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vash12788 Jun 18 2012, 9:33pm says:

Just thought I'd let you know GES Isn't that guys mod, it's pretty much straight from the ENB site. You can use ENB with just about any game.

+2 votes   media: Junkyard 4
vash12788 Jun 11 2012, 5:57pm replied:

I don't know why people think that games sold on steam will not be compatible with mods. The version of the games you are getting through steam are exactly the same as retail except for the executable to start them. Which is only slightly changed and mods do not require this file to be the same regardless.

+2 votes   game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
vash12788 May 27 2012, 12:28pm says:

These are great, glad the mod has been successful.

+5 votes   media: Cry of Fear Making of - Episode 2
vash12788 Jan 13 2012, 7:13am says:

Why is the ejection port on the wrong side? That annoys me more than anything else in video games. =(

+3 votes   media: AK 47 by John
vash12788 Jan 8 2012, 7:36pm replied:

It's quite big in file size because it doesn't reuse any of the HL2 content, all original assets that need to be downloaded.

+2 votes   mod: G String
vash12788 Sep 25 2011, 3:08pm says:

Very impressive for source. You guys have a skilled team.

+1 vote   media: Some things
vash12788 Aug 9 2011, 4:08pm says:

The the first room and camera angles look very similar to Halo 1. Quality work though, can't wait to play it.

+2 votes   media: Titan: XCIX Gameplay (First 13 Minutes)
vash12788 May 11 2011, 11:39am says:

Why is this not on steam?

+2 votes   news: Retribution has been paid! Steel Storm: Burning Retribution meets the world.
vash12788 May 7 2011, 10:41am says:

Guys, it's showing the evolution of the pustule as it grows...

+1 vote   media: Dynamic Infestation Pustule Concepts
vash12788 May 2 2011, 10:58am says:

Great news for you guys! But I guess this also means we are going to have to wait quite a while till we get to play DCD.

+3 votes   news: Dream Casters' Duel Reboot?!?! -110501- Week 0
vash12788 Apr 29 2011, 7:55am says:

So when is this going retail? lol

+1 vote   media: SpAI Epic Demo Playthrough
vash12788 Apr 13 2011, 5:53am buried:


The studio is the team, derp.

-8 votes   news: ORION Spreads Her Legs
vash12788 Apr 5 2011, 5:57pm says:

Power drill.

+2 votes   media: Imperial Stimpack
vash12788 Mar 1 2011, 4:13am says:

Pretty amazing and something I have yet to see done in source. Can't wait to see it polished.

-2 votes   media: Inventory WIP 1
vash12788 Jan 5 2011, 4:42pm says:

Same ammo check system as The Rising mod, interesting.

-4 votes   media: NMRiH Feature Spotlight: Inventory System
vash12788 Jan 5 2011, 10:42am replied:

Thank god those sounds are placeholders. Was about to comment about it, pretty sure that draw sound is the worst I've ever heard, sounds like a water droplet lol.

+4 votes   media: NMRiH 1911 Animation Demo
vash12788 Jan 5 2011, 10:39am says:

Seems to me this water tower has more detail than the tank and apc. =(

+1 vote   media: Renders by LSR
vash12788 Oct 23 2010, 12:57pm replied:

Indeed Quake is awesome but I'd figure you would use something original. Can't help but think about Quake every time you shoot somebody.

+4 votes   media: Off Limits - playtest 2009-03-29
vash12788 Oct 23 2010, 12:41pm says:

Looks amazing but I hope the Quake hit sound is temporary.

+6 votes   media: Off Limits - playtest 2009-03-29
vash12788 Oct 16 2010, 12:23pm replied:


+1 vote   news: Firearms: Source 1.0f Release
vash12788 Oct 10 2010, 8:07am replied:

Yeah I'd remove the iron sights if theres going to be a red dot sight. Maybe theres going to be an attachment system and they're both on there just for reference or something?

+1 vote   media: VUG Mk2
vash12788 Sep 24 2010, 6:57am replied:

Just needs some animation tweaking and it should be fine.

+2 votes   media: 1 minute of clips!
vash12788 Sep 16 2010, 3:32am replied:

Indeed, this is a Max/Maya render. It will lose a lot of that detail once it's in game sadly.

+9 votes   media: Updated Resistance Body
vash12788 Sep 10 2010, 1:32pm replied:

Looks like they are using a film grain effect like the L4D games.

+4 votes   media: Park
vash12788 Sep 8 2010, 2:45am says:

You guys seriously have the highest quality work I've seen on the source engine. It rivals Valve's work.

+3 votes   media: Flare
vash12788 Sep 8 2010, 2:26am says:

Nice! Actually using the real weapons to create the sounds, love this mod more and more every time you update.

+9 votes   media: Weapon Foley
vash12788 Aug 4 2010, 3:20am replied:

That means every map you've done up to this point is going to be amazing then every map after this point is going to be sub par. Son, I am disapoint!

+1 vote   media: High-Res U.S.S. Sulaco (Before/After)
vash12788 Aug 1 2010, 4:12am says:

Looks quite good but the weapon origin should be moved down a bit. Can't see **** on the right side of your screen!

+1 vote   media: Day-Cycle System
vash12788 Jul 22 2010, 5:15pm says:

Pretty sweet but the scope effect should fade out while it isn't up to your face.

+6 votes   media: M24A1
vash12788 Jul 21 2010, 4:20am says:

This post is nothing more than an attempt to get more people playing. The game is still a mod and not standalone if you still have to download the source sdk. Now if the game Orion itself had its own sdk, that would be a different story. A perfect example is Alien Swarm. The game is standalone with its own sdk, nothing is required but the game itself to play. The sdk is optional. Either stop lying to people or learn a little bit more about how this stuff works. You just lost some respect with anyone that knows this and hurt yourselves instead of getting more players.

+2 votes   news: Orion: Source Multiplayer Beta is FREE & Standalone!
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