Treachery is everywhere, for The Great War has nearly ended, but is still raging on the Soviet home front. The Soviet campaign takes place with a Soviet NKVD General Victor Kuznestov giving harsh orders to destroy Soviet Villages,which are later to be dethroned as a cloak of a renegade struggling with his inner morale to ultimately defect for the Allied cause. A high ranking officer, Gleb Suvorov, one of Stalin's best commanders will lead an assault against the traitor, and will determine the grim fate of USSR. The Allied campaign takes the final step into the last rampart of vanishing Soviet Power. The Allied commander will fight in the outskirts of Moscow, destroying a heavy threat in the form of a secret communist weapon, which might change the tide of victory! Surrender is not an option, fight bravely! This map-pack has been made by my good friend, Darvin, and replaces 9 Soviet and 9 Allied Aftermath missions.

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Ah Nostalgia!

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Awesome RTS ever 10 out of 10. ^_^

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Aug 4th, 2013

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Feb 9th, 2013

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May 15th, 2010

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