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VGMovies Jan 2 2011, 4:10am says:

This is positively beautiful.

+3 votes   mod: Raindrop
VGMovies Jan 2 2011, 4:08am says:

If'n ye be needin' voicework, I've always wanted to try my hand at voice acting. Figure it's not that big a step from theatre, right? ...


Anyway, this looks AWESOME. One question - how the heck do you pronounce "Apollyon"?

+2 votes   game: Apollyon Asylum
VGMovies Jun 4 2010, 4:37am says:

Well it's OBVIOUSLY... a... it's a... um... a thing... and... when you... when you push... no, when you pull... the thing... it... it does... what am I looking at, here?

+1 vote   media: Props for iv_tempest
VGMovies May 16 2010, 8:16am says:

This is brilliant.

+1 vote   mod: The Invaders: Source
VGMovies Mar 19 2010, 2:41am says:

This idea sounds (to me at least, who admittedly doesn't get out much) very original. Can't wait to play. Keep it up!

Now I remember what this reminds me of - Shadows Over Camelot. Good thing, though!

+1 vote   mod: Debauchery
VGMovies Jan 31 2010, 2:53pm says:

Is it sad that what excites me most about that screenshot is that there is stuff on the blackboard, which I'm looking forward to reading when this is released?

Other than that, very awesome. You guys have some talent.

+1 vote   media: Welcome to the Orphanage
VGMovies Jan 6 2010, 2:29pm says:

Holy sweet merciful marbles, the Necrotroph... it's awesome. It's always great to see the level of detail and thought some people are willing to put into their projects. Well done, guys.

+1 vote   mod: The Rising
VGMovies Mar 12 2009, 5:24am says:

Will the end result require Photoshop? I don't have it, and I love this idea to bits!

+1 vote   mod: The Online Gallery
VGMovies Feb 1 2009, 5:43am replied:

Well thankyou :D Apparently we have a mapper now. Yay! Also apparently Valve screwed Source Editor over with a patch. Boo! So in summation, there will be a map, but not sometime soon.

+1 vote   mod: Generic Headcrab Goes to a Party
VGMovies Jan 21 2009, 12:11am replied:

*sigh* God I love sarcasm. Thankyou for the fake support. Or real support and overexaggerated praise, whichever.

+1 vote   mod: Generic Headcrab Goes to a Party
VGMovies Dec 26 2008, 9:15pm says:

Dibs storyliner! lol :P But seriously, I hope you portray the villains right. It sure would suck for you to get all the way to near the end and then not do the villains right and get flamed to hell by Batfans.

+2 votes   mod: GTA Batman Gotham Knights
VGMovies Dec 3 2008, 1:32am replied:

Umm... no it shouldn't? I believe an appropriate response would be "Why in the name of all that is green good and holy should it say 'to make undead the dead'?"

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Panic: Source
VGMovies Jan 8 2008, 6:29pm says:

This is going really well. Pity I don't have Crysis... but I'll keep watching this anyway! :)

+1 vote   mod: JP Mod
VGMovies Dec 16 2007, 6:40am says:

Have a disclaimer at the end of the credits or something: "The creators of this mod would like to acknowledge that Spinosaurus sucks that fat *** and could not have possibly killed a T-Rex. We would like to assure the public that we employed poetic licence on this." Love this mod :) The Aviary rocks.

+1 vote   mod: JP Mod
VGMovies Nov 7 2007, 4:10am says:

Hope I get to co-write for this, got some sweet ideas. This could potentially be really cool.

+1 vote   mod: Breach
VGMovies Nov 3 2007, 4:56am says:

If I did want to get a job in the games industry, it would have to be something where I could write the storylines for games, or maybe design levels if that wasn't an option.

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