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Chaos Daemons Mod

Official Stand Alone Race For Dawn of War: Soulstorm

The Daemons mod created by the official
Daemons mod team has been released! Ever since 12/31/12, the Chaos Daemons mod was reworked to an extreme, here by including a total revamp to the Daemons mod version 0.96 back almost a year ago. What does version 1.4 bring? Only epicness. Only new stuff all over the place, only a total revamp! Daemons mod fans out there, if you played version 0.96 and you liked it, version 1.4 is A NEED TO GET!

Here is a good starting description of the Demons race.


Initial Mod Leader, Primary Coder, Creator and "Owner": Cylarne.
New "leader" and coder: Gambit.
Models: Cylarne, Cosmocrat, RT2, Sataman, Fuggles, Croax.
AI: Thudmeizer, Cylarne, Fuggles, Corncobman.
Art and Taskbar: Jaguar-Lord.
FXes: Sataman, Cylarne.
New Maps: Jaguar-Lord, and some monoRAIL's work.
Icons: Initial icons by RT2 (the VAST majority!!!), rest of them made by Gambit.
Playtesting: Previously, UA Team, Daemons team - and now the NEW daemons team.

New Daemons Team Members

The new Daemons Team, includes many of the previous team members, plus some new very skilful brothers:
Corncobman, Cosmocrat, Cylarne, Fuggles, Gambit, Hollow, Jaguar-Lord, Jones1979, Sataman, Shodar87, Thudmeizer.


Sharing work, is a beautiful thing. And because of the generosity of
some people, we can all enjoy possibilities that we otherwise couldn't.
Thus, our gratitude goes to:
Firestorm Over Kaurava mod team: You all know the guys... It's from the wide "pool" of their assets, we all occasionally draw.
Thousand Sons mod: For the Daemons "Acrylic Circle" used from the TS Daemon Pit.
Warsmith / _Echo_: For
MANY of his models (especially for the Daemon Lord, the 4 heralds, the
Shadow Fiends and the Doom Pit) used by the Dark Prophecy mod. Note: His
Warp Portal model was a life-saver - thanks man!
Boothy_p: For many of his assets, suggestions and support. I (me or Gambit) was greatly inspired by his own design of Warp Daemons.
Skinny: Nice bootiful fx and abilities for Chaos Daemons.
Catwell: Especially for his Bloodletters, among other things.
Horus Heretic: For his Flesh Hounds.
Mudflap and Palii: For Nurglings (textures by Fuggles).
Andrei: For his Fiends AND the Warp Spawn!!
And of course Corsix!: For his excellent tool most of us use!

The Daemons team would also like to thank:
Corncobman: For his invaluable and tireless coding help on the project.
Fuggles: For his patience, and his crucial AI assistance.
Jones1979: for the Objective Points mod which was extremely well done for the Daemons faction and other factions in the DOW Community.
Thudmeizer: For his support, and Voices. (and for his MEGALITHIC contribution to the DOW modding community !!)
Croaxleigh: For his support and suggestions,
especially at the begging of the new version of Daemons mod. And of
course, for his unfailing kindness!
Sataman: For his gentle spirit and his resolve to provide FXes, even when he was... ill !!
ALL BROTHERS that we have not mentioned here (although we are using their work), but we should have....


There are chances we used material that we may not have the proper
rights to do so. With the plethora of assets and modders, it is
sometimes difficult to trace-back the origin of assets and the
permissions required.... We respect the work of others which is their
own intellectual property, and we have NO ill-intend. So, if you spot anything that seems misplaced, just notify us and we will replace it immediately.

The Daemons Mod Team

Daemons Mod Daemons ModDaemons Mod - Complete (1.4)
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Chaos Daemons Mod

News - The Mod's release!

The Daemons mod created by the official Daemons mod team has been released! Ever since 12/31/12, the Chaos Daemons mod was reworked to an extreme, here by including a total revamp to the Daemons mod version 0.96 back almost a year ago. What does version 1.4 bring? Only epicness. Only new stuff all over the place, only a total revamp! Daemons mod fans out there, if you played version 0.96 and you liked it, version 1.4 is A NEED TO GET!

Chaos Daemons Reloaded!Chaos Daemons - Bow To Me
Warp TimeChaos Daemons - Bow To Me

So what can we expect from the Chaos Daemons mod?

