I am a History student and a WWII fan. My favourite games are historicall FPS set in WWII like Call of Duty and Red Orchestra. I also like RTS games like Age of Empires and Warcraft III. Other hobbies I have are reading history books or novels (I like J.R.R Tolkien) and listening to heavy metal music. I like Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody.

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Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 29 2013, 11:03pm replied:

They will be changed, though not completely. You will se both Panzer II and (mostly) Panzer IV, and even some Tiger in the last missions.

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Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 27 2013, 2:57pm says:

Guy, this map looks excellent! I love the beach itself and also the destroyed Horsa Glider. Nice touch!

You should also add the map Omaha Beach (which has already been released as a custom map) in your next patch, as an official map.

Also, are there any news we could know about the release date of the next patch?

Best regards!

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Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 23 2013, 6:45pm says:

Hi people! I have just joined this group.

I am interested in WW1 (well, in WW2 as well) and yes, I always wanted a FPS game set in WW1. Haven't played Verdun online yet. Is it good?

Also, I'm looking forward to The Somme and also the mod Grabenkrieg for Red Orchestra 2 (in my opinion the perfect game for a WW1 mod).

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Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 20 2013, 10:53pm says:

Waffen SS sniper with a scoped Gewehr 43. I'm glad he´s on my side now!

+5 votes   media: It's Alive!
Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 20 2013, 10:52pm says:

That moustache... straight from WW1 XD

+7 votes   media: New Character
Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 20 2013, 10:52pm says:

Very nice!

And yes, you should rename this mission to Operation Sea Lion and the last one "Wallendar in the original campaign) to London.
That way, if you replace all the Americans with British soldiers, it can look like the invation of England, which never took place but was planned.

+9 votes   media: H Hour!
Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 15 2013, 9:34pm says:

WOW! I wasn't expecting this!
The weapon looks great. It will be available for the German, right?

I was also thinking about getting the game 7554. It looks very good, and it shows a "forgotten war" while most modern FPS games are horrible and repetitive.

Great job!

+3 votes   media: CoD2 ZB vz. 26 concept
Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 15 2013, 9:30pm says:

Great job!

I have read that most Soviet assault troopers carried only one (or sometimes two) drum magazines for their PPSh, and then 5-6 stick magazines. Is it true?

Anyway, as I said, great job!

P.S: Will this weapon be available in the MP version as well? If so, wouldn't it be possible to make the other one (drum magazine) a limited weapon? Because I play as the Germans, you know, and the Soviets always win :-p

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Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 5 2013, 10:59pm says:

This mod looks really great! I love the historical atmosphere, the buildings, the armors and the weapons (you have a very nice Chen sword in there), and also the chinese-style metal music on the video lol
Awesome job!

+2 votes   mod: CangLoong City
Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 4 2013, 4:36pm replied:

Epic facepalm! Lol, I got confused because there's a Russian soldier in CoD WaW who looks very similar to this one, and because of the quality of this model, of course!

+1 vote   media: High quality realistic face textures
Vassili_Tzaisev Oct 3 2013, 11:01pm says:

Man, this looks awesome!
Even if I liked the original CoD2 heads, these ones from CoD WaW look much better, more realistic and also darker.Would you replace all original heads? Because some of them (for example, gErman soldiers with winter balaklavas) are not featured in CoD WaW.
But anyway, excellent job there!

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Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 29 2013, 10:19pm replied:

All those are great news, my friend!

First of all, congratulations on finishing your studies, and welcome to the working class lol.
Regarding the mod, I have no problem with the wait, but it's great to hear that it's closing in...

Best regards!

+2 votes   mod: Back2Fronts Mod
Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 29 2013, 10:15pm says:

That looks really great, my friend!

I have already had the chance to fire that beauty in the Spanish Civil War, but now I want to fire it in Rambo style from the hip XD

Best regards!

+3 votes   media: CoD2 DP-28 concept
Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 16 2013, 11:09pm replied:

And what would be the problem with the scripting? Wouldn't the mod be able to handle it? (I'm asking because I know nothing about it lol). The dialogs could be worked, and the part of the civilians... well, considering that they are wearing Russian clothes it would make sense if you could convert the mision so it's from the German side (yeah, a bit controvertial perhaps, but what the hell XD).

If that's not possible and the guy who made the map doesn't allow you to edit it, what about the mission you used to test the MG42? It looks quite nice and it's set in the Easter Front. Perhaps that map could be reworked to be from the German side.

Anyway, these are just ideas in order to have some more missions from the Axis perspective, since you said that you would like to have them but can't find anyone to do it.

A small three-mission campaign in the Eastern Front would be sweet, don't you think? ;-)

Regards, my friend!

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Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 15 2013, 8:34pm says:

Hi Martin! How are you?

Someone mentioned a custom SP map which was still on the works, called East-Prussia 1945. I took a look and it seems to be a very good map. Here there's a video of it:

I think it would be nice to add that mission to the mod, once it's finished. But what I wanted to ask was, would it be posible to modify it so we can play as the Germans? I mean, there are a lot mods which replace Allies for Germans in the whole campaign, but would it be possible to do it just for that mission and not the rest?

That way you could change, the location of the map, and make it be set in Russia (for example, in the outskirts of Stalingrad). That way we would have to missions playing as the Germans in Russia, this one and Red Square Massacre.

What do you think?

Best regards!

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Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 15 2013, 8:21pm replied:

You were not the only one, hehe.

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Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 15 2013, 8:20pm replied:

There is a game on the works called Traction Wars, which uses the Crysis engine and looks really great.
As far as I know, many of the members of FH2 team are working for that game as well.
It will be free to play, but there isn't any release date yet.

