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Today I have finished papers and I am into the Informatic Engineering degree.It has been taxing to enter since Iborked it all doing the first papers on April or so.I am really excited by three motives.I am going to attend to a degree where I am really prepared to from secondary, with high marks. Also, it is my oportunity to scape from "slavery".Yes thst is because I dont want to be a eighteener working without formation, as a farmer, scrap merchant and so on. In addition to that, I guess I will do my best on this degree because I have the dream to become game programmer.

As from now, I dont want to commit the same fails as the previous year. For example, I need to balance between studies and sport to keep me fit by in and out. Also, I cant keep me other year without doing one of my hobbies, alike playing videogames, hanging out with friends to walk and camp, and even swimming which really relaxes me and it's really cheap.What's more I need to spare the little time I will have free with my family, because they are the ones I love and they love me, that's all.

Of course, I will have a lot of challenges into university. The first and most important of alls, is to addapt my body to the classes' schedule. For that, I will need to put my alarm like fifteen minutes before, the time I need to prepare me, that's other thirty minutes, so then fourty fife sooner. Its really important for me to awake slowly and do some stretching to release calmed energy. Because if I get awake snd inmediately breakfast it will charge me with tension energy, and the muscles will be nasty all thr day. Oh and the mornung's challenge is to take the bus at 6:50. I am like 40 km away from university but hey... I want to go. Other resource is going with afriend who lifes nearly and studies nearly to, and pay him to take me to there.Obvioysly I havent car licence, and if I were him I would like to take some money from other guys to keep car's cost. Also I need to addapt to use paper books, notebooks, and informatic resources as digital notes and so on. At least I have a great library service there on the university, where I can use all the books teachers ask for. I am remembering, the first book I need to take is one realted to business management, because it is needed until January. And definitely my biggest challenge is to dont be extremely competitive neither extremely friendly. I mean, I want to be on the medium point between wanting to know more people which have simmilar hopes and its on my class, and not to lose so many time on that without listening to classes. Obviously, winning to my shame is one of my needs, and I will do my best to dont be silly, knowing that I have attended to my first class session, the worst part has passed...

Do in conclussion, my target is to get at least an approved on every subject. Also I am especially interest on study more on those where I get more difficulties as maths and arithmetic, and aprroavh my english' skill to get good marks on it.

Huge hopes

Huge hopes

1 year ago by yone 0 comments
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arivax Jun 12 2013 says:

I got a problem with battlefield single player 1.52 mod. I don't know how to install it. Could you help??

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Guest Jun 12 2013 replied:

I found out

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Stoudemire15 Mar 7 2013 says:

You're one of the most stupidity person, I have ever see in my entire life after you trolling the project that was repeat the same sentences over and over again. I do pity you as your country is being devour by the Rothschild Zionism Bankers that controlled your government. While a lot of people are coming out to fight for their freedom. While you still sitting your own big belly *** at your chair continuing to spamming for nothing. What a sad little boy.


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yone Creator
yone Mar 12 2013 replied:

Oh if you are going to talk about me, talk about me and don´t offend my homeland or anything like that... and definitely you should ask me if my *** is belly or big, or it isn´t?

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ATRcade Sep 28 2012 says:

Thanks for your feed back on Sovereign, I will consider some of your ideas. :)

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Arkangel-Shaman Aug 6 2011 says:

hey man thanks for the info about the first strike mod installation. really appreciate it

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