Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
is a 3D game based engine that EA has created in 2003 that features new units, new style of gameplay, new generals system, a continuation of C&C Generals Storyline campaign, and a new generals challenge mode. These features that was I am facinated that I planned to make mod for Yuri's Revenge.

So instead of making a total conversion mod (or TC for short) for C&C Yuri's Revenge. I recreated the C&C Generals and also the Zero Hour's style of gameplay. That includes the General Powers, the Upgrades, the refit classes of General Character based units and others. Giving a new look to Yuri's Revenge side splitted and country based game. Different Taunts of new Generals, New Units, Buildings, the all new upgrades and also the challenge mode.

Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour reintroduces the factions of Allies, Soviets and Yuri. Featuring its Vanila side (Vanilla Plain only) and all new Generals side specific. The technologies will also be same and converted at Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge style.

Laser Weaponry, Air Force Supremacy, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Special Weaponry will be the General Style of Allies. Tank Commands, Infantry Force, Nuclear Technology and Demolition for Soviets. Psi-Force, Biological Weaponry, Espionage, and Low Tech Salvage ingenuity for Yuri.

In Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour, the countries will be moved in to a mode called world alliance in which the generals will be disabled and the vanila factions specific units will be spread out in to the same old countries. The mod will have default setting for generals style, in skirmishes or multiplayer. Choosing as Allied or its Generals Personalities like Laser General, Air Force and Super Weapon.

Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour can be also said as an unofficial expansion or an add-on mod as it enhances the units performances, balancing gameplay, bug fixes and graphical tweaks and much more.

Also Westwood Developers didn't finish on what they started. Instead, they released a game that has entirely full of bugs. I also apply a bug fix of those what they have left.


15 Ruthless Generals
Command an army of super powers, build your army with precise laser pinpoint systems, weapons of mass destuction, mass infantry, armored tanks, biological weapons and many more.

Vanila Sides
A focused army instead of country based units. Alliance of all nations in one army.

New General Power System
All new generals powers will be the sub superweapon of all generals and also the vanila sides. These new powers will turn the tides of war.

Generals Challenge Mode
Play with the all new Generals Challenge mode where you battle 9 Ruthless Generals AI with unique personalities, strategies and taunts.

Civilians Tech-Up's
New Civilian Tech Buildings for your warfare assistance. From Howitzer Platforms to Reinforcement Pads.

Bug Fixed of Westwood
Westwood leftover game bugs and graphical glitches were cleaned and placed properly.

Force Expansion
Expanded force branches such as naval and airforce in the game, giving more a balanced game. Yuri and Soviets will no longer left with Allies Air Supremacy and Yuri will no longer be the ultimate blitzkrieg in the early game.

New World
Added new maps, balanced units and armies, more graphical and enhancements and more.



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[Project Perfect Mod]

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YR:ZH Mod Site

News 0 comments

Well hello again to all, since the release is now coming up in few days/weeks/months. Who knows? It is still to be announce. And for some preparations, I have redesigned the site. You can check the website in this link.

Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour
as you can see, there is still terrible graphic glitches and those will be fixed.
And also introducing the new logo of Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour

As of now, there are few pages in the website are up, the Sides pages, the Generals pages and other mod info's stuff are not up yet.
Check out the development in these forums for more information. Most content of the website will be from here.

YR: ZH News...

News 0 comments

came across here and see some post from members... were not dead... and the mod is still active... i dont have time to make a post an update at moddb...

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Yuri's Revenge : Zero Hour Demo Version

Yuri's Revenge : Zero Hour Demo Version

Demo 17 comments

Known bugs here is the AI, I messed it up, use Easy AI or Normal AI as the Brutal AI won't defend and attack properlyThe Yuri sides/Generals is incomplete...

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It is the year 2016 genobreaker, and there is only disappointment.

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LOL, yes, agreed, it don't work at all.

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Dear Developer of this mod,

I have played Yuri's Revenge Generals Mod and I really really liked it. But this, Yuri's Revenge : Zero Hour mod, I'm sure I will love it once it is 100% complete! I have been following your mod for a few years now, waiting for it to be released. At times, I thought that it is no longer in progress, but now I realize that it is still currently under work, and I'm glad to know that. I also hope that's really the case. Anyway, I wish you the best of the Luck brother on completing this awesome mod! I really hope you do ;) And I Thank you for working on such a great project and keeping the game still alive! And PLEASE DON'T abandon your mod, haha! :)

Best of Luck,
And Thank you,
Regards From Your Fan,

Taimoor :)

Please do leave a reply for your Acknowledgement. Would really appreciate that! Thanks :D

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Mod was down?

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Kabayan ang galing ng mod mo astig, kelan lalabas yung susunod mong project? kip up the gud work tol^^!!

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sooo this is dead.....?

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tracking, great idea for a mod! you really need to advertise this more on moddb im sure loads of people would eb intrested in it, if only they knew.

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great mod hope to see this finish :)

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genobreaker Creator

yes it will

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Now returning definitely, stay tuned folks!

Nov 10 2014

Today marks the 10th year of the mod, and its still currently in the making! Wow hahaha! I already aged and this will be my final push to it

Nov 10 2014

In 2 Days there will be a website maintenance, will fix the outdated website.

Nov 28 2012

Living in +8 GMT, its morning here and no sleep yet, still working on the mod. #yrzh

Nov 28 2012

Every general is a side, don't worry it will not clogged up your sidebar.

Nov 28 2012

Doing photomanipulation on Yuri's face, I don't know. Just for fun, or is it the clones? #yrzh

Nov 27 2012

Watch the mod in ModDB!

Nov 27 2012

Good thing that editing guides are there. #modenc #DeeZire #yrzh

Nov 27 2012

I'am currently taking a refresher in modding. Since that 2 year no modding made me forget some mod logics and stuff.

Nov 27 2012

Box art is next

Nov 22 2012

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