resource version 0.1

Models Pack 5 comments

This archive contains several conversion concepts related with the Inquisition/Grey Knights. This is Work in Progress and thus will be updated in the...

Renegade Guard Modder's Resource version 0.3

Renegade Guard Modder's Resource version 0.3

Models Pack 5 comments

This is a modder's resource and can be used freely provided credit is given (especially to the people refered in the credits list in this readme file...

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ссылка не работает на Steel Legion

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Link on steel legion not working.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Link on Inquisition Daemonhunt not working.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GreenScorpion Creator

I have uploaded it somewhere else as the old link was from someone else:

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Как мне запустить ваш мод? Сделал все по инструкции, но он не хочет работать

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GreenScorpion Creator

Going to need a bit more information than that to be able to help you.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hey how do i make the tartarus campaign work with mods i tried everything i can think of but none of it works

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
GreenScorpion Creator

It is not simple, basically many things were converted back to DoW stats and so on, so it would take some time to convert to work with a mod.
Also getting the campaign menu has some tricks.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

but what does this mod do?

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GreenScorpion Creator

Basically it adds several races and units to the existing races.
Gameplay changes as well.
AI has access to most things unlike default Dark Crusade and so on.

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