Do you like Tiberian Sun and Yuri's Revenge too? This is a total conversion for Yuri's Revenge which is based on C&C Rewire mod.
Converted the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod sides and some multiplayer maps from Tiberian Sun & Firestorm.
Upgraded the Allied, Soviet and Yuri sides with new buildings, units and superweapons.
This mod doesn't have story, it's an only-multiplayer mod with a lot of game modes.
The mod works with 'Ares' - Yuri's Revenge Expansion DLL. (

Skirmish/Multiplayer Game Modes:

  1. Standard - In 'Standard' you may ally with other players.
  2. Free For All - In a 'Free For All' players may not ally with each other.
  3. Soldiering - In 'Soldiering' only infantry is available.
  4. Panzer Battle - In 'Panzer Battle' only vehicles and tanks are available.
  5. Shipmaster - In 'Shipmaster' players are limited to naval units.
  6. Low-Technology - In 'Low-Technology' high-tech units and buildings are disabled.
  7. Land Forces - In 'Land Forces' naval and aircraft units are disabled.
  8. Clear Mind - In 'Clear Mind' mind-control weapons are disabled.
  9. Anti-Theft - In 'Anti-Theft' engineers, spies and mind-control units are disabled.
  10. Clones Power - In 'Clones Power' infantry units are stronger and faster.
  11. Rapid Game - In 'Rapid Game' everything builds much faster.
  12. Speedup - In 'Speedup' all units are much faster.
  13. Heal-All - In 'Heal-All' all units heal automatically.
  14. Master Builder - In 'Master Builder' you can place the buildings farther.
  15. Capture-All - In 'Capture-All' you can capture all buildings and have stronger Engineers.
  16. Hard Nut - In 'Hard Nut' defenses have halved build time and doubled armor.
  17. Undefended - In 'Undefended' base defenses are disabled, you can use only your army.
  18. Instant Tech - In 'Instant Tech' tech tree is disabled, all buildings are available instantly.
  19. All-Visible - In 'All-Visible' you can see the entire map and players' attack intentions.
  20. Blinded - In 'Blinded' enemy's base is under gap. [Only Multiplayer!]
  21. Doomsday - In 'Doomsday' you can activate each superweapon.
  22. Force Shield - In 'Force Shield' advanced superweapons are disabled.
  23. Tolerant War (2×) - In 'Tolerant War' superweapons have doubled recharge time.
  24. Tolerant War (3×) - In 'Tolerant War' superweapons have tripled recharge time.
  25. Surprise Party - In 'Surprise Party' surprise crates are everywhere.
  26. Blackout - In 'Blackout' you don't need power plants.
  27. Mega Wealth - In 'Megawealth' you must capture Oil Derricks to earn money.
  28. Loose Cash - In 'Loose Cash' everything has 1/10 price.
  29. Minimal Base - In 'Minimal Base' you don't need power plants, refineries and tech center.
  30. Harvested - In 'Harvested' you have stronger and faster harvesters.
  31. Tiberium Reprocessing - In 'Tiberium Reprocessing' all side can build Tiberium Processor.
  32. Allied Expansion - In 'Allied Expansion' allied forces are much stronger than others.
  33. Red Alert - In 'Red Alert' soviet forces are much stronger than others.
  34. Yuri's Revenge - In 'Yuri's Revenge' yuri forces are much stronger than others.
  35. Firestorm - In 'Firestorm' GDI & Nod forces are much stronger than others.
  36. Swindler AI - In 'Swindler AI' computer builds faster and attacks very often.
  37. Breakable Base - In 'Breakable Base' buildings have halved armor.
  38. Unholy Alliance - In 'Unholy Alliance' players get all side's technologies. [Only Multiplayer!]
  39. Team Alliance - In 'Team Alliance' players should choose a start position near their allies. [Only Multiplayer!]
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After 3 and a half years C&C Mashup is back with a new (3.0) version.

This version works with 'Ares' - Yuri's Revenge Expansion DLL.

