Treachery is everywhere, for The Great War has nearly ended, but is still raging on the Soviet home front. The Soviet campaign takes place with a Soviet NKVD General Victor Kuznestov giving harsh orders to destroy Soviet Villages,which are later to be dethroned as a cloak of a renegade struggling with his inner morale to ultimately defect for the Allied cause. A high ranking officer, Gleb Suvorov, one of Stalin's best commanders will lead an assault against the traitor, and will determine the grim fate of USSR.

The Allied campaign takes the final step into the last rampart of vanishing Soviet Power. The Allied commander will fight in the outskirts of Moscow, destroying a heavy threat in the form of a secret communist weapon, which might change the tide of victory!

Surrender is not an option, fight bravely!

This map-pack has been made by my good friend, Darvin, and replaces 9 Soviet and 9 Allied Aftermath missions.

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Command&Conquer Red Alert: The Downfall

Command&Conquer Red Alert: The Downfall

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This pack is good fun. Although the AI on some missions is messed up.

On a lot of the Soviet missions the AI off-map reinforcements don't work. They come in through the map boarder at certain time intervals and just sit there at their spawning point. These just keep coming and grouping at the same spot, so by the time your steamroll force is ready there are like 60 Medium Tanks there. D:

The Soviet "Kill the Chronosphere" naval mission needs more Ore and better tech. It is hard to defend against the rushes (4 Cruisers >_< ) and attack at the same time. When I had mined out all the Ore and got as many Heavy Tanks as I could, they all got owned by those 9 Chrono Tanks. :<

Some of the Allied missions are a bit hard. The Soviets rush at you with Heavy Tanks, Flamethrowers and Grenadiers even before you have time to build a War Factory. D:

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Played through some of the levels and I have to say a few things:

* Some of the briefings are broken, in that there are missing words or a few grammar mistakes, and the overall "MAY GOD HELP US!" thing is quite silly if you ask me. I suggest you take a look at the original aftermath briefings to get an idea of how they should be like.
* The camera appears to start always on the wrong area, so basically in maps where your forces fight since the beginning (like the first soviet mission), it's hard to even realize where they are and who is attacking them.
* While this is not really a problem I figured I'd point it out anyway. Some missions are easily based off original Red Alert maps. The first soviet mission is loosely based off Shock Therapy. The carwille (also, it's General CarVille) is obviously inspired by Personal War, while the mission where you have to destroy the soviet super tanks is based off Super Tank Madness. Finally, the second-to-last mission is based off Brothers in Arms.

Anyway, this is a fairly good map pack, but I think there is still some work to do. I suggest you fix the cameras and try to change the briefings as well as maybe adding some new stuff to the levels to make them feel different from the original RA maps. Oh by the way, that last allied mission is epic haha

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@ CKeen

The camera issue can be easily resolved by pressing "N" thus selecting the "next" unit. I do agree that such a minor fault can cause the whole experience of game-play to worsen, however, but this definitely is not one of those occurrences which is intolerably awful. Besides that's easy to fix, so perhaps the author will update it.

Considering the missions which were made after the originals, i have indeed spoken with the author of this map-pack, and he stated that he wanted to make a couple of maps after the original missions which were made by Westwood, only in a way he'd seen it. I don't witness anything heartrending in the concept of making identical missions, as long as they are fun to play (especially given the fact that Red Alert is a game with limited possibilities, which goes for maps as-well).

The briefings, well yeah, they are a little weird, but not all of them, some sound pretty cool :) I wouldn't expect everything in a top notch from a a single person who made a map-pack for his fun and for the fun of others. Could be better, agreed, but could be worse as well.

This add-on personally suits my taste. Like it was said by BigCheese, this file gave me a reason to play RA1 again :)

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Command and Conuqer???

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Sweet. I now have a reason to play RA1 again. :D

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