  • New and revamped artificial intelligence, making an utmost perfect race to play against with or without friends.
  • A complete Chaos Daemons unit and structure set!
  • New units, structures, abilities, FX, event files, textures, art files, new damage system and tons more that no other mod owns!
  • A new map created by our magnificent and master arts and craftsmanship who has created the Darkness Within campaign - Jaguar Lord, scar coded by a very fine scar coder who makes the impossible come alive - Cylarne_04!
  • 99.9% balanced gameplay! Tested over a thousand times by multiple team members who loves playing the mod over and over and over again.
  • Complete addiction and aesthetic appeal, with prolonged gameplay.
  • Instability rule! The instability gradually increases health of all daemons surrounded by warp essences, making them an utmost deadly force to rekon with, but the further away they get, the more they are exposed to the atmosphere!
  • Completely reworked economy and gameplay.
  • New dynamic strategies topped with multiple upon multiple paths of army productions that DO NOT limit the gameplay.
  • Advanced tech tree, beyond all other nine vanilla factions.
  • Multiple summonings of any and all Greater embodiments of Chaos!
  • There is just so much more that cannot fit!

To spice you up more:

Have you always wanted to play with an army that is 100% unique to any other faction in Dawn of War?

Have you always wondered what the essence of the warp will cause to those who stand in its path?

Are you a Chaos player? Dominating in the face of evil?

Are you Bloodthirsty, thriving to play the all new Chaos Daemons with ALL daemons in a full race mod?

Are you ready to command the army of Chaos Daemons!? Then let us hear it!

Daemons mod version 1.4 is released!!!! DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!

Daemons Mod - Complete (1.4)

Daemons Mod News!

Daemons Mod News!

News 3 comments

Here is what is happening upon the new Daemons mod release, version 1.0! Prepare for it, keep an eye on this mod by tracking it, because you will be finding...

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Updated 6, October 2016

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Updated 6, October 2016

Management Tutorial 413 comments

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before posting. Answers to many usual questions about UA can be found here. If you have a question that...

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Daemons Mod Complete - 2.0!

Daemons Mod Complete - 2.0!

Full Version 26 comments

A complete version for Daemons mod! 2.0! REQUIRES OBJECTIVE POINTS MOD! NOT REQUIRED FOR ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE! Includes tons of balance changes, AI improvements...

Daemons Mod Complete - 1.6 (Outdated)

Daemons Mod Complete - 1.6 (Outdated)

Models Pack 36 comments

REQUIRES OBJECTIVE POINTS MOD! A complete version for Daemons mod! If you do not have the Daemons mod already, complete download all right here! Compatible...

Daemons Mod - Patch 1.6

Daemons Mod - Patch 1.6

Patch 24 comments

Daemons mod latest release, version 1.6 now includes the Juggernaut and Soul Grinder for Chaos Daemons! The Daemons team would like to thank the original...

Daemons Mod - Patch 1.5

Daemons Mod - Patch 1.5

Patch 25 comments

Updates the complete 1.4 Daemons version to 1.5. Includes the addition of one new unit, spotting voices for all factions, one new ability, updated FXes...

Daemons Mod - Complete (1.4)

Daemons Mod - Complete (1.4)

Full Version 64 comments

The Daemons mod release that was worked on for many months is now here! NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ULTIMATE APOCALYPSE (yet). Read more for installation, requirements...

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The vile sacrifice does not work.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I know this is a bit late, since the mod is... well, complete. Not as criticism, but as an idea I just had, you could have had a warp rift as a base, that's it. no other structures. the hq produces sufficient power and requisition by itself. It can be dedicated to a god, and can be upgraded for higher resource output and more units.

The reason behind this idea is that daemons come from a rift, destroy and kill and then, disappear. They do not build structures, they just come and kill. But as I said, this mod is good as it is, this is just to present an idea, you can perhaps use it in another mod as a base to build upon :)

I have written so much that you do not have to answer, I'm just sitting by my computer and I am in a writing mood, I wrote that mini novel about my primarch... I apologise :P

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The idea of the Warp Rift has JUST been implemented in the Legions of the Damned, by brother Fuggles!!!
The LotD is an upcoming WIP project, that will be out REALLY soon (perhaps within a week!). So check that out.

MORE to this, your idea of a rift where: "daemons come from a rift, destroy and kill and then, disappear....", is to be implemented in the future !
You see, the Greater Daemons army has Angron.
So the Minions will have JUST THAT!! A rift that will be spawning daemons fighting for the player BY THEIR OWN. I will use SCaR for that. Or not.

But anyway, your idea already IS (LotD) or will be (CD) implemented in both projects.

Thanks for your constructive ideas, and I am very glad we share at least a portion of the same perspective :)

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Any idea when we will see such changes?

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I have already coded them. Many parts are still WIP, but it is more or less OK.

The problem is... My RL is unforgiving lately, devastating my mood.
Plus I am responsible for many mods, so it is not easy.

We will see.
I have something in mind for Christmas.

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I have been thinking about creating my own Khornate daemon primarch, using the lost primarchs (GWs two unknown primarchs, which they have said were for purposes like this :) )as as my backstory to a backstory...