Special thanks to "Command and Conquer: Rewire" mod for the asset.
C&C Rewire

I made the new version this summer. Unfortunately nowadays I don't have too much freetime. So now there are no promotion pics / videos / descriptions about the new version. I'm so sorry! Maybe later. Enjoy the mod!

Before you want to play with the mod, make sure that you have:
version 1.006 Red Alert2
version 1.001 Yuri's Revenge
No additional INI files in game directory (rulesmd, artmd, soundmd, aimd)
No following file types in directory: CSF, SHP, PAL, VXL, HVA, PKT, MIX
Use the 'CleanUp' program -->

Mod Installation:

  1. Install "Ares" (
  2. Run 'CnCMashup-3-0.exe' file and install into the game directory.
  3. Run 'RunAres.bat' file

Run 'Uninstall.exe'!
Not the original 'Uninst.exe' or 'uninstll.exe.' files!!!

Tech Battle Lab

Tech Battle Lab

News 16 comments

About Tech Battle Lab, special buildings, game modes and release date of new version

2 'new' superweapons

2 'new' superweapons

News 4 comments

2 'new' superweapons are available in 'Mind-Proof' and in 'Anti-Theft' game modes.

Country Specials

Country Specials


C&C: Mashup countries: USA, UK, France, Germany, South Korea, USSR, Libya, Iraq, Cuba, Ukraine, Yuri's Army, Toxin Force.

RSS Files
C&C Mashup (v.3.0)

C&C Mashup (v.3.0)

Full Version 23 comments

RA2-YR & TS-FS total conversion with ~40 skirmish/multiplayer game modes

C&C Mashup (v.2.0)

C&C Mashup (v.2.0)

Full Version 21 comments

RA2-YR & TS-FS total conversion with 40 skirmish/multiplayer game modes

Yuri's Revenge Music Pack

Yuri's Revenge Music Pack

Patch 2 comments

Yuri's Revenge has few music theme. This pack includes lot of tracks from different C&C and Dune games. It works with many mods which use NPatch/Ares...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 109)

Can you add support for FinalAlert2YR or at least find somebody who can do that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

PCX files are not being recognised at all, I even tried extracting them and the ART.INI to see what the issue was.

PCX files are not usable, try converting to PNG then importing to SHP.
Contact me, and I may have the files ready for you by then.

PCX is not used on Windows Vista (not even recognised correctly), let alone Windows 7/8/8.1/10. I know why you did it, but converting to PNG and then importing to SHP is a much better method.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Using Ares 0.CP1,but there are many MISSING strings in game,since the stringtable01.csf is not effective.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Have to say, the newer version, in comparison to older one, has advantages and disadvantages.
To advantages i refer Ares instead of NPatch and stability (SP atleast)
To disadvantages i refer the new faction system (alliances instead of countries), especially lack of some special units and buildings (e.g. Great Cannon)
I miss v.2 because of dat...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i wanted to say that laser drones are OP, pls nerf it at least to 3 units per carrier, and don't make them hit targets instantly, because that's what makes them OP

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hello. I followed all of the instructions exactly, but when I click the RunAres.bat file, it does nothing. No screen, no error, nothing. I am using the Origin version of the game. (Copy of same message in 3.0 download area; please answer, mod creator!)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

The thing that I also bought the game from origin and I found out that there are so many limitations to it for e.g. third party launchers being unable to start the game by themselves, because of which modding has become a headache. The best thing to do is to go back to the original game like I did myself. That solves the problem. Hope this helps. Good Luck :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
iDave Creator

Unfortunately I can't answer your question for now. I only have the standard Yuri's Revenge, not 'The First Decade' or 'The Ultimate Collection' version.
But some forums said: Run the game as admin. Try it.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Tried it. It did not work. I also tried using LaunchBase, but that doesn't even detect it. My install path is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Red Alert II

Every other mod I have put in here has worked. Did I install it in the wrong place, because both main game executables are there as well and they work fine.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Is mod alive?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

alright i guess it is alive...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
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Nice mod. can't wait for it.

Dec 9 2012 by Kasix

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