Do you like Tiberian Sun and Yuri's Revenge, too? This is a total conversion for Yuri's Revenge which is based on C&C Rewire mod.
Converted the Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod sides and some multiplayer maps from Tiberian Sun & Firestorm.
Upgraded the Allied, Soviet and Yuri sides with new buildings, units and superweapons.
This mod doesn't have story, it's an only-multiplayer mod with a lot of game modes.
The mod works with 'Ares' - Yuri's Revenge Expansion DLL. (

Skirmish/Multiplayer Game Modes:

  1. Standard - In 'Standard' you may ally with other players.
  2. Free For All - In a 'Free For All' players may not ally with each other.
  3. Soldiering - In 'Soldiering' only infantry is available.
  4. Panzer Battle - In 'Panzer Battle' only vehicles and tanks are available.
  5. Shipmaster - In 'Shipmaster' players are limited to naval units.
  6. Low-Technology - In 'Low-Technology' high-tech units and buildings are disabled.
  7. Land Forces - In 'Land Forces' naval and aircraft units are disabled.
  8. Clear Mind - In 'Clear Mind' mind-control weapons are disabled.
  9. Anti-Theft - In 'Anti-Theft' engineers, spies and mind-control units are disabled.
  10. Clones Power - In 'Clones Power' infantry units are stronger and faster.
  11. Rapid Game - In 'Rapid Game' everything builds much faster.
  12. Speedup - In 'Speedup' all units are much faster.
  13. Heal-All - In 'Heal-All' all units heal automatically.
  14. Master Builder - In 'Master Builder' you can place the buildings farther.
  15. Capture-All - In 'Capture-All' you can capture all buildings and have stronger Engineers.
  16. Hard Nut - In 'Hard Nut' defenses have halved build time and doubled armor.
  17. Undefended - In 'Undefended' base defenses are disabled, you can use only your army.
  18. Instant Tech - In 'Instant Tech' tech tree is disabled, all buildings are available instantly.
  19. All-Visible - In 'All-Visible' you can see the entire map and players' attack intentions.
  20. Blinded - In 'Blinded' enemy's base is under gap. [Only Multiplayer!]
  21. Doomsday - In 'Doomsday' you can activate each superweapon.
  22. Force Shield - In 'Force Shield' advanced superweapons are disabled.
  23. Tolerant War (2×) - In 'Tolerant War' superweapons have doubled recharge time.
  24. Tolerant War (3×) - In 'Tolerant War' superweapons have tripled recharge time.
  25. Surprise Party - In 'Surprise Party' surprise crates are everywhere.
  26. Blackout - In 'Blackout' you don't need power plants.
  27. Mega Wealth - In 'Megawealth' you must capture Oil Derricks to earn money.
  28. Loose Cash - In 'Loose Cash' everything has 1/10 price.
  29. Minimal Base - In 'Minimal Base' you don't need power plants, refineries and tech center.
  30. Harvested - In 'Harvested' you have stronger and faster harvesters.
  31. Tiberium Reprocessing - In 'Tiberium Reprocessing' all side can build Tiberium Processor.
  32. Allied Expansion - In 'Allied Expansion' allied forces are much stronger than others.
  33. Red Alert - In 'Red Alert' soviet forces are much stronger than others.
  34. Yuri's Revenge - In 'Yuri's Revenge' yuri forces are much stronger than others.
  35. Firestorm - In 'Firestorm' GDI & Nod forces are much stronger than others.
  36. Swindler AI - In 'Swindler AI' computer builds faster and attacks very often.
  37. Breakable Base - In 'Breakable Base' buildings have halved armor.
  38. Unholy Alliance - In 'Unholy Alliance' players get all side's technologies. [Only Multiplayer!]
  39. Team Alliance - In 'Team Alliance' players should choose a start position near their allies. [Only Multiplayer!]
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  • Tech Oil Derrick
    It produces $1000 when captured from Neutral house and $20 per cycle (6 ingame seconds).
  • Tech Tiberium Processor
    It produces $1000 when captured from Neutral house and $10 per cycle (10 ingame seconds).
    All income sources from Tiberium Refineries increases by 30%.
  • Tech Power Plant
    It produces +400 additional power for the owner's base.
    Cannot be sabotaged by a Spy or drained by a Floating Disc.
  • Tech Battle Lab
    It's a replacement building of the owner's Battle Lab.
    It guarantees the same techs and special weapons like Battle Lab.
    Cannot be infiltrated by a Spy and it doesn't need any power source.
  • Tech Spy Satellite Uplink
    It reveals the entire battlefield permanently.
    However, if the structure is destroyed or captured, the radar view will be covered in shroud completely.
  • Tech Airport
    It's a helipad with 2 spaces which can reload aircraft units.
    Additional special weapons: Paradrop (Cost: $0) & Tech Spy Plane (Cost: $500)
    Paradrop SW
    USA: 4 G.I.s, 4 Rocket G.I.s, 1 Navy Seal
    EU: 4 G.I.s, 4 Rocket G.I.s, 1 Chrono Legionnaire
    Asian Alliance: 3 G.I.s, 3 Rocket G.I.s, 3 Rocketeers
    Russia: 6 Conscripts, 5 Tesla Troopers
    African Empire: 7 Conscripts, 2 Desolaters
    Latin Confederation: 6 Conscripts, 6 Flak Troopers
    Psychic Corps: 5 Initiaties, 3 Brutes, 2 Yuri Clones
    Chaos Corps: 5 Initiaties, 3 Gattling Troopers, 2 Virus
    GDI: 5 Light Infantries, 5 Disc Throwers
    NOD: 5 Light Infantries, 5 Rocket Infantries
  • Tech Hospital
    It heals automatically the owner's all infantry units.
  • Tech Machine Shop
    It repairs automatically the owner's all ground, naval and air units.
  • Tech Repair Facility
    Automatically repairs the nearby vehicles. For removing terror drones use the repair pad.
    Additional special weapons: Emergency Repair (Cost: $500)
  • Tech Armory
    After capturing all infantry units trained or cloned afterward as a veteran.
    Bonus: infantry training cost -10%
  • Tech Academy
    After capturing all vehicle units produced afterward as a veteran.
  • Tech War Factory
    When a vehicle unit was built at the War Factory, another free one copied from the Tech War Factory.

