Do you like Tiberian Sun and Yuri's Revenge, too? This is a total conversion for Yuri's Revenge which is based on C&C Rewire mod.
Converted the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod sides and some multiplayer maps from Tiberian Sun & Firestorm.
Upgraded the Allied, Soviet and Yuri sides with new buildings, units and superweapons.
This mod doesn't have story, it's an only-multiplayer mod with a lot of game modes.
The mod works with 'Ares' - Yuri's Revenge Expansion DLL. (

Skirmish/Multiplayer Game Modes:

  1. Standard - In 'Standard' you may ally with other players.
  2. Free For All - In a 'Free For All' players may not ally with each other.
  3. Soldiering - In 'Soldiering' only infantry is available.
  4. Panzer Battle - In 'Panzer Battle' only vehicles and tanks are available.
  5. Shipmaster - In 'Shipmaster' players are limited to naval units.
  6. Low-Technology - In 'Low-Technology' high-tech units and buildings are disabled.
  7. Land Forces - In 'Land Forces' naval and aircraft units are disabled.
  8. Clear Mind - In 'Clear Mind' mind-control weapons are disabled.
  9. Anti-Theft - In 'Anti-Theft' engineers, spies and mind-control units are disabled.
  10. Clones Power - In 'Clones Power' infantry units are stronger and faster.
  11. Rapid Game - In 'Rapid Game' everything builds much faster.
  12. Speedup - In 'Speedup' all units are much faster.
  13. Heal-All - In 'Heal-All' all units heal automatically.
  14. Master Builder - In 'Master Builder' you can place the buildings farther.
  15. Capture-All - In 'Capture-All' you can capture all buildings and have stronger Engineers.
  16. Hard Nut - In 'Hard Nut' defenses have halved build time and doubled armor.
  17. Undefended - In 'Undefended' base defenses are disabled, you can use only your army.
  18. Instant Tech - In 'Instant Tech' tech tree is disabled, all buildings are available instantly.
  19. All-Visible - In 'All-Visible' you can see the entire map and players' attack intentions.
  20. Blinded - In 'Blinded' enemy's base is under gap. [Only Multiplayer!]
  21. Doomsday - In 'Doomsday' you can activate each superweapon.
  22. Force Shield - In 'Force Shield' advanced superweapons are disabled.
  23. Tolerant War (2×) - In 'Tolerant War' superweapons have doubled recharge time.
  24. Tolerant War (3×) - In 'Tolerant War' superweapons have tripled recharge time.
  25. Surprise Party - In 'Surprise Party' surprise crates are everywhere.
  26. Blackout - In 'Blackout' you don't need power plants.
  27. Mega Wealth - In 'Megawealth' you must capture Oil Derricks to earn money.
  28. Loose Cash - In 'Loose Cash' everything has 1/10 price.
  29. Minimal Base - In 'Minimal Base' you don't need power plants, refineries and tech center.
  30. Harvested - In 'Harvested' you have stronger and faster harvesters.
  31. Tiberium Reprocessing - In 'Tiberium Reprocessing' all side can build Tiberium Processor.
  32. Allied Expansion - In 'Allied Expansion' allied forces are much stronger than others.
  33. Red Alert - In 'Red Alert' soviet forces are much stronger than others.
  34. Yuri's Revenge - In 'Yuri's Revenge' yuri forces are much stronger than others.
  35. Firestorm - In 'Firestorm' GDI & Nod forces are much stronger than others.
  36. Swindler AI - In 'Swindler AI' computer builds faster and attacks very often.
  37. Breakable Base - In 'Breakable Base' buildings have halved armor.
  38. Unholy Alliance - In 'Unholy Alliance' players get all side's technologies. [Only Multiplayer!]
  39. Team Alliance - In 'Team Alliance' players should choose a start position near their allies. [Only Multiplayer!]
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  • Tech Oil Derrick
    It produces $1000 when captured from Neutral house and $20 per cycle (6 ingame seconds).
  • Tech Tiberium Processor
    It produces $1000 when captured from Neutral house and $10 per cycle (10 ingame seconds).
    All income sources from Tiberium Refineries increases by 30%.
  • Tech Power Plant
    It produces +400 additional power for the owner's base.
    Cannot be sabotaged by a Spy or drained by a Floating Disc.
  • Tech Battle Lab
    It's a replacement building of the owner's Battle Lab.
    It guarantees the same techs and special weapons like Battle Lab.
    Cannot be infiltrated by a Spy and it doesn't need any power source.
  • Tech Spy Satellite Uplink
    It reveals the entire battlefield permanently.
    However, if the structure is destroyed or captured, the radar view will be covered in shroud completely.
  • Tech Airport
    It's a helipad with 2 spaces which can reload aircraft units.
    Additional special weapons: Paradrop (Cost: $0) & Tech Spy Plane (Cost: $500)
    Paradrop SW
    USA: 4 G.I.s, 4 Rocket G.I.s, 1 Navy Seal
    EU: 4 G.I.s, 4 Rocket G.I.s, 1 Chrono Legionnaire
    Asian Alliance: 3 G.I.s, 3 Rocket G.I.s, 3 Rocketeers
    Russia: 6 Conscripts, 5 Tesla Troopers
    African Empire: 7 Conscripts, 2 Desolaters
    Latin Confederation: 6 Conscripts, 6 Flak Troopers
    Psychic Corps: 5 Initiaties, 3 Brutes, 2 Yuri Clones
    Chaos Corps: 5 Initiaties, 3 Gattling Troopers, 2 Virus
    GDI: 5 Light Infantries, 5 Disc Throwers
    NOD: 5 Light Infantries, 5 Rocket Infantries
  • Tech Hospital
    It heals automatically the owner's all infantry units.
  • Tech Machine Shop
    It repairs automatically the owner's all ground, naval and air units.
  • Tech Repair Facility
    Automatically repairs the nearby vehicles. For removing terror drones use the repair pad.
    Additional special weapons: Emergency Repair (Cost: $500)
  • Tech Armory
    After capturing all infantry units trained or cloned afterward as a veteran.
    Bonus: infantry training cost -10%
  • Tech Academy
    After capturing all vehicle units produced afterward as a veteran.
  • Tech War Factory
    When a vehicle unit was built at the War Factory, another free one copied from the Tech War Factory.