+2 votes   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
Vassili_Tzaisev Sep 15 2013, 8:17pm says:

Hi people!

I have a "small" request for the devs or any other skilled modder here. As you surely know, there's a WW1 mod on the works for this game, called No Man's Land. As far as I know, the devs of that mod said that their work was "almost done" and ready to be released, but sadly they gave up their work. Could anyone here finish it?

If the work was really taht advanced, it wouldn't mean much effort for the developers of FH2, and besides there aren't any good FPS set in WW2 (yes, we are all waiting for The Somme, but we don't know when it will be released, and besides I wouldn't like all job from No Man's Lanmd team just to get lost).

What do you think? Is it posible?

Best regards to all!

+3 votes   mod: Forgotten Hope 2
Vassili_Tzaisev Aug 29 2013, 8:36pm says:

WOW!! That's really amazing! The model itself looks awesome and so do the textures. Will it replace all the M1 Thompsons in the African campaign?

Also, excellent job with the Browning HP (sorry for not writing in a very long time, but university is getting really really messy :-S)

Best regards!

+3 votes   media: CoD2 Thompson M1928 first test
Vassili_Tzaisev Jul 12 2013, 11:21pm says:

Nice! I didn't know there were any unused character models in CoD2.

Could you upload another image in which we can se the uniform from the front?

Also, are there any other unused files?

+2 votes   media: unused character file
Vassili_Tzaisev May 15 2013, 8:30am says:

Lol German Rambo


+2 votes   media: CoD2 portable MG42 AI
Vassili_Tzaisev May 15 2013, 8:28am says:

Indeed! amazing job there, Martin! I love the reload animations, but also the sounds; they make the gameplay much more immersive.

By the way, is it me, or you can rest the MG on the sandbags to reduce recoil? I know some games hava that featrure, but I'm not sure if it can be made in CoD2. If it is so, then it's just awesome!

+2 votes   media: CoD2 MG42 animation preview
Vassili_Tzaisev May 12 2013, 10:00pm says:

WOW! Great job on that reload animation, Martin!

But I have to ask, wouldn't it be possible to give the weapons the same reload animation even if the magazine is empty? I mean, I have never reloaded an MG34 (or any other weapon), but I supose that you always have to open the top cover in order to reload it, right?

By the way, looking forward to seeing the new MG42 ;-)

+2 votes   media: CoD2 MG34 partial reload
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 26 2013, 9:10am says:

WOW! Amazing job there, guys!

That is an M1916 Stahlhelm, right? I like the ventilation 'holes' (don't know what are they called in German)

Anyway, looking forward to this mod, of course!

+4 votes   media: German Schütze
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 19 2013, 11:45pm replied:

Hi! Good to know that the French army might be on its way to FH2 after all!

About the Warsaw map, I particulary liked the Molotov cocktails, and I hope they are present in the Eastern Front when we play as Finnish soldiers, of course! XD There is also something "strange" on that map. One of the Polish kits has a sword! It is called Scotish sword. Was this weapon already featrured in FH2 or is it a whole new weapon added to that map only? If so, does it represent the sabers used by the Polish cavalry?

+1 vote   media: Suomi KP/-31 SJR
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 19 2013, 1:10pm says:

I saw this picture yesterday in FH2 offical site, and I was like "Hell yeah!" I love this gun and I can't wait to shoot it! Videos, please XD

By the way, I discovered the other day that there is an unofficial map pack for this game called French Hope, that aims to add the French army. Does anyone know whether it will be included in the official game? The maps look great but the French army doesn't have its own weapons yet. If they could add some of those, it would be awesome, since the French are not featured in most games. The map pack also adds Polish resistance in Warsaw 8a great map, by the way).

+6 votes   media: Suomi KP/-31 SJR
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 7 2013, 9:48pm says:

The animation for the bayonet atachment is just great!

Also, will there be many weapons with selective fire? In CoD1, there were the Thompson, the BAR, the PPSh and the FG42. And now also the Sten (I didn't know it had selective fire in real life) and the MG34 (I'm glad you added that one,it's really usefull lol)

+1 vote   media: CoD2 firemodes
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 7 2013, 9:45pm replied:

Oh, no, that's a shame! We really wanted for new SP missions from the German side, and Triby's work in the Spanish mod was so perfect :-(

About the map Sealion, I agree. It's a good mission (in my opinion) but not nearly as good as Red Square Massacre (wich is probably the best custom SP mission ever made for CoD2). Perhaps you could edit the Sealion mission and change the first part, so instead of landidng in England, the Germans fight in France (the map itself is very similar to Narmandy after all).

But again, that would only make one mission in France. Personally, I would prefer to see a whole German campaign (perhaps 4-5 missions) set completly in Russia. Perhaps Taintxs or some other skilled modder could do that in the future, after the mod is released.

+1 vote   media: CoD2 Lenin and Stalin statues at Red Square
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 7 2013, 5:39pm replied:

Yes, I also hope that more custom maps were added to the mod, so we could play a custom campaign from the German side. Sadly, the German Front Mod was never able to accomplish that mission, and it costed its life :-(

Now, back to the picture itself, it looks really great. Now you should add a statue of Trotsky as well. No, wait.... XD

+1 vote   media: CoD2 Lenin and Stalin statues at Red Square
Vassili_Tzaisev Apr 7 2013, 1:43pm says:

Yes, incredible, as allways! Great work there!

Now we want some new videos showing the new weapons :-)

+4 votes   media: M/39 "Ukko Pekka"
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