Mod Features (Beta Version coming soon!):

  • team-based competitive gameplay, where coordination and constant communication is vital;
  • a large variety of characters to choose from;
  • each character has a unique and clearly defined role;
  • focuses on a unique zone control combat system;
  • the points necessary for defeating the enemy faction can be obtained through various methods;
  • diversity it key here - many game modes and mechanics in one map;
  • secondary objectives, such as teleporters and watch towers, represent an important gameplay aspect;
  • carefully designed terrain, with each zone having a unique feel;
  • and much more!

The first map in the BattleNodes series is called Orbital Core, and revolves around the dispute between two factions over a large space platform. A fight for supremacy, resources and honor begins!
More maps with different terrain and layouts are being planned, although at this time we are focusing mainly on the launch of Orbital Core, as every new map will use this one as a template.

Gameplay Description (work in progress - subject to change):

  • players will choose between Red Team and Blue Team
  • each base is protected by automated turrets and force fields
  • there are several specializations you can choose from including but not limited to:
  1. Soldier (medium armor, high basic damage, medium movement speed)
  2. Medic (limited armament, support unit, medium armor)
  3. E-Bot (able to build and repair buildings, limited armament, can lay mines)
  4. Heavy Trooper (slow, heavy infantry armor, best against mechanical units)
  5. Assault Mech (very slow, durable armor, deadly ammunition)
  6. PsiOps (psionic damage specialist, low basic damage, psionic abilities)
  7. Sniper (long range, high damage/low attack speed, slow movement speed)
  8. Scout (fast, low damage, limited defenses)
  9. Commander (leadership skills, can call-in for reinforcements, good basic damage)
  • each specialization has its own unique role and there is no jack of all trades
  • there are four Control Nodes (CN) on the map
  • each captured node provides your team with additional reinforcements and Control Points (CP)
  • there is an ancient Protoss Relic on the map and by capturing it your team receives extra CP
  • the Relic respawns periodically
  • two Xel'Naga Watch Towers can grant your team visibility over key strategic areas
  • the two Teleporter Devices allow units to instantly travel from one side of the map to the other
  • once a team gains enough CP, the Force Fields protecting the enemy base are disabled
  • by destroying the Force Fields, you gain access to the enemy's main base
  • the first team to destroy the enemy Orbital Command wins the game

Stay tuned for more updates...

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BattleNodes: Unity Dev Report #1

The fourth installment of the BattleNodes: Unity Development Report is here. What are we going to talk about today?

  • Terrain preview - a look at Operations
  • Bird's eye - the map layout
  • Design decisions - computer controlled opponents and allies

Today we are going to reveal the final Control Zone (CZ) by taking a look at Operations. So what about this zone? First of all, the placement: this CZ is located right next to the southern exit of the Red Team base.

The landscape is rather strange and unsettling, as the entire Ops section was destroyed during the conflict. Burning buildings, shattered technology, destroyed walls, fire and smoke everywhere. It is not the place where you'd want to spend your vacation.
On the bright side, it is the perfect place for an ambush!

BNU Ops Screenshots BNU Ops Screenshots
BNU Ops Screenshots BNU Ops Screenshots
BNU Ops Screenshots BNU Ops Screenshots

Now it's time for the current version of the map layout. Nothing more to add here, but the big picture itself.

BattleNodes: Unity Orbital Core Map Layout

Actually, there is something to say here: the picture above is a work in progress (WIP) screenshot. Please keep in mind that many changes may occur before the public release.

Now what about the A.I.? We've mentioned it in the last Dev Report, so what's the story? Generally speaking the decision of having an A.I. implemented came from a simple fact: chances are that, at least at first, there won't be many games available on the net, so what better way to test the map but to add some computer controlled opponents and allies, right?

The A.I. will not be designed to specifically pose a great threat to a player who knows what he's doing, but it may give a new player something to worry about. The simplicity will help everyone get a general feeling of the map and give you a good idea of what the gameplay consists of. While if required/requested the A.I. might be improved in the future, the release version of it will exist simply to guide all new players throughout a game.

Of course, the best experience will always be achieved by playing with other people :)

With this we're wrapping up the fourth BattleNodes: Unity Development Report. If you are interested or simply curious, you can visit the mod's website at:
See you soon!

BattleNodes: Unity Dev Report #3

BattleNodes: Unity Dev Report #3


Welcome to the third BattleNodes: Unity Development Report. Even more screenshots, talking about snowballing and news about the completion status of the...

BattleNodes: Unity Dev Report #2

BattleNodes: Unity Dev Report #2

News 1 comment

Welcome to the second BattleNodes: Unity Development Report. More screenshots, the first character announced and talking about game length.

BattleNodes: Unity Dev Report #1

BattleNodes: Unity Dev Report #1


Welcome to the first installment of the BattleNodes Dev Report. Today we're going to take a look at some terrain, design decisions and some changes that...

BattleNodes: Unity Announced

BattleNodes: Unity Announced


BattleNodes: Unity, a competitive Starcraft II modification has been announced!


I thought the title said "Battle(Something):Nudity"*Facepalm*My reaction to that was "What in the-?Oh it says UNITY!Oops."

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
maddriver6 Creator

an honest mistake :D

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Will this have AI support?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
maddriver6 Creator

While it is primarily a mod designed for player versus player, a test version of the AI support will be released along with the first beta version of the mod.

Reply Good karma+5 votes

This sounds pretty cool :3 But will this actually change the game or will it be a map?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
maddriver6 Creator

I'm glad you find the concept interesting, Berethor.
It is going to be a map/mod designed for quick 15 to 20 minutes fights. It has very little to do, mechanics-wise, with the actual standard game.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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