The mod works with 'ARES' - YR Expansion DLL
C&C Mashup on PPM
GDI/Nod asset from C&C Rewire mod.

Upcoming version (3.1) additional special weapons

Upcoming version (3.1) additional special weapons

News 1 comment

Command & Conquer Mashup - Upcoming version (3.1) additional special weapons.

Upcoming version (3.1) super weapons

Upcoming version (3.1) super weapons

News 1 comment

Command & Conquer Mashup. Modification for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge.

C&C Mashup 3.0 released

C&C Mashup 3.0 released

News 2 comments

New version

Tech Battle Lab

Tech Battle Lab

News 16 comments

About Tech Battle Lab, special buildings, game modes and release date of new version

RSS Files
C&C Mashup (v.3.0)

C&C Mashup (v.3.0)

Full Version 24 comments

RA2-YR & TS-FS total conversion with ~40 skirmish/multiplayer game modes

C&C Mashup (v.2.0)

C&C Mashup (v.2.0)

Full Version 21 comments

RA2-YR & TS-FS total conversion with 40 skirmish/multiplayer game modes

Yuri's Revenge Music Pack

Yuri's Revenge Music Pack

Patch 2 comments

Yuri's Revenge has few music theme. This pack includes lot of tracks from different C&C and Dune games. It works with many mods which use NPatch/Ares...

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Have you considered replacing all WW terriblevoxels with community-made replacements? The visual quality of the mod is quite all-over-the-place atm.

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iDave Creator

Yes. This is the next on the list.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

2 things:
1) Will you add CnCNet5 support to your mod for expanded multiplayer?
2) Are you going to add support for FinalAlert2YR? I think I can do some pretty cool singleplayer campaigns.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
iDave Creator

Nice ideas!
But I really no idea how can I make support for FA2. :( Never made singleplayer maps.
I don't know what I need for CnCNet5 support... Never played Mashup with human players. :O
OK, I really have very little freetime but I check infos for that. I would like to play online sometime. :-)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

On the latest video for Super Weapons, why is it a Ion Storm is much stronger than a Nuclear Missile? doesn't seem right to me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
iDave Creator

I think it's not. A bit stronger than the original Lightning Storm. Nuke or PsyDom destroys the same area instantly.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Can you add support for FinalAlert2YR or at least find somebody who can do that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

PCX files are not being recognised at all, I even tried extracting them and the ART.INI to see what the issue was.

PCX files are not usable, try converting to PNG then importing to SHP.
Contact me, and I may have the files ready for you by then.

PCX is not used on Windows Vista (not even recognised correctly), let alone Windows 7/8/8.1/10. I know why you did it, but converting to PNG and then importing to SHP is a much better method.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Using Ares 0.CP1,but there are many MISSING strings in game,since the stringtable01.csf is not effective.

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Nice mod. can't wait for it.

Dec 9 2012 by Kasix

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