I am a History student and a WWII fan. My favourite games are historicall FPS set in WWII like Call of Duty and Red Orchestra. I also like RTS games like Age of Empires and Warcraft III. Other hobbies I have are reading history books or novels (I like J.R.R Tolkien) and listening to heavy metal music. I like Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody.

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Vassili_Tzaisev Aug 18 2015 says:

OK, let's give it a try:

1) - Lieutenant
2) - US Army 1st Infantry Division ("Big Red One")
3) - Captain
4) - US Amry 3rd Infantry Division
5) - Sergeant; 2nd Ranger Battalion
6) - US Army - 28th Infantry Division
7) - US Amry 29th Infantry Division
8) - 101st Airborne Division ("Screaming Eagles")

Did I win? :-)

By the way, excelent work on asll those helmets!

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Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 1 2015 says:

Very nice skin! Is he German or Croatian?

+1 vote   media: Thank you pcapaolo
Vassili_Tzaisev Jun 14 2015 says:

Italians and Croatians? Very nice work!

Thank you for adding some "frogotten" countries which are not featured in many WW2 games!

Also, the Back to Fronts team has some very nice Italian weapons which could be useful to you.

+3 votes   media: Custom models tnx to pcpaolo
Vassili_Tzaisev Jun 1 2015 replied:

The devs have said that French will not appear in the game (at least not for now). The featured French vehicles will be used by the Germans.

The Soviets will appear, but not in the next update.

The Japanese are featured in an unofficial patch. They are very nicely done (uniforms, weapons and vehicles), so I hope they will be officially included in the game some day, althoug the devs haven't said anything about it.

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Vassili_Tzaisev May 11 2015 says:

Hi! First of all, your mod looks very good so far. There aren´t many WWI games out there, so good luck with it! :-)

In order to make your hard job a bit easier, why don't you contact other mothers? There's a lot of stuff which has been created for CoD 2, which would be very useful for a WWI mod.

In first place, there's the excellent Spanish Civil War mod. In there you will see several Mauser rifles with straight bolt handle, which could be used as a base for the German G98. The even come with bayonets!
Also, that mod has a model of the Adrian helmet (used by the International Brigades), and a stationary Hotchkiss M1914 machinegun, which you will need if you plan to add the French army, and the MP18 submachinegun, for the Germans in late war maps.

Also, tehre's the great Back to Fronts mod, made by MCh2207cz. That mod has lots of great weapons, all of them fully animated. For example, it features a stationary Maxim M1910 machinegun (whch you could modify into a German Maxim MG08) and a Lewis machinegun for the British, whcich comes with animations so the AI can deploy it (like the MG42). MCh2207cz also had a model of the artillery Luger pistol (with long barrel and drum magazine) and the Mauser C96 pistol. They have been cancelled from the mod but perhaps he still has the models. Also, the Lee-Enfield has a more realistic darker skin 8although it's still the Nº4 version; you will need to modify it into the Nº1 version, used in WWI). There are also plenty of WWI American weapons, like the unescoped Springfield M1903 rifle, the Smith and Weason M1917 revolver, the Shotgun (now useable in SP) and the early BAR M1918. That in case you wish to add the Americans some day. Also, the mod has fully animated bayonets for all rifles, which you can attach and remove.

As for the uniforms, that would imply harder work. There's an Axis mod in ModDB which has a very nice cap for the British soldiers (like the one they used in 1914-1915) and some uniforms which could be used for British and American soldiers. You should modify, for example, the boots/shoes.
The German skins could be more difficult to make if you want to add the Pickelhaube helmet (used in 1914), but for the moment you could just keep the Stahlhelm (even if it's not exactly the same model) and reskin the uniforms.

I hope it helps! And again, I wish you the best luck with your mod!

+2 votes   mod: Call Of Duty: Iron Wolf
Vassili_Tzaisev May 2 2015 says:

This mod looks great!

Many of the creatures seem to have been inspired by Warcraft creatures (of course, everything looks much better in the Skyrim engine, orld of Warcraft is too "cartoonish", besides I have always thought that Warcraft 3 was much better than World of Warcraft). Have you ever thought about making a Warcraft mod for Skyrim? Some Warcraft models are alrady available for Skyrim, as far as I know.

+1 vote   mod: SkyMoMod V13
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 28 2015 says:

Triby, no puedes hacer esto. Ahora que me has mostrado este pequeño video me dejarás por mucho tiempo con ganas de más :-p No, hablando en serio, excelente trabajo! Tiene muy muy buena pinta!

+2 votes   media: Spain At War - Campaign Mode - Intro
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 17 2015 says:

Great work, guys! Finally a Mod which cover a front which has been forgoten by all WW2 shooters. From the little I could understand, the first release will feature a Croatian campaign, and then a Partisan campaign may appear in the future. Is that right?

+2 votes   mod: WW2 in Yugoslavia-Croatia
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 20 2015 says:

Lol. Yes, nowadays we use the word "blandengue" for a weak person, but this soldiers were called "blandengues" because they were the ones who wielded swords (in Spanish, "blandir" means to wield an edged weapon)

+3 votes   media: Blandengues
Vassili_Tzaisev Jan 19 2015 says:

It is this cap, right?


At first I thought it was the one used by the British Expeditionary Force in 1914. I didn't know a similar cap was used in WW2, but apparently it was.

Nice job!

+2 votes   media: CoD2 British officer
Vassili_Tzaisev Dec 26 2014 replied:

As someone whose family comes from Croatia, I'm glad to finally see something related to the war in Croatia/Yugoslavia in a WW2 game. I don't know why it has never been featured before. Also it's great that you make the landscape based upon the one in rela life. That will make the game much more authentical! So, best luck with your proyect!

