Hi and welcome to CnC: ReWire profile.
This mod attempt to recreate good old Tiberian sun game on Yuri's Revenge engine. With RockPatch, Npatch, Ares patch it is now possible since many of previously not working logic is now enabled again. Mod also featuring a lot custom made artwork to replace original TS sprites, adding new refreshed look of world suffering of Tiberium contamination. Please follow to our media section.

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Hi, folks. I have spent this four days trying to finalize all my WIP stuff, do critical fixes, and made more polishing look for this release, before i go. So here is a change log:

Alpha 0.0.5 changes:

Fixed floating bug with missing Warhead for Elite Weapon for Light Infanty
Aircrafts do not spawn a crew after been destroyed.
Fixed GDI AI Base defences. Restored missing graphics and fixed SAM Site land targeting.
Fixed bug Mutant Hijacker not able to steal anything
Fixed bug with Tiberian Fiend. Will not freeze trying to prone anymore.
Fixed animations for Refineries
Added graphics for Nod Service Depot.
Added new grapics for Laser Fence
Added new Civilian Buildings.
Added new graphics for deployed Tick Tank.
Added new graphics for Shores (not full yet)
Added some new Water Cliffs (set is now complete)
Fixed Artillery Turret
Enchanced Kane Broadcast screen
Fixed wrong paletted animations.
Added new makeup animation for GDI Power Plant done by Sypher88. (Thanks, mate!)
And many other small fixes.

Stealth Tank is little faster. Fires further.
Repair Vehicle is now have Nod Depot in Prerequisites
Nod MCV is now have Nod Depot in Prerequisites
GDI Power Plant upgrages now give little more power.
Redused time EMP Effect
Tiberian Fiend weapon nerfed.
Visceroid moves slower

I must say I kinda liked this idea of small updates. This is much easer to find a free time working that way. And of course recived feedback did motivation burst. So I guess this is not final update, heh. :)

ReWire Alpha

ReWire Alpha

News 4 comments

Hey hi! First public release of ReWire and some sad news.

Good welcome, citizens!

Good welcome, citizens!


Command and Conquer: Rewire is now have Moddb profile.

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ReWire Alpha

ReWire Alpha

Demo 9 comments

First public release of CnC: ReWire mod for Yuri's Revenge

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Guest - - 698,728 comments


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Anton•Slavik - - 63 comments


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DreadKnight666 - - 44 comments

Too bad this lead to nothing, sigh...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Dr.Octavia-Pus - - 858 comments

This mod looks finished, but the last public beta was released almost 9 years ago, will it ever be released?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
ApornasPlanet - - 4,131 comments

If someone's interested Gangster uploaded the latest OpenRA build on the PPM Site and says anyone can continue his work as long as original creators are credited.

Anyone got what it takes?


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OrangeNero - - 6,593 comments


Ah how gracious of him to release it there instead of here that ***** cocktease. Oh and ofc its not the RA2 stuff but the OpenRA stuff because lets cocktease us all for 10 years and then release ****.

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Guest - - 698,728 comments

Imagine being this entitled

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zzll0909 - - 3 comments

The building model mod is so good,but where can I download the mod???
Or can author tell us when he can finish?

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Forcedot - - 89 comments

This mod looks nice. Where can I find the full version.

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Guest - - 698,728 comments

is this still in the makings?

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ABowlofNoodles - - 22 comments

Yes, mostly lots of behind the scenes work right now AFAIK, so nothing pretty to show. He doesn't update ModDB as much as PPM.

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Guest - - 698,728 comments

nice, I was afraid it was cancelled!

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