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It was an extraordinary specimen to say the least. The seventh cat in the series one tests.

Remarkable really. Dr Burnett insisted on raising it as a pet while the others were prepared and tested in Delta Control. And yet the little black creature had far exceeded them all.

None had received the 12th serum treatment, but this golden eyed cat... this specimen was different. Injection number 14.

The tests would begin as soon as he awoke. Concrete evidence would be collected.

If only the computer systems were as reliable as Dr Burnett's little pet.

Cat-Life GS is a singleplayer modification for Half-Life 1 that will follow the story of a scientist's pet project, XFC-71... a cat named Newton.

Special Thanks to all of the former and inactive members of Team GS... you guys did a great deal of work and we thank you for all of the content you made.

Current / Active Team:
Project Lead: The Wildcat
Programmer: [vacant], bluefire40 (stalled due to RL & projects)
Story Team: DS, The Wildcat
Level Design: The Wildcat, DS
Mapping: The Wildcat
3D Art / Models: [vacant]
3D Art / Animation: [vacant]
2D Art: Radu Iceman
Music: King Cobra (KCP)
Voice Actors: The Wildcat, [vacant]

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I'm not making this a proper news item as I don't want it to be distracting from progress or changes that may happen. And it certainly doesn't warrant a full posting to anywhere. It is NOT a release of the mod or an announcement of shut down.

It's offering something to the community for such a long delay.

Okay, as I mentioned on facebook, I don't think I can get this project done any time soon. I would love to finish it up by A-Kon [That's around the 10th anniversary of me making BWL a thing], but I severely doubt I can do so.

I have comics, videos, fiction, possible animations, and more to work on. I can only wrap up CL:GS by a set time if I dedicate most if not all of my free time to development. Moreover, my job has been particularly bad lately and is preventing me from doing much anything except on my days off.

I still want to get CL:GS done, but I need to take a step back and consider what I am trying to do. This includes buying a program like milkshape 3d so I can easily make custom models and replace existing models, making a number of connecting maps and story bits that are missing from the old 2009-2010 files, scripting and recording voice acting and recruiting additional talent, making new sprites and sounds as needed to improve the look of the game, and so forth.

Add to this the fact that by all appearances Source 2 may be on the way soon and I may well want to turn my attention to that given time. As such, CL:GS is going to take a while no matter what I do. And I have no good estimates.

Further, this mod has been in development since 2003. And the base game goes back to 1996. At least 2 generations of engines exist after GoldSource in VALVe's content alone [more like 6 or 8 generations for everyone else]. My point is this is old and some folks may want to play around with our old files.

I'm way past my "December or bust" deadline from 2 years ago. Much happened before that deadline and it has been pushed back regularly since then. There is no point in continuing to push that back fully.

So, I'm linking the old 2009-2010 files here. You need a 4shared account to download them I think, but I don't really care. This is just for anyone that is serious about looking at the files and maps and/or trying to make up a playable "lite" version of the 2010 content.

What I have in mind is far bigger then these files, but please do not rip them off. This is a content dump for the community that is still waiting and would like to see what a mess we started with and/or make a quicky version of the mod. Plus, much of this may still be in the mod if I do get finished eventually... particularly the maps.

Be aware, there are several files no longer present in the real project as I trimmed many files I felt should not be present and have long since made some big changes to avoid thirty party content and/or bloat files.

This is just for you folks that want to play around with some of the goodies and don't mind the mess. If you hammer out a Lite version, feel free to send it to me. I don't mind crediting you and making it available for download.

The Concept Art and SDK items BiGToM sent me: 4shared.com

The maps BiGToM sent me [some of them are really good but need debugging and changes to work with the dlls]: 4shared.com

Not certain as it has been a while, but I'm pretty sure this was the source code at the time: 4shared.com

Hopefully, I can get time to work on the real mod soon. But no promises. Not so long as I am dependent on a full time job for anyone else. As long as that can interfere AND other real life issues come up, I simply can't promise anything. It's an unfortunate "when it's done" situation.

A Little News: What we're doing these days.

A Little News: What we're doing these days.

News 8 comments

Check out the latest BWL Video Update for a little fresh info regarding the project. Also, thanks to EDOC_32 for all the continued work in trying to fix...

A BWL News Mash-up Potpourri

A BWL News Mash-up Potpourri

News 8 comments

Over on the BWL Group page, we have a selection of news items including some news about Cat-Life. BWL Video Update and From The Chat Room episode 1 are...

Demo Release

Demo Release

News 10 comments

After countless issues, the Cat-Life Beta has been scaled back to a short demo. This being the case, and the bug issues that continue, I feel the matter...

Cat-Life Code

Cat-Life Code

News 26 comments

With the cat-code now at least functional, and the beta approaching... here is a few details regarding the new code, current bugs, and a short video for...

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Cat-Life Demo

Cat-Life Demo

Demo 41 comments

NOTE: This demo is grossly outdated. Please keep that in mind as it is not really relevant anymore. This is a very simple, short, and limited demo. The...

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What's next? Snark-Life?

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The_Wildcat Creator

Now see, I don't even know what happened to the summary and background picture. And I don't really feel like fixing it.

As far as the project, it continues to take a back seat to other projects and real life issues. As an example, my dad has been in the hospital for a month now - received a tracheotomy and a g-tube, and is still in ICU. And at work, our morning shift is down to 4 staff. They need nine to make coverage on a daily basis.

I am very tired, but still trying to do things. I just really don't see Cat-Life moving forward any time soon. I want to work on it, but it will probably be well down the road. Not right away for sure.

Again, if someone wants to help with the project, let me know how.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Keep it up man. I hope your dad is fine now even if it is now when I noticed what happened to your family. Best regards and all goodness to you.

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The_Wildcat Creator

A little update, we've had someone named "Fusion powerKitten" join our discord and ask for some additional model files back in January. They want to try to make the "lite" version.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


I would like to see in a future, a remastering like Black Mesa Source.

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The_Wildcat Creator

That's something I've wanted for a long time. It's part of the reason I changed the name to Cat-Life: GS. The GS is for GoldSource, the engine this runs in.

The goal was always to just wrap up CL:GS and then move on to CL:S or possibly some other engine if, for example, Source 2 popped up with mod tools.

That version would be the better version of the game with the story more functionally involved in the game play. But I've never made it passed GS.

Just slow going I guess.

I'm actually typing up some notes and script bits I made for GS right now. Mostly because I have been sorting old notes for comics, videos, and mods for the last week or two. Getting stuff more set up for myself. :p

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is it dead?

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how do I climb walls?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
The_Wildcat Creator

Basically, you walk up to the wall. Then while looking up, you press the jump key repeatedly.

This was done with a variation on the wall jumping code. Thus, with practice you can do quite a few maneuvers.

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