The mod works with 'ARES' - YR Expansion DLL
C&C Mashup on PPM
GDI/Nod asset from C&C Rewire mod.

Upcoming version (3.1) additional special weapons

Upcoming version (3.1) additional special weapons

News 3 comments

Command & Conquer Mashup - Upcoming version (3.1) additional special weapons.

Upcoming version (3.1) super weapons

Upcoming version (3.1) super weapons

News 3 comments

Command & Conquer Mashup. Modification for Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge.

C&C Mashup 3.0 released

C&C Mashup 3.0 released

News 4 comments

New version

Tech Battle Lab

Tech Battle Lab

News 16 comments

About Tech Battle Lab, special buildings, game modes and release date of new version

RSS Files
C&C Mashup (v.3.0)

C&C Mashup (v.3.0)

Full Version 33 comments

RA2-YR & TS-FS total conversion with ~40 skirmish/multiplayer game modes

C&C Mashup (v.2.0)

C&C Mashup (v.2.0)

Full Version 19 comments

RA2-YR & TS-FS total conversion with 40 skirmish/multiplayer game modes

Yuri's Revenge Music Pack

Yuri's Revenge Music Pack

Patch 3 comments

Yuri's Revenge has few music theme. This pack includes lot of tracks from different C&C and Dune games. It works with many mods which use NPatch/Ares...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 125)
LaC0mmander - - 113 comments

Hey the link seems to be closed. Do you know any place I can find it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Kasix - - 48 comments

This is probably my favorite mod of all time, because it still keeps the original games feeling but adds so much potential. Good job!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
C:/HelloWorld.exe - - 8 comments

The game crashes in 10 minutes. What to do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
t42 - - 28 comments

My loading screen jams in windows 10. Any ideas how to fix this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
iDave Creator
iDave - - 44 comments

I have Win10 too. I had the same problem.
This will fix it.
Extract ddraw zip to the game directory.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
destro0 - - 14 comments

can u make a campaign plz

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
destro0 - - 14 comments

there is a problem when i extract the cncmashup there is no runares or i download it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 698,638 comments

What about add Dune2K content into Your MASHUP to make progect more crossover than another mods?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Directive255 - - 18 comments

Nice mod, the next version seems promising.

But two thing though :
1. How to detect stealth units as Red Alert factions, there seems to be no easy way to do so? And I think it's good if the Red Alert factions get their Sensor Arrays too maybe?

2. Can you make it so that, all Red Alert buildings have their original Red Alert construction sounds, while Tiberian Sun buildings uses Tiberian Sun construction sounds?

I hope I can get to play 3.1 soon. Seems awesome with all the new tech buildings!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 698,638 comments

Hi guys
i lately found this website
your work is fantastic
unfortunately i'm trying to download the dll ares from ares.strategy-x
i'm getting below message
Service Unavailable
can you please provide me a link from which i can download the dll neeeded to run the c&c mashup
Thanks in advance!

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