I want to make him stronger than any of the primarchs, by both appearance and "feeling" - since by unknown you get unlimited artistic freedom -, and he's is going to be a conversion. Here are the traits I would like:

super-tall: the body of An'ggrath the Unbound
Covered in armour, perhaps remnants of terminator armor
A massive two handed sword or axe

the body of An'ggrath for height and leg armor

A possible source of body armor Daemon Prince large.jpg?imgmax=800

Another source of body armor and my sword of choice

the details, such as choice of face, is quite irrelevant. I'm making it for private use only, not for gaming. Any help on how to start etc.? I have no previous painting experience.

I'm doing this because no modder has created a choice in the Army Painter to create your own Daemon Prince with EXTENSIVE customisation options, and just imagining my character just is not enough... which would be so much work that I understand. ANYONE who knows something about painting miniatures can help :)

PS If you know where I could take my question, like a painters forum, please tell me :)

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Your idea sounds excellent brother :)

The problem is that, in order to implement it, you will need a 3D modeller, experienced in 3DS Max 8 + in DoW modelling quirks. And of course a texturer and an FX guy...

These types of modders are VERY difficult to get :(

Just imagine that even my team (we are "responsible" for many mods, not only Chaos Daemons + we have many "acquaintances"), struggles when it comes to models... And we end up working with what we have.

So I cannot point you to any modelling/texturing forum, since these do not actually exist!!

Now, for 2D artists, the BEST I know are brothers J-L and Eranthis...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I am honestly thankful not only for that you answer so carefully, but also because you appreciate my idea. Most people who have read my ideas often use THEIR interpretation of the Wh40k lore to simply pummel me into the ground, so acceptance is a pleasant relief. :)

I have simplified my idea: I am buying a Bloodthirster of Insensinate Rage and calling it my primarch, because these models are fiendishly expensive. I have one problem though: should he have a 2 handed axe in two hands or one in each hand, would it look stupid? Please give feedback :)

Btw, do you know a place on the web where nice Wh40k fans can share their ideas and interpretations without behaving like five year olds?

Sincere regards :)

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I'm in a quite excited mood right now, so I thought I could tell you the story of my primarch (IGNORE IF YOU DO NOT CARE, THIS STORY IS REALLY LONG)

He fell onto a feudal world, resembling medieval Arabia. The planet was sandy, desolate and hot. A group of soldiers found him and took him to one of the sultans (emir, sheikh?) of the many kingdoms of the planet.The sultan ordered the baby to be brought up as a soldier.

He was assigned to the army of a quite elderly general, who became his "father", and thanks to his skill with his 2 handed sabre and martial pride, he quickly became second-in-command.

the general got old and in his will gave leadership of the army to the primarch, who led his army in conquest against the other kingdoms.

After unifying the planet, seeing the reigning ruler as a weak man unworthy of power, overthrew him in a coup and seized power.

During the great crusade he was always sent into the most difficult of battles, often vastly outnumbered, partially because his warriors were so good at hand-to-hand combat, due to having fought their way through his homeworld, but also because the primarch demanded it due to his warrior pride. To be sent into an easy battle had no honour or glory if you won.

This seeking of glory and vanquishing ever greater armies, evermore by himself, alone,increased over time. Then there came a time when Horus convinced him that Khorne could allow him to best armies the Emeperor could not give him. He was lost, body and soul given to Khorne.

During the siege of Terra he was away from the main force, destroying scout titans and other worthy opponents. after the emperor was defeated, he roared in frustration, because now Terra was too battered to pose a challenge, and in fact, he had planned to kill Horus and claim the Emperors skull for himself.

Rewarded for his slaughter on Terra, he ascended to become a daemon prince of Khorne, discarding his sabre for a greataxe of immense size and becoming a monster of red sinew and brass.

After this he willingly allowed his legion, the Omega Legion, to fall apart into separate warbands, because his thirst for ever greater personal glory was still there, and he had begun to view his army as sort of cheating, because it made the task of winning so much easier than being alone.

Seeking worthy opponents, he ventured into the Ork empires, and begun his slaughter of the green creatures. On the first ork planet he conquered, it became his Daemon World, with palaces of bone and blood red sand. Although a corrupt version of this homeworld, he abandoned it after a short time, leaving it to be a battleground between khornate warbands.

Continuing on besting anyone worthy of his wrath, from Tyranid splinter fleets to ork WAAGHS!, he ascended again, but this time, he ascended to become a bloodthirster of Khorne (disclaimer: a DP can still continue to get further power and rewards after ascension, according to the wh40k wiki, and a bloodthirster is a logical continuation).

Now stronger than any of the primarchs and waiting for an opportunity to overthrow An'ggrath as Khornes favourite, he now prowls the galaxy in search of any opponent that could satisfy his lust for glory, that which was to become his downfall so long ago.

Thank you so much if you bothered to read this far, I had been thinking about his background for a long time. Any feedback is welcome :)

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Main-menu art and UI-taskbar: AWESOME!
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Lots of gameplay solutions: VERY GOOD!

Dec 21 2012 by jONES1979

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