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The Northern Excursion mod (once called the "Extreme Realism" mod) is a game-enhancement mod that introduces a new faction, the "North American Coalition" (NAC), re-introduces the jet fighter/bomber air vehicle types from Battlefield 2 and also brings back old features which were left out of the original Battlefield 2142 such as stationary machine guns, visual effects, unused voice overs and more.

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Report RSS EU - L3 "Klein" - Fast Attack Mech - Grassland (view original)
EU - L3 "Klein" - Fast Attack Mech - Grassland
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I think the model and skin overall are of an exceptional quality, but personally I don't like the design. It doesn't look BF2142-ish enough to me and the proportions look too uneven. I hope you take it as constructive criticism.

Enough of the rant, really nice work. Keep it up!

PS: Wasn't this meant to be the NAC walker? There's a couple of pics of this thing way back in the image gallery.

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Benjin Author

Yeah, the previous images of this was of the slightly older version. We intended it to be for the NAC since it was new, but recently we just decided to give it to the EU since it was already named "eu_light_mech" (or something like that, can't remember the exact name off the top of my head) and had EU markings on it. The arctic skin and some interior parts are new.

The older images were way back from 2009, back before this mod was named "Northern Excursion". I thought it would be appropriate to show it properly this time in a couple of renders with the little additions added recently.

Oh and thanks for the constructive criticism, I kind of know what you mean, but the design does kind of grow on you over time. At first I thought the design was rather weird, but now I love it because of its weird design. The quality of it is spectacular as well, Satnav put a lot of effort into it and IMO did an excellent job. It's a shame that he left BF2/2142 modding.

EDIT: Also, there will be more stuff to come (hopefully) this week, all of the kind of quality in the last couple of images uploaded. I just need to receive some replies from a couple of people.

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I can see what you mean by the design growing on you, but there's still something off about the proportions. The forward lean makes me feel like it's unstable and easy to tip over. This feeling could be offset by giving it a rear counterweight and maybe larger feet.
In keeping with the wolverine design aspect;

As you can see, the wolverine in both examples has a more narrow base but a wider stance giving it a better semblance of stability, this is aided by the generally balanced shape of the chassis. There's also this ambiguous skirting around the 'hip' joint that looks like some sort of suspension system and detracts from the whole ED 209 look the legs have going on here.
And this example may be a stretch,
If you can imagine this without the jetpack it just wouldn't look right. I'm not saying add a jetpack, just something that looks heavy enough to keep this from falling on its face, but of course not too bulky looking to make players feel it could fall over backwards at any second.

Widen the base, hide the 'hip' joints internally, apply a counterbalance to the back and that should address any proportion concerns. Trying to envision this, I think the feet should look fine, but making them a little wider wouldn't hurt.

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Dtneter Creator

I think it looks like it's easy to tip over because it's in the idle stance, when you enter it it will rotate slightly backwards and all that... I think this thing needs a video demonstration :P

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Benjin Author

Thanks for the ideas, but I think we'll do this at a later time. We got some other stuff to finish first though such as the rest of the NAC faction, the weapon replacements and the statics for our new detailed maps.

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I think this vehicle will be hard to kill, and yes it was designed for the NAC or atleast I think so :P

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Benjin Author

It's actually pretty easy to kill, same goes for the driver inside (a couple of bullets may get through the protective glass).

And yeah, it was given to the NAC at first but was recently changed to the EU for reasons I explained above.

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I think the criticism is coming from the fact that the vanilla walkers look more realistic in a way. Big, strong built, armored legs with the driver safe inside a big turret on the legs while he sees through a highly advanced camera instead of a giant windshield saying "Here I am! Shoot me!" Also it looks like it was based off of this from the movie Avatar

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Yeah I thought that too, when I saw Avatar :P. In fact I think it ficts perfectly ith bf2142 universe, at least as a light vehicle focuse in killing infantry.

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Sorry for the delay (again), but I just wanted to wait until we had some awesome stuff to show. This is one of the awesome things out of many which I will be uploading this week and for the rest of this month.

• The EU faction's new special vehicle.
• This image shows the GRASSLAND/JUNGLE colour scheme.
• Slightly faster rate of fire, faster movement speed, slightly lower damage per bullet, less hit points when compared to the L5 Riesig.
• In the German language, "riesig" means "huge", "klein" means "small".
• Inspired by the Wolverine from C&C Tiberian Sun.
• Northern Excursion will be allowing each faction to have atleast two special vehicles. So far, the EU will have the A3 Goliath (from Northern Strike) and the L3 Klein, the PAC will have the Type 36 Hachimoto (from Northern Strike) and another unknown special vehicle, the NAC will have the M133 A7 Heavy Assault Transport (as you can see in the previous images) and another unknown special vehicle (which will be shown soon).

• Place of Origin: EU, Germany
• In Service: 2126 - Present
• Users: European Union
• Description: Coming Soon
• Specs: Coming Soon

Demonstration Video:
Coming Soon

Model, Skin & Animations - Satnav

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