+4 votes   media: a new mod is rising
Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 9 2014 says:

People, check this:


+5 votes   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 9 2014 replied:

I was about to say that! I have downloaded the map just to check the models of the weapons and vehicles (and the maps themselves, of course) and everything looks great, but they don't support SP gameplay. I wonder if the FH2 team could make those maps official, since it would mean adding an entire new faction (Japan).

+1 vote   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 9 2014 says:

Great work!

+3 votes   media: CoD2 MG34 replacements finished
Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 9 2014 replied:

I love the new model for the Scoped SVT-40! Does it totally replace the previous one (you know, with the clothes= or do they both appear in different missions?

+2 votes   media: CoD2 Trainyard map changes
Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 9 2014 says:

I don't know what the current status of the mod is, but I would suggest to make some weapons (like the PTRS-41) usable only by the player. That way, while you could pick up those weapons (like in this map, which is very usefull to disable the Panzers), you wouldn't see other soldiers running around with them. What do you think?

+1 vote   media: CoD2 Trainyard map changes
Vassili_Tzaisev Aug 31 2014 replied:

Great work, Martin, as usual.

When you release the MP version of the mod, you could use this MG to replace the .30 cal. in the MP maps featuring the British (for example, Toujane).

+3 votes   media: CoD2 Lewis gun gameplay
Vassili_Tzaisev Aug 30 2014 says:

Hell yeah!!

+3 votes   media: CoD2 Lewis gun concept
Vassili_Tzaisev Aug 28 2014 replied:


Here is a video showing this bug, which has been here since the Game of the Year update and wasn't fixed yet, so, it doesn't have anything to do with the mod, but I see that in the videos you uploaded the movement is fine, so perhaps you have found a solution. Sometimes this jittery movement is even worse than in the video, depending on the number of bots.

It is only there in Singleplayer thoug (both the campaign and the Steam workshop offline matches), while online multiplayer gameplay runs perfectly.

+1 vote   mod: Immersion Overhaul Mutator
Vassili_Tzaisev Aug 27 2014 says:

Hi people!

First of all, your mod is great, even if I play it mostly in Singleplayer (I mean, using the Steam workshop). But I wanted to ask if there is any way to fix the movement bug (that one which makes your movement very laggy, even if the game itself runs fine). I haven never been able to fix it (nor has Tripwire) and it makes gameplay very laggy in both the campaign ond the offline matches. But when I watch your videos, the problem doesn't seem to be there. Is there anything I can do to improve the performance?

Also, would ever be possible to make a version of this mod for the Singleplayer campaign? I know many people don't care about the campaign, but I like it, and however it lacks variety. This mod would be the perfect solution for that.

Best regards!

+1 vote   mod: Immersion Overhaul Mutator
Vassili_Tzaisev Aug 16 2014 says:

Because nobody has crated any other German missions yet :-(

+1 vote   media: CoD2 improved winter Waffen SS
Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 30 2014 says:

First of all, thanks a lot for this new update.

I have tried the game a little yesterday, and the bots are mucho more agressive now. Yet when playing Anctoville some of them still got stuck in one of the spawning points (not in the first one as before, but on the last one, so the map was playable).

And Omaha Beach is still unplayable because of heavy lag (it starts as soon as the Americans hit the beach).

So, if you could find a fix for this problems, it would be really nice. But there has been some great improvement there.

Keep up your excellent job!

+1 vote   news: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.48
Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 28 2014 says:

That's great news, people!

Could you fix the problems with the bots getting stuck in one of the spawning points and not moving? (sorry to ask, but I don't know what "AI strategies" means).

Anyway, thanks a lot for the update!

+3 votes   news: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.48
Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 24 2014 says:

People, I tried the game again yesterday and I got the same issue as before. The bots of the attacking team just mass in one of the spawning points and they don't move at all. They just fire on the enemy soldiers if they see them, but nothing more.

Please chek this issue, it didn't happen before the last patch.

+2 votes   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 22 2014 says:

Hi all! I have been playing a bit in the last few days, and I have noticed that sometimes the bots get stuck in one of the spawning points; they just keep spawning there and they don't move, they just fire if they see the enemy, but they don't move. Has anyone elso noticed this? So far, it happened in the maps Point du Hoc and Anctoville.

Also, the Omaha Beach map is still unplayable because of lag. Is there something I can do about ti, or should I just wait for an update?

Best regards!

+3 votes   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 6 2014 says:

Great job! I can't wait for the Eastern Front as well!

+1 vote   news: Air and Bread
Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 6 2014 says:

Is anyone else experiencing heavy lag in the Omaha Beach map (at least in SP)? Every other map seems to work fine, but that one is unplayable.

+1 vote   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 18 2014 says:

This mod is exactley what Age of Empires 2 (well, Age of Empires 1 as well) needed. A great idea and excellent job there!

Keep it up!

+3 votes   mod: Age of World Empires
Vassili_Tzaisev Mar 28 2014 says:

Uh, la plaza con la fuente en la que te están esperando cientos de soldados republicanos listos para matarte. Y después, entrar con el T-26 rezando para que no haya un cañón a la vuelta de la esquina. Qué recuerdos!!

Excelente trabajo con el mapa, Triby!

+2 votes   media: Brihuega Map
Vassili_Tzaisev Mar 26 2014 replied:

Glad to hear that!!

In the midtime, I have been reading Ernst Jünger's book "Tempest of Steel" and watching Downton Abbey. I mean, getting in shape :-)

+3 votes   game: The Somme
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